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  1. 2 minutes ago, Winter Cold said:

    Look North still good and they have lots more access to data at the meto than we can see so fingers crossed! The front is now coming onto the radar in the SW and it does strech way up to western Ireland so that should make it over to us.

    Its just a case of open the curtains in the morning and cross your fingers!

    This is how I'm approaching it too. We can't change what the models say, but the Met Office still have me in an Amber warning so everything is still up for grabs. So many times these events differ from what's expected, so all we can do is wait.

  2. Prospects seem a little less promising but nothing is guaranteed yet. It'll mostly be a case of radar watching and looking out of the window. I'm still feeling confident of getting 5-10cm which would still mean the best snow event since 2015 here, so even if it's not quite as extreme as other parts of the country it'll still be nice to see prolonged snow that actually settles. The model thread also has some people based in the south who'll ramp up every southwards shift they see, so don't be too discouraged yet!

    As I'm typing, we have light snow here. Perhaps a covering tonight looking at the radar!

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