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  1. Gran Canaria, here I come!

  2. Just experienced my first ever earthquake 

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    2. Mokidugway


      Not worth getting rumbled over Dan :rofl:

    3. lassie23


      i felt a vibration

    4. Mokidugway


      Not again lass :nonono:

  3. Too many big spiders around currently.

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    2. AWD


      Was it bald or did it have a toupèe on?

    3. lassie23


      had some dodgy 30 grand wig on

    4. AIRMET


      I've seen more this year than ever. Bring on the frosts!!! 

  4. Cracking storm in Munich

    1. NUT


      I ain't watching the game for the footie ;)

    2. Frost HoIIow

      Frost HoIIow

      Spent a couple of years ago there many moons ago - very interesting varied weather. Frequent pulses of heat in summer & occasional severe thunderstorms, I also realised how far south it is as I got burnt much more easily than here.....they also get cold snowy winters. They have proper seasons. Not like the eternal Autumn of the UK.

    3. Nouska


      It has been a great July for convective photography. Check out the pictures on Keraunos for some super shots.


      The one in the Bassin d' Archachon produced a plethora of features - roll cloud, whale's mouth and stunning mammatus.



  5. Swanage carnival here I come!

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    2. AWD


      Carnival by the beach.  Red arrows performing on Friday.

    3. lassie23


      better then lol

    4. Mapantz


      I'll be around during the week. I'll probably be on the Purbeck hills for the Red Arrows though, overlooking Swanage - great view from up there.

  6. Cinema night tonight.  Earlier this evening we watched Suicide Squad.  Then we watched The Shallows.  Now we are concluding our trio with Nerve.  Que sore weeble.

    1. lassie23


      lol don't watch Independence day 2, not worth a sore weeble:nonono: It sucks

  7. Liverpool 4 - 0 Barcelona

    What's likely to be our best result of the season is a god damn friendly.  All downhill from here!  :sorry:

    1. lassie23


      was it the barca under 16 football team?

  8. Updating status because Lassie told me too.  Yacht.

    1. lassie23


      not what i had in mind:rofl:

    2. lassie23


      under browse on the netweather community home page is chat, shows you when someone is in there:good:

  9. People waking up to snowfall, lying snow, leaking ceilings, thunderstorms.  What did I wake up too?  The missus farting in the bed next to me!

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    2. lassie23


      I wasn't aware that females do that:closedeyes:

    3. Dami
    4. Spikecollie


      All mammals fart, regardless of gender! Walnuts do the best job for me - I can evacuate a room in seconds about an hour after a dose of those!

  10. Nothing

    1. Mokidugway


      In the quantum sense ???

  11. Got to drive to Eastleigh on Monday but there isn't no quick way there. M4 to Reading then down or A36, slow but direct!!???

    1. Mokidugway


      Why not fly :0...

    2. MP-R


      Did that drive the other week to Southampton, no it's not exactly direct but pretty smooth provided no traffic. I went M4 > A34 (J13) > M3.

  12. Bloody cold out there tonight

  13. Starting "Lampost Watching"

    1. Mokidugway


      I counted 212 on my way home :)..

    2. lfcdude


      I just got some taste the difference mince pies from sainsburys.... So it must be that time of year

    3. legritter


      our lamp post gets switched off at 1.15 am so i twitch the curtains and flick on the security light ,neighbours probably think i,m a pervert .

  14. Working in a -25 freezer all this week and 2c chiller too. Bliss!

    1. karyo


      Any vacancies?

  15. Look NW, Look N, Look NE. Blimey, I'm getting dizzy!

    1. lassie23


      look behind you

  16. After starting my new job in April, I just drove my first real passenger train today.

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    2. cheese


      Nice. I've always been a railway enthusiast but never got into it professionally.

    3. Bottesford


      Ah the 150 'Dog Box'. Remember those first running in the late 80s replacing the slam door DMU that took forever to accelerate. The 'sprinter' seemed dead fast in comparison.. not so now though.

    4. AWD


      They are better than the nodding donkeys but that's really about it nowadays.

  17. Ive left cloudy, drizzly and dull Bristol behind and ventured up to Widnes where it is bright, crisp and sunny. Going to enjoy Derby day today.

  18. UEFA Champions League draw today. What's the chances we get Barcelona and all that would entail?!

    1. Stormyking


      it would be typical, feels good for the reds to be back where they belong

    2. NUT


      Said it last night on another forum but feels a bit weird that this going to be the last champions league on Sky/ITV for a while before BT Sport pick up the lot from next season

    3. lassie23


      Bt sport is onions!

  19. I go to work when it's dark, I come home when it's dark. It must be December!

  20. I got the job!!

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    2. AWD


      Snowdrifts and Blizzards ahead!

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      watch the leafs on the rails lol, seriously congrats on the Job and a very well paid one at that!

    4. DiagonalRedLine


      Good job on getting the job.

  21. And the heating went on for the first time this season this morning. :(

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    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      Same here, although it's not exactly summer-like because it's no longer summer :p

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      not even thinking about the heating yet that can wait well into October hopefully

    4. AWD


      Not so much for me, I could have managed. But the little one was whinging that he was cold plus my house is hardly energy efficient.

  22. 7.50pm, less than a week since the longest day and I have the lights on! Bah!

    1. AderynCoch


      It really has been a horrible day here. It hasn't been a bad June overall, but there have been two or three grotty days.

    2. gottolovethisweather


      yes but last Jun we were lucky to get two or three non-grotty days, we do have a fascinating climate whatever people may think.

    3. AderynCoch


      In fairness it could hardly not be better than last June given how unremittingly awful it was!

  23. Federer out, Nadal out, Hewitt out. If ever there was a golden chance for Murray it's now!

    1. Coast


      That's jinxed it!

  24. Finally, some interesting weather (IMBY admittedly) over the next couple of days starting now to my south!!! The first "all nighter" of the season coming up me thinks!!

    1. Harry


      Charts offer depressing reading this morning sadly :'(

    2. Karl83


      I went to bed at 1am hoping to see something only for the weather to flip the bird at me.

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