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  1. after looking at the meto forcast i dont see it saying us in the north east will get much snow im in darlington ...is this right were not in for much snow just cold.thanks in advance

    1. gottolovethisweather


      predicting timeframes of likely snow in the current situation is very risky even for the MetO. So, if I was you, buy a months subscription to the NW radars and log onto that whenever you can and the other choice is to stick to the regionals as they should provide useful advice too. Ehen its likely to be happening in your area, you should get to hear about it. A lot of people will be lamp-post watching in the days to come.

    2. Aaron


      Looks like the snow will be in the SE.. maybe some snow convection further north if we're lucky

    3. jennyifer


      thanks:) my hubby runs a haulage company its good to know when we are likley to get snow or high winds ect,thanks for the info :)