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  1. Fascinating day today. Temp max 6.8°C DP-5 lots of snow showers, hail, some stunning cloudscapes and a light dusting of snow just after dark. Happy days!
  2. Just been out to grab the chickens water and can report we have a very very light dusting of snow grains but nothing on radar 🙂 Currently 0.4°C DP -2.5°C
  3. Just had a light snow grain shower nothing on radar but shows they are getting through already 🙂
  4. All rain at the moment but temp is starting to drop. NE Wind has picked up too.
  5. It's so lush! Made a bumper batch last year as there were so many blackberries. It's normally gone by Christmas but found a few bottle I'd hidden 😁
  6. Rain approaching current temp 3.8°C raise of 0.2 in last hour but now seems stable DP 2.8°C. Intensity is a lot more than I thought it would be fingers crossed the transition keeps up and everyone gets a nice surprise. Cracked open the blackberry whisky to herald the start of this cold spell. Good luck over the next week all! soo hope everyone can enjoy some snow🤞
  7. Morning all. The rainfall over night has been impressive had 19.5mm since about 2am and it's still hammering it down. Current temp 5.2°C and slowly falling. Very doubtful about any snow later if anything think it will be a sleety mix. Hope I'm wrong. Higher up may have a better chance.🤞
  8. Good effort! The cat has just joined me for a cuddle. She looks very confused but happy🙂
  9. Morning all Fab to hear snow reports from some snow starved parts of the region. Gutted for anyone who got rain rotten luck! Not been up this early for a snow watch in years so made myself a check list Outside Temp -1.1C dp -2.2C ✔ Precipitation incoming ✔ Chair in view of outside light ✔ Outside light on✔ Fire lit✔ Radar set up on laptop✔ Fresh ground coffee ✔ Just need the ❄❄❄❄ now🤞
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