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  1. Haha! Got back from Greece on Sun and it's been bliss having a few extra days of heat. Think tomorrow will be a shock to the system!
  2. Is it wrong that it's 26.7°C and I want to put my cardi on. Feeling a bit chilly
  3. Just got home and the weather station is saying 34.3°C humidity 44% toasty!
  4. Incredible night stayed up till the last flickers on the horizon. I can safely say I'm no longer storm starved. Posted these on the storms thread but thought I'd put them here too. Not bad for a first attempt. Love the first one think it looks like someone running ☺
  5. Wow, Just Wow! what a night. That was one of the most amazing light displays I've seen in the UK! Watched for quite a while as it rolled in from Haresfield Beacon, the lightning was increadible and as my friend said it was like a full scale battle was going on! It then started to get a bit close for comfort and legged it (new pants needed!) headed home and camped up on the thrid floor of our house until 3.30 this morning. This was my first attempt at photography as well and don't think I did too badly, some of the focus is a bit off but that just gives me more of an excuse to chase and get more practice :-)
  6. That was insane! Best UK storm I can remember. Got some fab photos just need to sort through them now must be 400+ of them
  7. Can see the Welsh storms from Haresfield Beacon so recon you should see something from Birdlip if you end up going there. Happy hunting all
  8. Can see distant flashes from the Breacon storm from Haresfield Beacon so it begins!
  9. The rain drops were massive! Hope we get a direct hit rather than seeing it all go to Gloucester or Cirencester. Should be a good light show even if it does.
  10. Yes, Birdlip is one of the best viewpoints might pop up there myself. Or Haresfield Beacon but not as accessible if chasing.
  11. Not a good day to be working outside! Absolutely vile and work boots finally gave up the ghost. Hate cold wet feet especially when you're working in the middle of nowhere and the site turns into a temporary lake. Feet still don't feel warm now! Grr where the hell has summer gone. Had another 19.7mm today. Total for June so far 67.5mm with 50.7mm falling since Monday. On a plus note just booked myself a last minute week away to Greece from Friday next week Need some 🌡
  12. 31mm since 12.30 Monday. This latest lot of rain looks worse than the last few days for us here. Gloucester on flood alert now and can only get worse with all the run off coming down from the catchment area, things could escalate rapidly.
  13. Max temp today 10.5°C drizzle and moderate rain all day with 9.9mm. Who would have thought it was June, there was better weather at Christmas! Even lit the
  14. Already quite a few alerts and 2 flood warnings. Wonder how many there will be by the end of the week!
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