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  1. P-M

    Eurovision Song Contest

    I think she's great, fascinating although I'm not a Eurovision kind of person she really does make you watch her. Good voice too
  2. Well this little episode played out nicely for a lot of our region; good to see! Must have pelted down through the night as when I fell asleep the depth was around a couple CM where as this morning it was a few inches, like a winter wonderland out there. Good luck for those today wanting to see snow.
  3. Cheers NL I always forget about Sat24
  4. Agree there's a sudden stop in convection I thought it might have fired up after a bit. Still plenty to play for though and I'm happy after today. This shower over me must have suddenly back built as it's now snowing heavily when the radar says the shower has passed.
  5. Dumped at least an inch and still going here.
  6. It does this but by the time the main showers now are pushing inland more will be showing on the radar again.
  7. I know and if the model runs are anything to go by we might be waiting a while.
  8. I always prefer convective snow showers like this, as it usually dumps a moderate amount each time. You also have the added risk of thunder and lightning which comes as a bonus.
  9. Is that the main bank down into the City Centre??
  10. Convection really exploding in small showers out there. Another line of heavy showers incoming probably Tyne and Wear area. South of the region looking interesting too. Edit: As per @Northumberland snowman has alluded to above.
  11. Wish I'd never seen that it may be a long night 😂😂
  12. Pouring here again another CM or so added. Will measure properly after tonight.
  13. Moderate / Heavy snow here now 6/10
  14. I know but it was as black as night - to the west it was dusk there was a difference I'm not going crazy yet 😂 It went from Clouds pic below to nighttime within minutes.