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  1. Have been awake for the past 2 hours just lying in bed listening to the weather. Think absolutely everything has been thrown at us in that short space of time including some very short rumbles of thunder.
  2. Seems windier now than it’s been all day.
  3. One rumble of thunder and very heavy snow at the moment, settling a bit more than it has been so far.
  4. Wind would appear to be picking up quite a bit here in last 10 - 15 minutes or so.
  5. Thunder rumbling about to our north. Sun is out here though.
  6. Was just bringing in the washing and we seem to be under edge of what you are seeing. (Ignore my neighbours paintwork)
  7. Can hear the thunder here coming from the area way off to the east.
  8. Currently looks like completely missing this area altogether.
  9. Radar has been showing us as being under light rain off and on for last few hours but it's been dry.
  10. Wet snow here for the moment. Soon to be rain so quick piccie.
  11. Busy road out front is bit quieter this morning. Settling nicely on the trees.
  12. Radar says it’s snowing but it’s raining. Most of the snow showing on the forecast for here when I looked last night has now been changed to rain. Been a tiny dusting of snow on pavement overnight.
  13. We have always eaten as a family at the kitchen table, it's important for me that we do that as it forces us to catch up with each other. The only meal we tend to eat elsewhere is lunch.
  14. Rain just started here and whole family is at the door watching it fall. Who would have thought in Scotland we would ever feel the need to do that lol.
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