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  1. Sorry, I was referring to my team, Liverpool, rather than Spurs.
  2. I prefer "dog poop". Need to improve quick, especially defensively.
  3. You do realise that we are dog poop so far this season and unless something changes fast, Man City will walk it. We've been lucky in results so far.
  4. Or we just forget about the FIFA World club Cup as that's just a load of dung.
  5. Actually it was the Village Inn Hotel, I didn't notice the flag. On topic, and I think we are in a rather decent position for once as things stand. If Bristol does end up missing out, I don't think we would have to travel very far at all to see something.
  6. One model I quite like to use, from past experience, with regards to convective weather is the French AROME model. A high res model, like the EURO4 and Hirlam models, this "should" have a better grasp on expected convective weather compared to the global models like the GFS etc. The 12z AROME model shows a noticeable cluster of convective activity initiating across SW England before heading NNE into South Wales, up the Marches and into the West Midlands and eventually into NW England:
  7. Meto have updated their yellow advisories for the beginning of the week. A notable shift towards favouring the Eastern half of the UK now with large parts of Wales and SW England warning free.
  8. I see the updated Meto Yellow warnings for the beginning of the new working week have been updated. A large portion of South West England now warming free, re thunderstorms. Just the Eastern most counties of our region at risk now.
  9. Disappointed but proud of my team this season. Only ever a 2 horse race, miles ahead of the rest. I can only see similar happening again next season, with perhaps a stronger push from Spurs too, with the CL revenue they've received should aid a couple of good signings for them this summer. 1 point short of the best team to ever play in the PL is nothing to be ashamed off. Hopefully we can bring home old big ears as a decent consolation prize. Bring on next season already. YNWA.
  10. I can accept that as long as we win the European Cup.
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