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  1. well i think thats it for snow in darlington,other than manybe the odd shower....i only hope the 12 to the 17th of feb is okay my little girl is away at winmarligh hall .all out door stuff..

  2. nice covering of snow in darlington now lets hope is keeps up through the night :) sledging with my girl tmz ia on!

  3. well from the sky news weather the worst of the snow for us in darlington was today(not that much and melted) tomz a little snow then drying up and the week ends,with maybe a little on friday,have to admit from all the talk i thought we were going to get a good cover of snow.

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    2. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Yes wasn't a bad guess lol

    3. jennyifer


      :) just needs to settle on the ground now can you sort that please?lol
    4. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      I know lol needs to get heavier hopefully something heavier will come along at some point

  4. well i am in darlington northeast..the talk has gone from heavey snow tonight tomorrow to now light snow if any lol its a bit crazy dont ya think !

    1. jennyifer


      light snow nothing much!

    2. lenny


      I am in South Shields just coming down very light, is it the usual panic about nothing?

  5. there must be some pretty loud thunder about this morning t he face book status.s are thick and fast .

  6. so is it going to get a bit colder a lot colder or mild i have looked in the model thread .....not got a clue some are happy most are having a melt down and the rest are slagging each other off at every point !

    1. skyblusam


      Just the norm then

    2. jennyifer


      well it used to be a nice place to learn and a sneeky look at when the weeks ahead weather MIGHT be.now its a fight to see who is right who is wrong .we have had mild rubbish over the hollidays now we have some cooler weather people want more they seem to want the type of weather we get every 100 years you could be watching for that for years and miss out on whats infront of you!

    3. TomW


      I think its mainly because theres more people now and most are in desperate need in cold weather because of the last few good ones.

  7. had a light snow shower :)

  8. i am shocked at the flooding taking place around the country i live darlington and the rain in still coming down! will it continue through the night i wonder if its worth even getting up in the morning or to call tomorrow a pj day lol

    1. in the vale

      in the vale

      Should ease overnight so your pj day may be at risk! Drove back from Darlo last night - dreadful journey.

    2. jennyifer


      thanks glad its going to ease a lot of roads closed in darlington not a nice drive tgo school but even more sad for the people who have damaged homes

    3. in the vale

      in the vale

      We had major floods around her 11 years ago and it devastated homes & businesses, but didn't claim any lives - thankfully. The UK gets a lot of rain, so it happens quite a lot. No consolation for individuals affected mind...

  9. realy hopes we have a cold frosty end to winter ,its been such a wait this year for any cold ,its going to be spring and summer soon and i dislike both.

    1. karyo


      Spring can be nice if wintry but summer is so boring!

  10. the trees have all little bits of ice hanging off every branch when there is a breeze is sounds lovely like a huge wind chime!

  11. after looking at the meto forcast i dont see it saying us in the north east will get much snow im in darlington ...is this right were not in for much snow just cold.thanks in advance

    1. gottolovethisweather


      predicting timeframes of likely snow in the current situation is very risky even for the MetO. So, if I was you, buy a months subscription to the NW radars and log onto that whenever you can and the other choice is to stick to the regionals as they should provide useful advice too. Ehen its likely to be happening in your area, you should get to hear about it. A lot of people will be lamp-post watching in the days to come.

    2. Aaron


      Looks like the snow will be in the SE.. maybe some snow convection further north if we're lucky

    3. jennyifer


      thanks:) my hubby runs a haulage company its good to know when we are likley to get snow or high winds ect,thanks for the info :)

  12. the model thread seems to consist of....hype,will it wont it its going to be cold its not now its going to be mild....in 2 weeks its going to be cold then in another 2 weeks when its not happend doom and gloom sets in,and so on i know nothing about the models but after reading what everyone has to say i have kinda worked out it would be better to look at whats happening TODAY TOMORROW AND THE WEEK AHEAD .

  13. bored of this winter! all i have read is ...its going to get cold ,then it dosnt happen..and so on.

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    2. jennyifer


      its not going to happen im sure there will be a few more frosts but no big snow event ect just a few cold blips.

    3. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Agree, apart from the gales last december i'm really sick of the weather, people in the model thread say the same thing each day, promising signs and next day it's back to square one, all a bit tedious really, maybe the easterly will come but i'm not going to waste time getting excited until i see a genuine pattern change.

    4. jennyifer


      i was thinking the same as above its 6 or so hours of oh here comes the cold its looking fab followed by a few more hours of oh its looking awfull and all we are going to get is mild...its on....its all over ...lol

  14. question, i read the Model Output Discussion most days just to see what weather we are maybe going to get i love cold snowy days so watch out for people saying the charts are looking like its going to turn colder,,the last few weeks i have been thinking if everyone is looking at the same charts ect how come say a few post saying there looks to be a change and its going to get colder then others say they have looked at the charts and they feel its going to stay mild ect ? please forgive me if...

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    2. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      But it sometimes hints at an upcoming pattern change.

    3. Milhouse


      Its how they are interpreted, not what they show, that leads to such a range of opinions. A particular chart at day 10 showing zonal Atlantic conditions might me mild muck to one person, but to another it may be the building blocks for cold. You are always going to get conflicting opinions when discussing prospects several weeks away which is what seems to be going on.

    4. jennyifer


      okay thanks :) maybe not an easy place to be for somone who wants to learn,it just comfused me how they all look at the same chart but come to lots of diffrent outcomes .makes sence after what u guys have said.

  15. very windy here in darlington tonight! seems to be getting worse

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      It is windy has really picked up in the last 2 hours or so

  16. cant belive there is still wasps about:( i look forward to winter when they die :(



      They are queens,looking for a nice bed until the spring

    2. The watcher

      The watcher

      I don't think they are David, I seen the normal wassaps buzzin' around the berry trees feeding. I hate the wassaps.

  17. when dose netweather bring out there winter forcast??

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    2. IanM


      It's coming, it'll be before winter starts, I can promise you that ;-)

    3. gottolovethisweather


      Unless it's a forecast of impending nasty snowstorms bringing unjustified doom and despair to the UK, don't expect to see it mentioned in the press. However, I'm expecting a well balanced forecast, that if reported by the media, is correctly quoted.

    4. jennyifer


      okay thanks guys:) yes a bit crazy the press with all this snow news ,good job my husband dont take this as truth he runs a haulage company and likes to know what the weather is like befor he sends his wagons on the roads at this rate if he belived the papers he would be making all sorts of crazy plans!!

  18. foggy and a little cooler than of late in darlington....love weather like this :)

  19. is there much of a chance of snow befor christmas ?

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    2. jennyifer


      ah yes would of been good to put what country sorry i am new .england is were i am asking about thank you

    3. Aaron


      Yes there is a chance.. I mean it has to snow somewhere in England in December.

    4. jennyifer


      oh that sounds better than what i have been reading today in diffrent areas not that i know anything about weather and what its going to be like ,i look to this site and all you for that :)i love the cold hate the summer such a long wait for what we have now mild mild and mild lol

  20. is there much of a chance of snow befor christmas ?

  21. snow snow and more snow this is amazing!

    1. full_frontal_occlusion


      Interesting, but where are you located?

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