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Weather of Mass Disruption

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  1. It comes to something when Athens and Madrid have more snow than you in a winter, talk about rubbing 'salt' into the wounds! 🤪🤣
  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing - The extremes in this country are quite something, given how small an island we are! Still not seen one proper flake of snow this winter...
  3. Have the Americans stolen our chunk of the Polar Vortex? Quite exceptional conditions over there and not in the usual states. Must be great living over there, knowing that every winter you are pretty much guarunteed at least one winter storm Still not seen one proper flake of snow this winter. Hope to heading back north once the lockdown is eased so if we get any cold in March that might be my ony chance this winter
  4. Yep, been an absolute shocker - a few light flurries of grupel. Not seen 1 proper flake of snow yet this winter I need to look at buying a small place in Braemar, the winter they have had so far this year looks sensational
  5. Great to see the rain coming back the moment it starts turning milder! 🙄
  6. I saw more volcanic ash deposited from Eyjafjallajökull than I have snow this winter, been very disappointing
  7. Looks like the one descent chance we had of more substantial snow on Thursday has now evaporated! The BFTE delivered in 2018 down here and that was in March, but this time around it fails to produce anything of note, very disappointing...
  8. Must cost you a fortune in bird feed 😳 I use squirrel proof feeders as this also stops the bigger birds demolishing all the feed. They’re expensive but work brilliantly Hoping we can latch on to some heavier precipitation as this grupel snow is so light it’s barely visible 🤪😪
  9. I don’t know if the Beeb lag behind in terms of up dates but Tom Schafernaker just did quite a detailed weather report on the Beeb News channel and he showed this and also said they are expecting the cold to win out this week but next week is still very uncertain. I would say Thursday is most definitely our best chance of seeing cold down here this winter so I’ll everything crossed for us all in the SW to get in on the action
  10. 🤞 As our patients down these parts certainly deserves at least one descent snow fall. If you couldn't tell, fatigue has set in for me! 🤯🤣
  11. Mainly because it is not likely to happen and if it does, it is likely to be cold rain! 🤪 🤣
  12. I was remaining quite optimistic about the prospects of getting some snow this week, but this is waining fast. Not a hint of any snow making it this way according to the latest weather report on Sky and the Beeb and its back up to 10 degrees by next Monday I really can’t blame CentralSouthernSnow for ‘logging off’ this winter at all, and agree with him, a light dusting is nothing to get excited about. I love cold weather, but I love the snow more and to have cold without snow, is like having the spring without the bird song It’s funny how the rain never fails to make it to these pa
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