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    Chesterfield, Derbyshire
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    Apart from weather, music and gaming are my primary interests. I play the guitar and mainly listen to alternative, post-hardcore and indie music.

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  1. There is no worse kind of weather than cloudy and dry. At least when it's raining something is happening!

    1. Steve C

      Steve C

      I see where you're coming from and I certainly don't mind watching teeming rain. However I don't mind cloudy and dry too much, as long as it's not cold. My pet hate is North Sea muck - gloomy with drizzle (pointless rain)

    2. Bottesford


      Seconded - North Sea cold murk is the worst weather of all - especially in spring or summer.

    3. Richard2901


      Nothing worse than North Sea cloud. Today was just dire - only 13C at noon and 15C later when the sun broke through the murk. I'd rather have torrential downpours than this. While next week looks cooler I don't see any charts that would produce a day as bad as this.

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