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  1. Rain has been crazy today! We're currently at 37.4mm and it's still hammering it down! Have some very unhappy grumpy chickens even the slugs can't tempt them out ?
  2. Cracking storm. Cloud structures we're amazing, almost constant thunder and can still hear it rumbling away! Pics taken looking north from Stroud towards Gloucester.
  3. Lightning west of St Austell and bucketing down according to a friend.
  4. Yey! At least I've now seen falling snow this winter. Little bit settling down here but hills opposite turning white.
  5. Not sure if it will come to anything this evening/early tomorrow going to be very marginal. Was 3°C an hour ago now at 5.3°C and dp 0.3. Would be nice to see some falling snow this winter. Sooo fed up with the rain!
  6. Swarm back in force 2 over 4 mag quakes last night, they were felt over quite a large area. Lots of fore and after shocks on the chart! Or has something gone wrong with the data. Chart looks crazy with all the quakes dotted about, you'd expect them to be more centralised. I'm slightly suspicious of it. Will see how it looks later on. So far 4cm of uplift since the 20th Jan. Although current thinking is it will not erupt as volcanic tremors are absent. It is thought that the magma is at a depth of about 3 to 9km. I'm really enjoying monitoring Þorbjörn just when you think things are settling down it goes a bit crazy!
  7. Possible magma accumulation beneath Mt. Thorbjorn on Reykjanes peninsula | News | Icelandic Meteorological office EN.VEDUR.IS One to watch. Things could get interesting over in Iceland with Blue Lagoon becoming no more if it did go. They had another 3+Mag earthquake today but the earthquake swarm has lessened over the last 24 hours so may not come to anything. Wouldn't be an explosive eruption so would have little impact on the weather. But I love fissure eruptions they are so spectacular.
  8. Just got back home from a roadworks shift. Makes a change to be freezing cold and dry! Quite a novelty. The roads are really icy and everything has a thick rime at home but the weather station is saying 7°C outside and 3°C in the conservatory? #methinksitsnotwell ?
  9. This was sent by a friend heading to Wotton u Edge this morning. VID-20191114-WA0000.mp4
  10. Haha! Got back from Greece on Sun and it's been bliss having a few extra days of heat. Think tomorrow will be a shock to the system!
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