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  1. I'm having a day out at Chessington today. Been glancing at the radar between rides. I can't work out if the storm over North Kent is heading towards me or moving more NW towards London and Watford etc.
  2. AWD

    England Football Team

    Kyle Walker plays for Man City.
  3. AWD

    Premier League Discussion

    Yes, if Arsenal win Europa League, they go into CL as Europa League winners. The top 4 would also still enter the CL via the usual route, giving England the maximum 5 teams in the CL. This only changes if both the Europa League winners and CL winners are from the same country and have not qualified via their respective league position. You cannot have 6 teams from the same country in the CL, so the Europa League winners would qualify, the CL winners would qualify and then the top 3 would qualify, making the maximum 5 team allocation.
  4. AWD

    Premier League Discussion

    Just looked into this coincidentally. My understanding is any one country can have up to 5 competing teams in the CL. Therefore, should Arsenal win the Europa League, this shouldn't effect the usual top 4 qualification still. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11096/11253406/how-european-qualification-is-affected-by-the-efl-cup-and-beyond
  5. AWD

    UEFA Champions League

    Brilliant news!
  6. Yay!!! Warm rain instead of cold rain.
  7. Yeah, some heavy snow heading into Warwickshire & Worcestershire along with some moderate - heavy snow around Hampshire & Dorset. Lighter snow along the M4 corridor into Wiltshire & BANES.
  8. I *think* we are starting to see the intensity of the PPN weaken around the M4 corridor now. Hampshire into Dorset are still on course to receive something a little heavier though.
  9. Just delete this garbage please, having problems tonight with latest Huawei update.
  10. 12z EURO4 shows the possibilities of widespread light snow over much of southern England later this evening into the night; Some places might be lucky enough to get another 1cm - 3cm of additional snow on top of what places have received today.
  11. 12z Hirlam suggests another couple of cm's is possible widely across southern counties if it's forecast projection of tonight's PPN comes to fruition;
  12. Developing situation so don't take any forecast to literally for now. All I'm saying is Hampshire & Dorset are at greatest risk of further snowfall tonight but some bordering northern counties like Wiltshire & Somerset could get involved too if it continues to develop on it's northern edge as the radar currently suggests.