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  1. My thoughts too, I’m near hollingbury and due to go to hove but back before 9. You are right about the mm of snow causing chaos....
  2. I’m in Brighton, just deciding whether to head out this evening or not ? my met office app says heavy snow from 7pm
  3. The sun is shining here in Brighton, wind has died down but still gusting every now and then. I am completely surprised to see the leaves are still on the trees around and they are still standing - very odd! Trees have fallen across the city
  4. If I am understanding this right, from that fax chart the low is moving along the predicted line the met office gave and the winds will go with it (beneath the line) all the way until it gets to Norfolk!? How does the intensity work? (I am a complete novice)
  5. I am very happy to hear you say that ! I hope its correct, I was under the impression the strongest winds were for around 5am
  6. I am in Brighton, away from the seafront but with enough trees around to create big howling sounds as the gusts happen - I have no idea whether this is full strength or not, I am suspecting not and not liking this much either 2810lollypop
  7. Yes, wailing is the word! Seems to have picked up earlier than forecast
  8. Tobermory - I am near Fiveways, Preston Park, top of the hill. Very good Suffolkboy
  9. The winds have picked up here in Brighton with steady rain, gusts fairly strong, I measure them by the sounds coming down the chimney and the leaves on the trees are fairly noisy! Nothing stronger than we had mid afternoon - not yet
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