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  1. Couple of rumbles of thunder in Brizzle. Very dark outside.
  2. So hungover they don't know which end to score. ??
  3. Rightly or wrongly, it's quite clear Liverpool can't really be bothered here. Just hoofing long balls up to Mane & Salah.
  4. Was just going to add, I doubt many of the players live inside the Leicester lockdown zone (admittedly an educated assumption) and with the game being played at Goodison Park, there is actually no need for the squad to go into the lockdown zone.
  5. Thought I’d reach out to the tech savvie guys and girls in here. I’m looking at buying a new, unlocked PAYG smartphone as my current one is coming to the end of its life. A few requirements the smartphone must have: - Dual Nano Sim - Minimum 64GB Internal memory - Used primarily for banking, web browsing and mobile apps. Not needed for video, music streaming etc. - Would prefer to be adaptable for Fortnite although this isn’t essential - Not bothered about camera quality - Android 9 or 10 - Large screen size - Most importantly, Maximum price of around £200 Any suggestions or ideas most welcome. I’ve been looking at 2 that have both got decent online reviews. These being Motorola Moto G8 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T. Anyone using either of these phones, kind enough to provide feedback? Any other suggestions otherwise?
  6. Continuous moderate rainfall here, very different to the local forecast last night. Goes to show how micro-scale nuances, such as the positioning and timing of PPN, can alter a forecast quite significantly.
  7. Seems the overnight rain as come a lot further south than previously forecast, covering much of the region away from coastal areas. This will quite possibly inhibit convection for those of us further north, but may put the storm starved coastal areas of Dorset & Hampshire at a higher risk than previously forecast.
  8. Just bog standard rain falling here now. Lightning strikes around the region seem to be fading now, including in that cell over Wiltshire way.
  9. We lack the beautiful beaches, quaint harbours, sea views and coastal walks that you have down there on the coast. Nearby Swanage is one of the most beautiful and friendly places I enjoy going to in the UK.
  10. Storm over now here, although I do have my eye on that cell over Wiltshire for a possible round 2 before they naturally ease as darkness looms. Very heavy rain was the main feature, roads temporarily turned into rivers. Lightning became quite frequent eventually with frequent thunder, not particularly loud but long, grumpy rumbles. First overhead storm I’ve had for 2 years.
  11. Frequent lightning and loud thunder claps. Very heavy rain with surface flooding everywhere. One of the better storms to have directly hit me in recent times.
  12. Bristol’s storm shield is finally crumbling. Thunder become frequent now with heavy rain and gusty winds. Not visually seen any lightning yet.
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