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  1. Today is such a great day, I love cloud! /sarcasm

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    2. Bottesford


      Yeah 'lovely' for a weekend when finally chance to enjoy it. /severe sarcasm.

    3. Captain Shortwave

      Captain Shortwave

      stratus is my favourite kind of cloud/extreme sarcasm

    4. Static Prevails

      Static Prevails

      16.5°C here as we're entering the warmest part of the day. This just isn't right...

  2. If only the weather could be like this more! Glorious sunshine and temperatures at around 22C!

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    2. Bobby


      Overcast, dark and drizzly here. As was yesterday. Not much of an indian summer here!

    3. lindy2017


      I want cold weather now ....snow blizzards etc..........

    4. Richard2901


      23.2C max with lots of sun here. Better than any day in June or August.

  3. It's such a dull day here. Cool and cloudy, how interesting!

    1. cheese


      Just like I said yesterday.. sunny intervals every 3 hours.

    2. Static Prevails

      Static Prevails

      Exactly! I can't remember the last time we had prolonged sun here. Even in July we couldn't get more than an hour or so of uninterrupted sunshine.

    3. Richard2901


      Lots of sun here. Welcome on a Saturday following a cloudy week.

  4. There is no worse kind of weather than cloudy and dry. At least when it's raining something is happening!

    1. Steve C

      Steve C

      I see where you're coming from and I certainly don't mind watching teeming rain. However I don't mind cloudy and dry too much, as long as it's not cold. My pet hate is North Sea muck - gloomy with drizzle (pointless rain)

    2. Bottesford


      Seconded - North Sea cold murk is the worst weather of all - especially in spring or summer.

    3. Richard2901


      Nothing worse than North Sea cloud. Today was just dire - only 13C at noon and 15C later when the sun broke through the murk. I'd rather have torrential downpours than this. While next week looks cooler I don't see any charts that would produce a day as bad as this.

  5. This, to me at least, is what this season should be about; 30°C and blazing sunshine!

    1. Eugene


      Could be the last for the season too

    2. matty007


      Amen to that. Unfortunately as Eugene says it's probably the last 30+ for this Summer. Can't remember the last time a tepreture soared and dipped so quickly in a 24h period.

    3. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Yeah gonna miss it, today emphasizes summer for me.

  6. Horrible and cloudy here. It wouldn't surprise me if the cloud didn't break once.

    1. Eugene


      Today was always the transitional day from those horrible cloudy TM southwesterlies so many love on here to the more anticylonic southerly TC draw from tomorrow which should at least offer more sunshine in parts

    2. Static Prevails

      Static Prevails

      It's not bad at all here now, but agreed, hopefully the sun will appear before 3pm tomorrow!

  7. I have no idea why, but it feels really strange and eerie out tonight.

    1. karyo


      It must be the sky - some unusual cloud formations

  8. September has definitely felt like more of an October so far, at least in terms of weather.

  9. 30°C here in Chesterfield!

  10. has had yet another great morning ruined by cloud. However, tomorrow should hopefully break that trend!

  11. Apparently there's trouble in Leeds too...

  12. feels left out. No storms here. Oh well, maybe tomorrow afternoon/evening!

  13. The new update is good. It looks more modern (pretty obvious, seeing as it's an upgrade) and everything seems more organised.

  14. is strangely happy it's getting slightly warmer. I don't think I can take another walk with the dog in this!

  15. You'll sit alone forever, if you wait for the right time, what are you hoping for?

  16. We're now into the final day of a great month with a fantastic sustained warm spell and decent storms near the end. Let's hope August is as interesting!

  17. is going to go for a walk before the Cheshire Streamer showers hit Chesterfield! Exciting!

  18. We got to 24.1°C here today. That's all well and good, but other parts of the Midlands got to 27°C! Hopefully there will be less cloud tomorrow, and similar temperatures will be more widespread.

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