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  1. Still snowing steadily in Bristol. Nice little covering on my road & pavements now. Probably about a cm.
  2. Nice little dusting after only 45mins of snow here in Bristol; Looking at the radar, I'm not expecting too much more through the night but I'm happy I've had something at least.
  3. Moderate snow in Bristol now. Already starting to pitch on cars etc.
  4. That was shown on some model output today. I did highlight that scenario. Front may split, with PPN in South Wales and PPN heading into CSE England. Emphasise "may" split.
  5. 12z EURO4 is very very good for the whole region really. Hope it verifies!
  6. The radar projection on the Meto app shows this now too. The front fizzles out as it crosses the Mendips, with the main area of PPN staying along the Southern counties. Fragmented further north. Might have to drive to the Mendips tomorrow if I don't get anything IMBY.
  7. Could be squeaky bum time for areas around the M4. Will the core of the PPN currently over Southern counties make it this far north? Going to be a loooooonnnnngggggg night.
  8. Is it me or is the PPN starting to pivot over SE Wales? 😢
  9. Hopefully not. I refuse to see it if it is anyway. 😂 As long as it carries on moving NNE, as it is currently, then I'm happy. I can't see us totally missing out now, pivot or no pivot.
  10. I'll have a quick glance at the EURO4, Arome and Hirlam this evening, but aside from that, it's more radar watching rather than model watching now. Could be a good late evening period for us mate.
  11. Will be a while yet before it reaches our area mate, well into the evening. Still looking good for us, especially away from Bristol channel coasts.