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  1. East of the IOW, Oxford etc?! Yup, based on previous experiences with how these things evolve & countdown, that sounds about right!
  2. AWD

    Euro 2020

    Sounds like it's the players themselves that requested it.
  3. AWD

    Euro 2020

    I think the condition of Christian Erikson is far more important at the moment than that of the actions of the BBC. Hopefully Erikson pulls through quickly and recovers. Then we can evaluate the actions of the BBC. That's where my thoughts are at the moment anyway.
  4. I would like that to happen (and for balance, for that to include Liverpool just as much as every other team) but alas, it will never happen. Trophies are going to become increasingly difficult to win for those without a mega rich billionaire in charge!
  5. Jesus, it's like being back in school in here!
  6. There is no point going into a new season without belief, even if that belief is "moonshot". Man City are definitely clear favourites, no denying that, but you never know, nothing is ever guaranteed! Perhaps the City chef might serve up a dodgy Lasagne or City's training ground gets taken over by a plaque of man eating locusts?
  7. Yeah, I've seen us strongly liked to Griezmann too. That would be a good replacement (albeit temporary due to age) for Salah whilst we perhaps look or go for someone younger, longer term. Nothing wrong with Jota, Mane, Firmino and Griezmann up front, with Chamberlain or Tiago tucked in behind. The attacking, even this poor season hasn't been too bad (not great admittedly, but nothing bad either otherwise we would have finished 3rd), it's more the defence we need to sort out. We are relying too much on VVD. For what it's worth, it's not Manchester United that's the big problem, it's Ma
  8. Well, that turned into a rather comfortable afternoon in the end, what with other results etc! Now reform, recoup and buy a centre back and do better next season Liverpool, much better please!
  9. Somehow, after having a sheet season, we are looking likely to qualify for next season's CL and maybe even finish 3rd. How I don't know!
  10. @lassie23 Somehow, as things stand, we are 3rd!!
  11. Burnley are a very similar style team to West Brom (ie very defence set up). Burnley will also have a few thousand fans in their stadium for their match with Liverpool. Liverpool got lucky with West Brom and literally scraped over the line. Burnley are a notch or two above West Brom (especially taking into account the presence of fans). I think some are expecting this match to be a fore gone conclusion, not me, I genuinely think Burnley will get something from this match, hence why I still put Leicester & Chelsea as favourites for the CL. I do think Liverpool will beat Palace
  12. To be fair, it's not unrealistic for Liverpool to finish fourth. We are more than capable of getting the 6 points we need, and its definitely more likely than snow next weekend. Knowing how Liverpool have played this season, and the teams we have dropped points against, it is just very hard to see it happening. Either way, CL or no CL, bring on next season and a fully fit Van Djik, Henderson, Mario, Gomez, Chamberlain etc! Our style of football is more suited to playing against teams that press high, attack etc, hence the good results we often get against too half of the table team
  13. Lol, and we go and win it in the end. Fully admit that was lucky, but every team gets lucky results every now and again! I still don't think we will finish fourth though, much to @CreweCold's delight. I just can't see us getting 6 points from Burnley and Palace. Comes to something when we have to rely on our keeper to score the winner.
  14. I just can't wait until the summer when hopefully we can get our injured players back, sort out the Mane/Salah clearly not liking each other issue and hopefully have a Covid free season next season. To be honest, I just can't wait for this season to end. We've been crap all season, I lost a lot of interest in it months ago, including finishing fourth. I'm surprised we are in with a chance still if I'm honest. I'm not even sure what a point means for us in terms of finishing fourth, not that it matters now.
  15. Nice to see you for the first time since Thursday. 😁👍🏼
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