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  1. Mr Temperature. Please go back below freezing i dont want a thaw still got 27cm here in oxford..

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    2. No Balls Like Snow Balls

      No Balls Like Snow Balls

      27 CMS are you serious, I live just down the road in Rose Hill and had 11 cms, must have been some very heavy loaclised snow in Headington

    3. 03jtrickey


      I'm in Oxford too and had about 18cm... melted down to about 12-13cm now though.

    4. Mark Neal

      Mark Neal

      we had 27cm here. on the toybox.. i guess this must had been drifting... as the grass had 20cm

  2. We now have 30cm snow in total after today gave us another 3-4cm, In OXFORD

  3. 27cm of snow in oxford.. still falling lightly

  4. 21cm here in oxford and still coming down ;)

  5. 15.6CM Snow here in oxford ;)

    1. gottolovethisweather


      Mark are you sure it wasn't 15.5 or 15.7cm, he he. A lot more to come for those north and west of Oxford I would say?

    2. Mark Neal

      Mark Neal

      yeh... 16cm now.. looks like the radar shows it going in next 30 mins and stopping..

  6. judging by the 18z Nae and Gfs... would oxford get a 2/3cm covering would be nice ;)

  7. you dont seem to come on netweather forum very often do you?

  8. Well the weekend shall be interesting for all areas, i hope we all get lovely snow ;)

  9. So guys . will i get snow in oxford.. i need your help, as i could be travelling out in it over the coming week?

    1. dogs32


      good chance of something

    2. KitKat


      Yes snow very likely. Saturday could be bad. Who knows what'll happen next week - one things for certain -its going to be chilly, so the risk of snow will be there.

  10. will i see snow, here in oxford?

  11. break up for school friday. and instantley potential for snow ;), Happy Days!

  12. we will miss snow in oxford yet. again.. unfair :(:(

  13. Oxford looks like it will miss out yet again.. @@@ con.

  14. Freezing Fog Or Snow In Oxford?

  15. been snowing in oxford for past 45 mins.

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