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  1. The only consolation we have is that we wont have to endure the pain of seeing it melt in a few days time lol
  2. not a flake....real sickner when its all over the press everywhere how the entire country is at a whiteout.... yeah... but not HERE.
  3. It’s gone again!! It’s almost like it’s too cold to snow properly!
  4. Now heavy snow forecast for Belfast as per Met Office! Very nowcasting
  5. I think they are trying to say that although it will be cold, we aren’t going to see any snow.
  6. Wow that was unexpected! It was 9c earlier..... what happened? Torrential rain has turned into heavy snow!
  7. Hi Snowydog yes you’re very near me! I work in N Belfast too but live near Carnmoney Village. It’s always treacherous up round there and on the Hightown Rd. I wouldn’t fancy the Horseshoe Bend in this weather! Stay safe xo
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