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  1. Rain shower just now was incredible! Just woke me up it was so heavy. Wind has really picked up too.
  2. Could be. 😂 could be. Rugby was goood! Just got back from watching it. Bit later than planned. Oops!
  3. What a beautiful day. Been out for a lovely walk. Still got about 2 to 3 inches of snow in most places. Came across these footprints during our walk. Anyone know what might have made them? Edit. Size is about 3 or 4cm by 10 or 12cm and pad 3x5.
  4. Light snow here now. This has been an incredible event. Had about 15cm but now can hear the inevitable drip drip drip!
  5. This snow is epic! Now at 11 cm and still intensifying!
  6. Sat in my top room watching the snow fall over the valley, just stunning! Opened the window and its lovely hearing people laughing and shouting, enjoying the snow. Can hardly hear a car at all ❄❄❄❄
  7. Absolutely pelting it down! Heaviest it's been. Everything is sooo pretty
  8. There's been light snow for a few hours but we have nice big flakes at the mo 😃 wind has really picked up too. This is the system that keeps on giving 🤗
  9. New amber warning just out. Not surprised! Going to be chaotic out there later. Back edge intensifying! ☺
  10. Finally caved in and went for a wander. Definitely a winter wonderland out there and the snow is so crunchy! Sounds amazing under foot. Getting close to 6 cm now. Gert lush!
  11. Haven't ventured out properly yet. Want to keep it pristine for as long as possible. Yeah the set up was spot on! Still going but a bit more moderate now.
  12. As long as I can keep my eyes open for. Day off tomorrow so can sleep all morning if I want to 😊 Snow has just started getting heavier 😁 about 4 cm settled so far. More than I expected ❄❄❄
  13. This might sound odd but it could be to do with solar interference? There's a minor solar geomagnetic storm hitting at the mo. Or it's just broken?