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  1. More snow & Ice here than rain and some minor slushy accumulations. Just had the dog out and god you know about it when them pellets hit your face full on in that wind!
  2. Turning more snowy, mixed with ice pellets but certainly more ice/ snowy bits than rain.. Not lying anywhere though but then again the ground is soaking.
  3. Little ice pellets mixed with rain here in Washington. I'll leave it for half an hour so the main band set's in and then will go out and check...
  4. Also people hanging on individual runs. Not being funny but until there are consistent runs and professionals saying there's been a turn around then I don't see any reason to be so dispondent this morning.
  5. Leading Britains Conversation radio station I believe? Fairly reliable station from what I know.
  6. I certainly wasn't one - I genuinely didn't realise and mine posted twice but definitely wasn't on purpose.
  7. A fantastic and well explained post - thank you for sharing this I really enjoyed it. I don't think I've ever wished Xmas to be here as quick, as much I have this year!
  8. Can't really argue against that to be fair lol but sometimes all we have are those straws. Lately though it seems we see stonker charts etc but when it comes to it nothing appears to materialise. Something about this year though that appears different with the synoptics showing later on so who knows. Fingers crossed that we get to see some RD's this year!
  9. It is the model discussion thread though RD so patterns or actual weather; if it's related that's the point surely? I see many people posting about whats actually happening on the ground so to speak but a lot of people do find the pattern side of things interesting and you can learn a lot from looking at the bigger picture. Edit: This isn't a dig or anything just thought I'd say I find it interesting overall.
  10. So you're going for a full blown beast? what time scales are you working on here? Genuine question as I thought (currently) there's no real support for a full blown easterly?
  11. I agree that in our neck of the woods (UK & Ireland) mild tends to win out, however the northern hemispheric pattern and the block slowly strengthening to our east would suggest the usual trends are being pushed further back... But anything could happen as it stands today.
  12. From 80 to over 190 NW members viewing this thread within the space of 15 minutes...you know it's gotta be good :-))))
  13. Can you feel the lottery numbers for me while you're at it? No hurry just somewhere between Xmas and New year.