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  1. Currently -3 with a dew of -7 todays top temp is -1 ooo can't wait took the dog out at 7am, forgot my gloves well got home lost feeling in my fingers!
  2. Into late February there is a signal for higher than average pressure to expand westwards leading to an increased chance of snow showers redeveloping in the east, for conditions in the north to become generally quite settled and for unsettled weather in the south, with disruptive snow possible. A similar picture continues into March, though milder conditions in the west look more likely to spread northwards.
  3. still -3 temp to hit 1c today , looking ahead by tuesday 10c! goodbye winter
  4. very heavy snow shower wasn't expected everything covered
  5. Darren bett was on earlier couldn't wait to say how mild it was gonna be and the grin he gave!
  6. According to the met website its snowing heavy here! hmm I've looked out and it's not! just shows how rubbish the symbols are!
  7. how weird we have a quaker parrott called blue so noisy lol he will only get back in his cage for my partner he wont listen to me!! good luck lol ..
  8. https://www.weatherbug.com/traffic-cam/doncaster-doncaster-uk
  9. clouds are rolling in pretty fast here could be a hefty shower in the next 10 minutes
  10. hmmm nothing exciting I see there so can have we spring now
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