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  1. Can anyone tell me if the storms that may or may not form Futher south tonight are going to track more northerly or will they take the northwesterly track they have today? I honestly can't work it out!
  2. Great to see / read reports from areas hit today with storms. North Wales seems the place to be right now! But gutted that I'm out of any major warning zones. Hasn't been particularly humid or hot here. What's the outlook for storms moving north this evening or am I clutching at many straws now? Would love to see something up here in the north east.
  3. Total bust here apart from a small bit of thunder. Looks like nothing now for the rest of the night. Gutted!
  4. I agree. Mad how they were supposed to track NNE but seem to be going the other way. Hopefully something will build east but if not so be it.
  5. I think it split and built on the western edge looking at the radar. The storms to me seem to be heading more north with a slight NE slide on them.
  6. Lush blue skies warm and humid here in Washington now. Come on I storms you can do it lol
  7. There's convection firing all over at the moment but that large cell looks best for southern part of our region I agree. Exciting afternoon ahead! (Hopefully)
  8. You and me both. Working from home today getting over a bout of covid so this has cheered me up no end this afternoon. Just hope they can maintain and explode some more as they head this way.
  9. I think so. The main risk for us was always going to be afternoon and evening time which is when I like them best if I'm honest. But METo are going for thundery showers through the night in places. All of the ingredients are there ?
  10. First time this year I'm slightly excited at the prospect. Storms initiating now to the south of me moving in this general direction. The question is will they maintain enough but overall looking good for northern and eastern parts this afternoon! Good luck all.
  11. Showers are moving more north NE rather than NE. That large cell is looking to trundle it's way towards York and then north NE from there.
  12. Lovely hazy blue skies this morning and very warm and humid. I'm in the moderate zone so hoping that something sparks off later. Good luck everyone!
  13. I agree I said this a couple of years back. I've seen a couple of supercell storms now in the last few years up here and almost every year see some form of storm. The north has shifted somewhat as it defo used to be southern England that got the cream with storms. Interesting things happening climate-wise.
  14. Convective Weather CONVECTIVEWEATHER.CO.UK Forecasting thunderstorms and severe convective weather across the British Isles and Ireland for up to the next 5 days. Not sure if this has been posted but decent risk level here for a lot of people!
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