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  1. My daughter is a carer and her manager said to bring in an overnight bag incase she can’t get home tonight
  2. I don’t understand all the maps and radars, but what’s it looking like for Swindon? Thanks
  3. Very light snow in Swindon, still plenty of snow laying about, had to bribe the dog with a sausage to get him in. but beeing a husky im supprised that i got him in at all lol
  4. Bigger flakes now in swindon, cant remember when we had laying snow, dont think we had any last year, but could be wrong
  5. Gonna give my dog some extra exercise, and get him to pull a sledge lol but i will hit more trees and bushes then anything lol
  6. Nice to wake up and see snow, now to try and get the dog in from the garden, bugger wont come in lol
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