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  1. I think it is just a case of people having an enthusiasm for seasons. In summer many of us go on holidays, days to the beach, BBQ's etc which obviously requires a good degree of fine & warm weather. In winter, with the shorter daylight hours, you aren't going to get a 25c sunny, warm day so people look for a seasonal Christmas, enjoy winter sports like skiing etc & nights around a fire with the family. After all, if we all just wanted 1 specific weather type 365 days a year then the hobby of a "weather enthusiast" would be very boring.
  2. Cracking storm in Munich

    1. NUT


      I ain't watching the game for the footie ;)

    2. Frost HoIIow

      Frost HoIIow

      Spent a couple of years ago there many moons ago - very interesting varied weather. Frequent pulses of heat in summer & occasional severe thunderstorms, I also realised how far south it is as I got burnt much more easily than here.....they also get cold snowy winters. They have proper seasons. Not like the eternal Autumn of the UK.

    3. Nouska


      It has been a great July for convective photography. Check out the pictures on Keraunos for some super shots.


      The one in the Bassin d' Archachon produced a plethora of features - roll cloud, whale's mouth and stunning mammatus.



  3. Swanage carnival here I come!

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    2. AWD


      Carnival by the beach.  Red arrows performing on Friday.

    3. lassie23


      better then lol

    4. Mapantz


      I'll be around during the week. I'll probably be on the Purbeck hills for the Red Arrows though, overlooking Swanage - great view from up there.

  4. Became apparent quite early on mate. Happens a lot of times in recent years. Hopefully something can "close" that gap soon.
  5. 12z AROME shows a lot of the current PPN fizzling out overnight with anything that does remain affecting predominately the home counties area;
  6. Was just about to post something similar. Quite often in situations like this, a split occurs with one cluster going west and one going east with a large gap somewhere over southern England. Can see something similar happening here with areas to the west (ie Wales) & areas to the east (ie the home counties) having a good show whilst those in the middle have diddlysquat.
  7. 16:00 tomorrow afternoon; 19:00 tomorrow evening; For once, the SW quadrant looks to be the focal point for tomorrow's forecast convective activity. Can't wait!!!!!
  8. It is only just gone midday so plenty of time to achieve 1 second of sun yet.
  9. Premier League Discussion

    I wouldn't take too much notice of Empire of the Kop. There's a lot of bulls**t on that site at times.
  10. UEFA Champions League

  11. Premier League Discussion

    At least, somehow, we managed to salvage a top 4 position in an otherwise mediocre season. Hopefully, with the prospect of CL football at Anfield next season, we can enjoy a good summer transfer window now, fixing the many cracks throughout our mediocre squad. Overall I rate our season 6/10. Only getting such a high mark due to some of our rivals also experiencing a stuttering season too.
  12. Premier League Discussion

    They weren't that stubborn. We broke them down before the half time whistle. Lol.
  13. Premier League Discussion

    Nothing with affect to the League positions.