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  1. Still a pretty grey day here though the sun has tried to break through a few times. Now need all the lights on and it's weird outside (waiting for a thunderstorm type of weird).
  2. Can't wait to feel some warmth in my bones and sick of this completely grey murk that feels more like autumn than spring.
  3. Wasn’t expecting to wake up to this. Got the impression it was only to snow higher up.
  4. We only have about 5 inches. We seem to get the odd edge of passing showers to the north and south of us but very few direct hits.
  5. Seriously, how can East Kilbride miss so much snow !!
  6. So far most of the showers are heading either north or south of us here.
  7. Having difficulty getting onto the Met Office website to see whether East Kilbride is expected to get much snow this week.
  8. Heavy snow here in East Kilbride for quite a while now. Shame it will eventually turn to rain.
  9. Snowing here in East Kilbride
  10. Had some good showers here today and one rumble of thunder earlier. Stuck the ruler in the garden a wee while ago out of curiosity.
  11. Couple of inches here in East Kilbride but it is thawing. Need temperature to go down a bit.
  12. Throwing it down with some thunder at the moment.
  13. Hoping that East Kilbride lives up to its reputation tomorrow :-)
  14. Powercut here in EK due to a powerline coming down. Expected to be off till about 3pm