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  1. With all these "downgrades" you keep reporting, I assume next week is now showing strong SSW'rly winds with temps in the mid - high teens and a strong SPV forecast for the next 2 months?
  2. AWD

    Premier League Discussion

    Liverpool have rode their luck at times. They're lucky to be where there are I think. Defensively we are sound, but for whatever reason, our strikers are struggling somewhat this season. I stand by what I said a few weeks ago, Liverpool will lose a league game by the end of the year. Bournemouth away & Man Utd at home next............ that will test us. Title is City's, the question remains how far can we challenge them?
  3. I was always under the assumption that any colder surface weather next week was always likely to be a relatively short term affair? A precursor say, to something more notable & lengthy towards months end into January, once any forecast stratospheric impacts filter down to the troposphere?
  4. Putting aside the pointless micro-detail of UK surface weather on the EC 240hr, chart (which won't verify like the chart suggests), the main note to take is a distinct lack of PV over Greenland & Canada. With the PV camped out over the eastern half of the Northern hemisphere, there will be a distinct lack of "fuel" for the North Atlantic Jet Stream, suggestive of a continuation of the forecast blocked regime over the Atlantic sector of the Northern Hemisphere, providing Northwest Europe with further opportunities of colder, wintry weather as we enter winter proper. Short term pain for long term gain and all that.
  5. AWD

    UEFA Nations League

    If the score stays the same, does this mean England haven't qualified for Euro 2020? I've heard that this competition is linked to qualification for Euro 2020, but I don't understand the complexity of it all.
  6. AWD

    Premier League Discussion

    City are going to win the title easily. Liverpool might currently only be 2pts behind City, but they are 2 galaxy's behind City in terms of their football & performances. Not sure what it is, but something is missing in terms of the free flowing, fast paced football we have come to expect from Liverpool, this season. That was evident in Europe midweek. We have had to grind out a lot of results so far and have had some luck here and there too. I can see us suffering our first league defeat before the year is out, especially with some very difficult upcoming fixtures.
  7. If ever there is a true example of a "washout weekend", this is it. I don't think I've literally seen it stop raining yet, & looking at the radar, I don't think I will for a while. Should have just worked overtime.
  8. AWD

    World Cup 2018

    Regardless of the result on Wednesday, when England do return home (which won't be next week anyway, whatever happens) they can come home with their heads held high. They've done more this year than the previous "golden generation" have ever done. They've rejuvenated English football. They have reconnected with English football fans and they played with maturity and determination. You can see these lads are proud to wear the England shirt. They still have things to learn, improvements to be made but a lot of this will come from experience and preservation. When England last got to the Semi Finals of a world cup, I was just a little kid. I have no memories of 1990. Since then, I haven't been too interested in England as a football team, due to the constant disappointment and immaturity. I have always supported my country, just never too publicly. But now I can honestly say I'm proud to be an England fan. Whatever happens from here on in, they have done me & many other England fans proud. I actually believe............. IT COULD, JUST COULD, BE COMING HOME!
  9. AWD

    World Cup 2018

    I'm sure Colombia, Croatia & Switzerland are thinking exactly the same too. FWIW, I don't think England are any better (or much worse to be fair) than the other teams there. They are all well established World Cup & Euro Championship teams, regularly making it to the finals of both tournaments but never really posing a threat to win either tournament. England have a chance, but they will have to be at their very best, and even then, they will need some luck to get past a few of those teams, starting with Colombia first, who I think, as with many South American teams, are going to be very difficult to beat. I make Colombia very slight favourites.
  10. AWD

    World Cup 2018

  11. I'm having a day out at Chessington today. Been glancing at the radar between rides. I can't work out if the storm over North Kent is heading towards me or moving more NW towards London and Watford etc.
  12. AWD

    England Football Team

    Kyle Walker plays for Man City.
  13. AWD

    Premier League Discussion

    Yes, if Arsenal win Europa League, they go into CL as Europa League winners. The top 4 would also still enter the CL via the usual route, giving England the maximum 5 teams in the CL. This only changes if both the Europa League winners and CL winners are from the same country and have not qualified via their respective league position. You cannot have 6 teams from the same country in the CL, so the Europa League winners would qualify, the CL winners would qualify and then the top 3 would qualify, making the maximum 5 team allocation.
  14. AWD

    Premier League Discussion

    Just looked into this coincidentally. My understanding is any one country can have up to 5 competing teams in the CL. Therefore, should Arsenal win the Europa League, this shouldn't effect the usual top 4 qualification still. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11096/11253406/how-european-qualification-is-affected-by-the-efl-cup-and-beyond