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  1. At least, somehow, we managed to salvage a top 4 position in an otherwise mediocre season. Hopefully, with the prospect of CL football at Anfield next season, we can enjoy a good summer transfer window now, fixing the many cracks throughout our mediocre squad. Overall I rate our season 6/10. Only getting such a high mark due to some of our rivals also experiencing a stuttering season too.
  2. They weren't that stubborn. We broke them down before the half time whistle. Lol.
  3. Nothing with affect to the League positions.
  4. WEATHER WARNING IN NORTH LONDON. Massive dust storm hits North London as contractors enter Tottenham Hotspur's Trophy room;
  5. Nope, I won't be placing any bets until the beginning of August, when each teams starting line-ups become that bit clearer. I can guarantee the odds will be different to what they currently are then.
  6. That's the point though. There is a whole summer transfer window approaching so the current lack of squad depth might not be there in August.
  7. You're predictions of football results/table positions are like Jeremy Corbyns election predictions. We hear the same all year round, then towards the end, when the prediction looks like faltering, it gets watered down. Looks like a 2 horse race for that 4th place finish between Arsenal & Liverpool. All Liverpool need to do is win against Boro next weekend & it's theirs. Arsenal need to win both their remaining games & hope Liverpool fail to beat Boro. So, who's going to win the league next season? Mmmmm......... I wonder..........
  8. Seen enough now. One more game to go. Just Boro stand between us & a CL qualifier in July now.
  9. Got my accumulator on; If it all goes Pete Tong this weekend, at least I get a few drinks out of it. Lol.
  10. To be fair though, you've got one foot in the final already so on the assumption that you're extremely likely to make the final, then you are 90mins away from the CL, with just Ajax standing in your way. Beating Ajax in a cup final match, on paper, is easier than beating Arsenal, Spurs & Crystal Palace & hoping Liverpool drop points against Southampton, West Ham & Boro. On paper, anyway. Lol.
  11. Looks like we've got away with another c*** up again. Lucky us. Lol.
  12. Roast Turkey, Roast Gammon & duck wings with pickled cabbage, stuffing parcels, sprouts, swede & carrot mash, goose fat roasted potatoes, parsnips & a cranberry jous. Followed by clotted cream stuffed doughnuts.
  13. Looks like another cell is approaching me from the north again. Gone very dark suddenly.
  14. Twas some very intense rainfall associated with that cell that just moved through. Weak thundery element quickly diminished but the rainfall has left the first puddles of the Spring behind.
  15. Right, I'm putting a bet on a red being shown in these last 15mins.