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  1. Anyone know when this cloud might clear in the Birmingham area?
  2. It is also snowing and sticking in Edgbaston/Harborne ?
  3. Am I right in thinking we’ve broken the July record in Birmingham?
  4. The Harborne Alps should do well then! Fellow bluenose here Mark! ?
  5. Snowy in Brum at the moment, I got caught in it and was like a snowman when I got in! @snowangel32 are you lamppost watching?!
  6. After running the Great Birmingham Run today, I can confirm it’s very wet and waterlogged everywhere! Still glad it was today rather than battling with wind gusts yesterday!
  7. Turning into a normal summer now, 31 and sunny in London and rain in Birmingham...we’ve had a good run though
  8. Annoying isn’t it! Still I’ll be indoors 3-5! ???????
  9. Surely this thread will liven up next week ?
  10. This wouldn’t surprise me, in the time I was writing my post on the previous page about the storm in Birmingham and worrying about others getting flooded, my kitchen was getting flooded!!
  11. Huge storm currently in Harborne, Birmingham. Constant rumbles and heavy rain and hail. Sadly I would say there will be flooding problems in prone areas of Brum
  12. Pleased everyone at home is doing well while I am in this in Sydney! What’s the depths like in Birmingham?
  13. Woke up to the sound of rain hammering against the window! Adios beast, come back next year! (Or this year, in December!)
  14. Back from pub! Did I hear there’s snow potential tomorrow night?!
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