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Weather of Mass Disruption

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  1. Wow, I real feel your pain my friend, that is some seriously bad luck!
  2. Another tragic let down. What a joke of a winter this is turning out to be! I try (really hard) not to get frustrated by such things but what gets my goat, is that you can guarantee if it was rain forecast it would have no problem reaching any of us! Don't get me wrong, this morning was amazing, stunning hoar frost with fog, looked and felt as it should do in winter, but to last just one day, give me a break! Next week looks vile, temps up to around 7 - 8 with rain. What are the chances of the models having that incorrect! I keep hoping the models are going to flip to a more sustained pattern due to the SSW and down welling, but alas, the wait goes on... Time to find the funds for some proper winter holidays, if I can't get snow here, I'm going to go where the snow is!
  3. Sure is! Truthfully, I would be happy to experience only 1 truly great winter in my lifetime I.e. a 47’ or 63’! We have had some amazing winter spells or cold snaps in the past 10 or so years, just nothing that sustained; I still live in hope though... ...it is a shame we are not still in the little iceage as I’m sure it wouldn’t be anywhere near so challenging each year to get a few inches of snow
  4. Today went as expected for me, I just felt it wasn’t going to deliver anything so didn’t build myself up. I’m hopeful for better on Thursday but the way this winter has gone so far wouldn’t be surprised if it’s another damp squid
  5. Err, no doubt! But you and most of us on here will only have about 40 or so left to witness! Not that many really, especially when you consider how bad many of our winters are in good old Blighty!
  6. I love and really admire your input on here Chino, but have to admit I get seriously fed up with the yanks getting all the action every year. Definitely considering a relocation across the pond to Chicago, Wisconsin or anywhere else that has such unbelievable models that do actually verify!
  7. Lol, made laugh as cold raining already falling here in Nott’s
  8. If at altitude yes i agree, I believe for the rest of us it will be vile cold rain! Much like Friday turned out to be...
  9. Yep, looking like a none starter for most, This winter is proving especially hard, models etc. promising so much, but delivering so little...
  10. Must be a quiet news day if Madden is featuring in the Sun... https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7320236/uk-weather-britain-could-be-hit-by-four-months-of-snow-in-coldest-winter-for-a-decade-after-heatwave/ I'm sure his wild and over the top predictions are getting earlier and earlier!
  11. Been thawing for most of the day here in Nottingham, even been a very fine drizzle in the air. Nice to have had some of the white stuff even if it wasn't quite on the snow levels of March 2013 and December 2010. It has been a fun week thats for sure
  12. There’s no harm in wanting more and I wouldn’t mind if hadn’t been forecast all day. I can guarantee if it was rain forecast it would have have arrived no problem at all, ce la vie
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