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  1. Slightly confused by that met office thunderstorm warning which has now finished but there are more showers now than earlier. You can see how strong the upper winds are by how elongated the showers are on the radar. These showers are mixing the pretty strong winds above down to the surface. Not just under them but also around them. You can actually see the wind gusts pick up as they move by or over you.
  2. Was about to say, 17.8c I had on my weather station at 5am this morning.. that has to be putting the all time night time temp record in October under threat?
  3. Surrey


  4. Winds dropped to nothing after a bit of a breeze earlier.. nothing out the ordinary. 12.4mm of rain recorded so far today and still falling
  5. Wind speed is definitely increasing here... gusting a little even this far inland.. Seems like there is some embedded convection within the main rain band so could be a few rumbles of thunder
  6. Noticed my weather station is reading 16.7c this morning! Very sticky feeling here! Bit tropical like
  7. Judging by this mornings radar returns yes.. And a lot of head scratching going on a well as it seems the system and main bulk of the rain is way further east than forecast.. The arome back tracked its idea last night to something similar to what's showing on radar this morning..
  8. Was literally about to post.. Not often you see something like that so close to our shores..
  9. Mum in Herne Bay said they had a wicked storm this morning
  10. It was intense! No wonder people have been flooded by these downpours! Never had such intense rain for such a long period of time... Finally stopped here
  11. Torrential rain here now for over an hour.. some seriously impressive rainfall rates for such a long period of time.. When I mean we are flooded the garden is just water.. the road out front is flooded... Luckily they built all the houses up!
  12. Lovely blue skies when I woke up but that mass of heavy rain is making inroads quick into Western areas.. Could be a few hours of quite heavy rain! Plants are loving it! My Giant pumpkin vine is now well over 8m long and snakes around the veg patch into the main garden. Have been picking off flowers and keeping 2 or 3 main pumpkins. So far one is over the size of a water melon now with the second very close to catching up!
  13. Just under that cell to the west of London Heathrow way INTENSE rain flash flooding and it just wont stop!
  14. Quick but firce storm just came through here in surrey, winds gusted over 40mph easy for a time.. managed to video it all here is a still from the only strike when it passed over head..
  15. Amber warning from the met now West London Surrey through into Central London
  16. Very muggy and warm.. Did not fall below 18c here! I see we could reach 28-29c again tomorrow.. That will feel pretty horrible with how high the humidity will be. Waiting to see convective forecast but would not be surprised to see a moderate or even black serve box somewhere over our region today. Most high res models have some form of thunderstorms breaking out and could be quite potent.
  17. Avoid the M25 like the plauge around 2 or 3pm that section gets soild from all the traffic coming up and round from Uxbridge way and M4. If I was a betting man I would be somewhere on the outskirts of Cambridge ready to be able to move south west or east if needs be... Issue is these storms will be popping off at random then creating environments where they can fire sister storms. In this case its sometimes a race to get there before the main storm dies and the sister takes over and so on..
  18. Seems to be some kind of convergance zone close to Windsor/Slough.. Just driving to pick something up and a line of clouds is forming and slowly rising
  19. Here in the Urban Heat Island (I blame the mass of concrete at Heathrow) we reached 29.4c yesterday, a good 2c above the projected temps. Which is not un-common here. Judging by that we should breach 30c here today and tomorrow for the first time this summer! Currently 21.4c @ 7:09am and rising FAST!
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