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  1. Been a little while since I have seen a peppercorn radar... Lots of pokey showers about! Rain and sun the plants love it!
  2. Huge flash of lightning and big deep rolling thunder... 2 thunderstorms in one day!
  3. Was not expecting it to be this lively today!! Thunder lightning... Some pretty high wind speeds too in the heavier bursts!
  4. Under the clear skies to the west of London and its absolutely stunning now.. Everything is really really green looking from last nights deluge
  5. That is one impressive surface low.. Some big rainfall totals in places..
  6. Well...Went exactly to plan I feel... Lightning towards the coast not much inland but for most of the night torrential rain.. My bamboo is going to go mental!!!!!!
  7. Chance of a light show tonight.. So I have decided to set up the tent in the garden load it with beer and am sleeping out in the garden tonight.. Just in case we do get a storm! People think I'm nuts..
  8. Those showers west of London went up quick! One is right on top of me
  9. Isolated but definitely got rain falling from it now! Watching to see if it develops
  10. Beautiful weather we are experiencing at the moment! Long may it contiune interspersed with thunderstorms!
  11. Very high pressure dominated pattern looks likely over the coming weeks.. Perhaps easing the staying indoors rule and the more sunshine the better at the moment to keep the spirits and mood high!
  12. I will ping my number over to you now and WhatsApp me when you may need me to step in.. We have to go to the shops 2 or 3 times a week at the moment to feed the 8 people in my house hold.. It's crazy.. Can't get any online space like you say..
  13. Mainly bamboo we specialise in it lol! But also exotic plants.. I keep getting emails and phone calls from people saying how I have saved them from a some boredom and how happy they are with the plants, what else we sell and can get to them.. It does make me smile and like you say I don't have time to stop at the moment so keeping me busy although I guess my business is not classed as essential it's 100% online no contact.. I only make 1 trip a day to the post office to drop parcels which is 0.2 miles away and parcelforce collect.. Completely cut off.. Delivers are dropped down side of house I move them in then unwrap and dispose of all the packaging straight away wash hands TWICE to make sure..
  14. Where is your mum? I'm happy to go out and get shopping for her and drop it off..if cash is also an issue I can put it through my business and we can sort it out when monies is more available.. Ive had no signs of the virus although some I caught in end of February (over it now) matches covid to a T just waiting on anti body tests going to pre order 5.. Currently they reckon maybe £100-1000 each..we shull see.. On a more positive note my online plant business has seen a rise of probably 250% in sales in the last week.. Royal mail and parcelforce contiune to collect and I work from home in pretty much self isolated garage! My stock is delivered once a week. We also sell plastic sheeting this is interesting.. In the last week Doctors ordering our plastic sheeting must be 1 in 3 orders... We are trying to keep up with demand but getting 70 orders a day and trying to process them single handed is proving near on impossible.. But I will manage, I guess when people's plants turn up that must provide some kind of joy and something to do in these depressing times.. . people that are supporting my business in these difficult times I'm coming up with an idea of a reward at the end of all this maybe cash... hamper? Any ideas... Sometimes I feel like giving someone £100-200 has no thought into it and you just throw cash at someone.. I dunno.. Maybe cash at these times is the best option.. If anyone close to me needs help do not hesitate to contact me.. I don't have anyone in my house hold considered high risk.. That said I do have a teacher, NHS worker and sparkie in this house currently in able to stop working.. I feel like the only one who's not a key worker lol!!!
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