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  1. Certainly the hardest game we have between now and April 4th.
  2. 30 points needed out of the 16 remaining games.
  3. Yep. Definitely think Wolves away will be much tougher than this afternoons game. Wolves undeservedly, narrowly lost at Annfield a few weeks ago. Can see them getting a result against us.
  4. We have Utd this afternoon and Wolves away mid week. If we can win these two games then I think we've done it as we have a favourable fixture list through February and March where I can't see us dropping too many points. Lose or even draw these two games and imo, the title race is back open as nerves etc will start playing a part. You only have to look at Leeds in the championship to see what nerves can do. It is nice though, for the first time in along while, to be able to sit down and watch the game this afternoon knowing that the result isn't the be all and end all. We want to win obviously, but if we lose, nothing much changes with the cushion we have.
  5. If you had someone up front that could actually put the ball in the net you might have got something from the game.
  6. Yet we still won every game in the so called "make or break congested December". Apart from the Carabo cup which we pretty much went out to lose with our u23 squad. This month will be tougher than December imo, not because of the amount of fixtures, but more so because of the difficulty of the fixtures we have. Some tough games this month. I see we are playing our youth team again. Probably would of put a little more into this competition but I can understand why Klopp has done it. We need to win the PL this season and if it means dismissing other trophies for just one season then so be it. In future seasons, if this team is to be remembered as a great team, we need to compete in all competitions equally. For this season though, just win the god damn PL finally.
  7. Disagree. I've seen it from all angles and I'm not 100% sure it hits his arm. Just my opinion of course, but I'm not too sure. Either way, that's not what the whistle was blown for originally.
  8. 1st VAR decision is correct, the ball hits Lallanas shoulder, not arm. Goal. 2nd VAR decision is incorrect. You can't be offside by a part of the body that can't be used in the sport. Should be a Wolves goal. Should be 1 - 1.
  9. Norwich get the luckiest goal of the season so far but to be fair, they do deserve it over the 60 minutes played so far.
  10. Hopefully Adama Traore is knackered and won't be up for it on Sunday.
  11. It's never over until it's mathematically over. We're only half way through the season.
  12. We've got you lot at Anfield in a few days too.
  13. On the assumption that Man City win tomorrow, we will be 11 points clear with a game in hand. Change of year but same results please.
  14. Nice trophy to win. Not one you get the opportunity to compete in too often. Glad we got 5 days rest now though, hopefully this won't affect our league campaign too much.
  15. I think I find myself supporting Man City this evening.
  16. Liverpool vs Flamengo



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    2. lassie23


      they are actually a very physical side

    3. AWD


      I was under the impression that Flamengo are the "Barcelona" of South American football. 

    4. lassie23


      they are, won't be easy 

  17. League leaders in cruise control this afternoon.
  18. Think Leicester will stroll it tomorrow to be honest. Everton are awful this season. We play Everton on Wednesday so hopefully the time limit will prevent Silva being sacked and a new manager coming in and cementing his authority before they play us. We should beat Everton on Wednesday, even with a few changes in our team. I'm actually quite confident about this derby.
  19. Game over. Liverpool win 2 - 1. Another game where we dragged ourselves over the finish line. 11 points clear until Leicester play tomorrow though.
  20. Leicester are just as much of a title rival imo. Very good side under Brendan.
  21. Spurs are all but through anyway so no major deal.
  22. Noooooooooo We got Everton in a couple of weeks. We would have smashed them with Silva still in charge.
  23. It's not actually that bad. We've got a lot of fixtures but thankfully against none of our rivals, until after Christmas. Our fixtures are against teams in the bottom half of the table and whilst they will no doubt be difficult games, they should be very winnable even with some squad rotation. Basically, it could be worse. We could have numerous high profile fixtures in amongst there. On a side note, it's brilliant being able to watch City and Chelsea knowing we've done our job and both these teams need a win to keep up with us, which obviously isn't possible.
  24. We always are crap after the international break. Look at the last game after an international break, Man United away, we were crap then too, only Lallana saved us the point late on. No more international breaks for a while now. Lol.
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