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  1. Weather has been awful today strong winds, rain, sleet, snow, icy rain! ?
  2. a few snow showers here hopefully something more better overnight ?
  3. thoughts on thursday anyone? chances of the low getting into parts of our region? or do we stand a better chance saturday
  4. Good Evening Do we expect tomorrows storm same or worse than last week? rain totals don't look good though for certain areas!
  5. 15 minute thunder n lightning show!! certainly getting it today!
  6. Yeh a few of my friends have power off and there only a few minutes away but mine is still on, trees down nearby too ? quite bad here! and it's not finished yet!
  7. Absolutely lashing down has been for a while and wind is very bad! power cuts in a few areas near me!
  8. January 2020 real soon and no sign of anything wintry at all! is it going to be another poor winter for us!
  9. It's that time of year I come out the wood work!! 2019/2020 will be the year of plenty of snow! I can feel it ??
  10. another failed event! ..... lets crack on with spring/summer now ?
  11. Weather warning for wind for wednesday and its only saturday today! must be serious to give us a very early warning!
  12. Quiet in here? thoughts on the weekend? seems some of us could see some snow!! would be nice
  13. These would be amazing but I need to get to manchester and back on the 16th!!! ?
  14. Anyone can say this so please provide charts to back your predictions up, the models update several times a day, things can change, and have changed before March has seen some of the snowiest times for us over recent years so for one not time to give up, your more than welcome to and pop to another thread in the hunt for spring but those who love cold, snow will stay here and hunt for it :)
  15. Wowsers very strong winds this morning just been woken up thought my roof was caving in
  16. and the chase is on 12 days and counting for our next snow event! ? whos ready?
  17. I take a break for a few days as nothing was showing now sunday is in play!! wow :) could be good please let it be us this time! :) Arctic Cyclone... Ignore all of the reports in the media this morning. Friday into Saturday will deliver widespread severe gales and heavy rain and then we see some colder air filtering in from the north, only for a short time which would introduce some snow showers across northern areas for a time. The flow soon topples into Monday PM. Nothing severe expected in terms of wintry weather. Lewis
  18. Somebody make it stop! lol posting charts 15 days away!! .... ????
  19. As people have said last march we had alot of snow! so I suppose saying winter is over now is abit premature! we just have to admit our winters are later and later feb/march ? anything before that is a bonus
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