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  1. Turning into a normal summer now, 31 and sunny in London and rain in Birmingham...we’ve had a good run though
  2. Annoying isn’t it! Still I’ll be indoors 3-5!
  3. Surely this thread will liven up next week
  4. This wouldn’t surprise me, in the time I was writing my post on the previous page about the storm in Birmingham and worrying about others getting flooded, my kitchen was getting flooded!!
  5. Huge storm currently in Harborne, Birmingham. Constant rumbles and heavy rain and hail. Sadly I would say there will be flooding problems in prone areas of Brum
  6. Pleased everyone at home is doing well while I am in this in Sydney! What’s the depths like in Birmingham?
  7. Woke up to the sound of rain hammering against the window! Adios beast, come back next year! (Or this year, in December!)
  8. Back from pub! Did I hear there’s snow potential tomorrow night?!
  9. Boom! can’t beat a pub in the snow!
  10. Great event so far, only just had chance to look at radar....how much would you give for the Irish Sea ppn to come this way!!
  11. Moderate snow at university of Birmingham - Looks like yesterday again!!
  12. It’s in Harborne near lordswood road if you went down any side streets you’d probably see similar!
  13. Waist high drifts in Harborne! Only going to work to see the snow
  14. Still going, what a day, not the snow we are used to but interesting to see and a pleasure to learn about Some people are angry all the time it seems
  15. Everyone apologises to the trolls DIS being one of them...why?! Interesting 24 hours and I’ve learned a lot from it