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  1. Radar says it’s snowing but it’s raining. Most of the snow showing on the forecast for here when I looked last night has now been changed to rain. Been a tiny dusting of snow on pavement overnight.
  2. Rain just started here and whole family is at the door watching it fall. Who would have thought in Scotland we would ever feel the need to do that lol.
  3. Found a bit more info on the location of the Motherwell temperature reading here including photos. It can be seen on google earth and is on a tiny patch of grass and there is an ice cream van that sits there. https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2018/07/07/thermometer-at-strathclyde-park-located/
  4. No, it seems like a really stupid place to have it. I did find a post elsewhere about it with a photo of the offending white box located right by the fence (will post if I find it again).
  5. As far as I know it's within the area I have circled red on this map. (South west edge of Strathclyde Loch).
  6. Local river is showing current level is 0.088m and lowest on record is 0.055m. Need to take a wee look before we get rain later this week.
  7. All happening to our east so far unfortunately
  8. Have had thunder pass through here (Eastern side of East Kilbride) for at least half an hour or so so far, last 15 mins the thunder was constant with about 5 secs between each rumble.
  9. Still a pretty grey day here though the sun has tried to break through a few times. Now need all the lights on and it's weird outside (waiting for a thunderstorm type of weird).
  10. Can't wait to feel some warmth in my bones and sick of this completely grey murk that feels more like autumn than spring.
  11. Wasn’t expecting to wake up to this. Got the impression it was only to snow higher up.
  12. We only have about 5 inches. We seem to get the odd edge of passing showers to the north and south of us but very few direct hits.
  13. Seriously, how can East Kilbride miss so much snow !!
  14. So far most of the showers are heading either north or south of us here.