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  1. Wow never heard that before. The sound of rain and hail falling from over half a mile away! Amazing! Sky gone a strange beige colour too!
  2. Few rumbles of thunder in the distance 🌩
  3. Some really heavy showers around today. Last one dumped about 3.5mm in 5 min! Beautiful double rainbow as it left the valley.
  4. We have bits of sleet mixed in with the rain!❄ 5.2°C Absolutely foul out there!
  5. Made it! Won't be doing that again in a hurry. Beautiful sunrise made up for it!
  6. That squall line was evil but incredible at the same time! We are now well and truly on the rollercoaster! Sea seems a lot rougher on the other side of the line. Currently watching all the stuff in the shop slide about and have wagers on what will fall off the selves next
  7. I'm surprised its not too bad atm swaying a fair bit but not the rollercoaster I thought it would be. Can't open the starboard side door due to wind but otherwise ok. Got that squall line to contend with soon which could change everything!
  8. On the boat. Wind just starting to pick up in port. This is going to be interesting!
  9. Just about to get on the ferry at Le Havre for the overnight to Portsmouth! Will be sailing right through it! I'll try and give updates if I'm not throwing up too much! Wish me luck!
  10. We tried to get the kit booked on the tunnel but they can't take the rig until Mon and its booked somewhere else then! Looks like it's going to be the ferry my only hope now is they cancel it and sail tomorrow afternoon.
  11. Love a good storm but if it's too bad they won't let me outside and that's when things normally go wrong for me!
  12. Hey Guys, Travelling back from 6 weeks in France working and getting the ferry Thurs night to Portsmouth from Le Havre leave at 10pm and arrive 7am on Fri. Not looked at models for ages and see that it could be an interesting crossing! Do people think that it's going to be really nasty? Wasn't really showing a few days ago and MO give it low likelihood atm on the warning. Do you think they might cancel the ferry? #hateboates! #wantanotherdayinbordeaux! thanks bel
  13. Looks like they're getting rain in Gloucester. Cracking watching it develop.