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  1. Got down to a chilly -5oC at about 7.30 now -2. The single glazed extension is currently at 1oC! Brr! Windows are pretty though! Not had ice on them for years!
  2. Snow has been falling pretty much all day so lovely to see. If only the dew point was lower I recon we would have got at least a foot. Couple of inches is still awesome. Hopefully others in the region will have a few surpises before the end of tomorrow.
  3. Radar says rain but still have snow wasn't expecting that. Hope all us south westerners and southerners get some joy over the next 24 hrs!
  4. Wasn't expecting to see that from the Met app! Was showing all rain last night Hope it doesn't change! Didn't see a single flake yesterday. Got down to -3oC last night. Coldest recorded so far.
  5. Same happening here. Gone from 11.3 to 9.4 in the last hour or so! Lovely and sunny now too.
  6. You couldn't make it up! The snow warning area southern boundary for Sunday goes straight through Stroud!
  7. Time to come out of lurking hibernation with the prospect of some wintry precipitation for some of us over the next few days. Great to see loads of people back for another season and some newbies too Been lurking in the MAD tread but have retreated to more friendly territory here. There is still time for Sunday's low to correct south so keep the faith people i hope we all get masses of the white stuff! If it doesn't happen on Sun we have many more chances! Haven't seen it looking so good for years! Happy snow hunting all
  8. That was an interesting walk back from the pub! First wintery mix of this season now very icy as I found out! Ooch! Be careful in the morning folks.
  9. Interesting to see that the spotless days is now below 2010 at 66days 23% could have an impact this year? But so many other things to take into account. Really hoping for a cold snowy one here in the snowless SW but think it will be a fairly mixed bag with mainly mild stormy conditions with the odd incursions of cold.
  10. Nice little thunder storm going on. Had about 5 simultaneous strikes, sounded awesome echoing in the valley.
  11. Beautiful sunset! Only a slight shower today but monthly rainfall total is at 79.3mm that's more than April May and June added together!
  12. Main action missing us by 10 miles but awesome cloud scapes looking north! And nice to actually hear thunder too!