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  1. Well, since records have been kept. 20.3C has probably been smashed dozens or even hundreds of times over the millennia.
  2. Yes, but it has been unusually cold, even by US standards. I quote: "According to data from the Southeast Regional Climate Center, the following cities recorded coldest ever Dec. 23-Jan. 5 stretch: Bangor, Maine, Worcester, Massachusetts, Buffalo, New York, Flint, Michigan, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Duluth, Minnesota, Rockford, Illinois, Waterloo, Iowa, Lincoln, Nebraska. According to the SERCC, dozens of other cities from the northern Rockies to Texas to the Great Lakes and East Coast had at least a top-five ever coldest two-week stretch ending Jan. 5."
  3. Take a look at the severity of cold across a large part of the US and Canada this winter - in some cases, record breaking. One could equally argue the background signals delivered cold big time for them. It's important not to make generalisations based on the very tiny area of the globe that these island inhabit.
  4. It's hard not to criticise the media for their reporting ahead of this storm. Headlines such as "UK braced for Super Storm" implies that a) that the whole of the UK was in the firing line when in reality, it was only the south that was forecast to be at risk from the strongest winds and b - that it was going to be a storm of epic intensity along the lines of 1987 when in reality it was *only* forecast as a powerful storm - unusual but not at all unheard of at this this time of year
  5. You live in the wrong location - here is a shot taken 1st December 2010 here in the North Pennines. 106cms of level snow. We didn't need big winds to whip up deep snow
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