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  1. oh careful lol don't get too excited lol you normally dismiss all these events lol
  2. 3rd March and the highest totals sit over us here in Yorkshire!!
  3. Should we expect weather warnings by Saturday? or stil too early?
  4. lol thanks for typing that! I was ready to type but I'm not long up and would of said something different to the post!! lol might be time to use the ignore button in this group very dramatic indeed!
  5. Snow as early as Sunday for eastern areas let the fun begin
  6. I really hope we're going to get a Decent covering of proper snow that won't melt after a day
  7. I remember when I joined this forum in 2010 I used to message frosty and ask him alot about yorkshire lol still got the messages! 2010 was the best and its looking highly likely some of us will see a repeat!!
  8. A RED warning would be a dream in yorkshire!!!! bring on the snow!!!! BBC videoforecast an hour ago said next week fine, dry and sunny! honestly there useless!!
  9. @Frosty. whats your thoughts on yorkshire doing well outta this cold next week?
  10. lol now that would be epic!!! but I all the posts ive read in the model thread all say foot plus but then they are all ffrom people in the south! so very much IMBY people! but hey it seems were gonna get hit from the east and then a thames streamer straight into yorkshire then more from the north/north east? I won't complain! and it's set to be 10+ days of cold so least its not gonna melt straight away would be nice to enjoy it for a few days! hopefully by saturday we can firm up on details and be very sure what is coming our way
  11. Oh I hope your right! this winter has been pretty poor even though we have had a couple of snow days! people are saying this could be better than 2010! which makes me excited but also have to stay grounded as don't want to be let down so until we have a red warning in place then I'll be happy with 7-9 inches of snow lol
  12. So from what I can see we are/could be in prime spot for something exciting next week!
  13. Oh i hope this comes off 👌👌👌👌👌
  14. Even if some area's don't see any snow or not as much as they like it's still going to feel bitterly cold with those temps! even during the day with some still in the minus!