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  1. Good Morning It's time to come out of the woodwork! as we head into autumn I wonder what twists and turns we shall have this year! I'm hoping for a brutal winter seeing as we had a very hot few months! but we shall see!
  2. Absolutely beautiful day here! temp hit 27C!!!
  3. Heavy snow here I love when the weather proves people wrong, specially those in here that said "Oh wash out" rain rain!
  4. looking good for large parts of yorkshire again for east weekend
  5. So who wants more snow next weekend?
  6. Measured 8 inches in my back garden
  7. that's how I would describe it here
  8. very happy with what I woke up too this morning
  9. Looks like winter wonderland out there happy happy
  10. Seems to stopped hoping for more
  11. Much better than 2 seeks ago
  12. Seen this on Facebook
  13. Very bad here traffic conditions are horrendous
  14. My street just now! picture dosen't do it justice! looks worse