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  1. so ive got my smoking patches from the nurse ! but are they any good anyone :/ ?? x

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    2. Tilly


      I'm with OP. I couldn't quit using the patches but I did quit twice going cold turkey. After a week of patches I was still craving cigs but when I stopped cold turkey cravings were gone within 3/4 days. Good luck though hun, you can do it :D xx

    3. Optimus Prime

      Optimus Prime

      ALL smokers suffer from emphysema. That should really be enough reason to quit.

      Smoked about 10 a day for 3 years (roll-ups) because I found it helpful when studying. After about 6 months i noticed more refined taste in foods and increase smell awareness.

    4. Optimus Prime

      Optimus Prime

      I knew someone who smoked 50 a day for around 30 years. She quit without any help. Visual change in skin quality, no coughing and general attitude was remarkable.

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