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  1. Well that was a nice little thunderstorm A lot more lightening than the map was showing. Seems to have fizzled out now.
  2. Looks like that's it for us. What a memorable few days/weeks! Just shows anything could happen. Enjoy all! I'm sure i read in the MAD tread back in December that there are better odds for a white easter in the uk then a white Christmas....just putting it out there Personally I'm now wanting a convective but warm end to spring and a scorcher of a summer with plenty of plumes!
  3. Moderate snow now with lots of big flakes and they are really dry flakes too. It's sooo amazing when you shine a light on them they really sparkle. Had about 1cm top up so far Very glad I'm not working tomorrow so I can stay up and watch it
  4. Hope we get a right dumping from the brighter echoes
  5. Yeah it's looking quite good developing quickly. Have a sparkling dusting now which has covered the patio and street so looking good!
  6. Radar says no snow yet. Lamppost say its snowing This is the beast which keeps on giving
  7. Beautiful snowy scene here this morning. Got more than I thought we would.
  8. The blue ones are pretty. Yeah you don't want to be overrun with them but the tank is a good size so you should be okay to have a few more. The ones you have must be happy if they have berries already. Wind has really picked up and direction has definitely changed has woken me up howling through the extractor fan.
  9. Looking fab Mapantz. Dare you to put a clown loach in there!
  10. Great post pub entertainment tonight cheers guys hic! Feel like a right scrounge just can't get excited about this cold spell! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! Think i got snow overload last time! Hope the mojo will be back tomorrow!
  11. I've only just recovered from my sleep deprivation from last time! don't think I can take anymore ...... ahh go on then!
  12. Got the other half to clear a path so I could play. Snow2D2. Toasty 5oC here now thaw well and truly underway. It's been fantastic experiencing the last few days with fellow weather nuts and very entertaining! Cheers all