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  1. Wow that was some lightning did see a few blue coloured flashes.anymore due tonight?
  2. Again tonight big wide spread flashes from were i am near barmpton lane i see them looking over to middleton st george way.have not heard thunder yet
  3. Rain..one very faint rumble of thunder thats about all right now in darlington whats to come the rest of the night?
  4. Ah maybe.i know the flashes did not light up much of the sky just small areas.went on for a while still odd one now
  5. Seen a few more flashes since a last posted i wouldt say any closer than the first few i seen
  6. Just seen a few flashes over darlo no thunder but about 8 flashes
  7. hope so summer sun ,had enough of the rain tonight its not stopped!
  8. 150 day.s oh my that's coming round quick ! i look forward to autumn and winter weather,for me so much more to look forward to.mind this has been one summer i have enjoyed,apart from the dam wasps which spoil it for me i hate them so much!.
  9. i can hear thunder now in darlo not over head tho.have just seen lightning also
  10. not a rumble here tonight that i have heard. any chance it could still happen?
  11. i live near barmpton lane we lost power on and off for about an hour this morning.i had noticed a few people on face book were complaining of power loss in and around here but not sure of there exact location. do you think we will get much more in the way of storms today? the rain must have been intense my friend had to wade her way to work lots of water on the road and roundabout near duke street darlington
  12. what time did it start summer sun ,i think i may have slept through some of it.what i heard was not that bad just a few rumble.s seemed more lightning than anything else.
  13. okay thank you. sounds silly but you can almost feel it building.everything has gone still and a little darker..we shall see hope no power cuts a good few people reporting them around here this mornin!
  14. woken up at 7am to my daughter telling me she could hear thunder.didn't last long really.all very still and quiet feels like we could get more in darlington? or has it passed now
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