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  1. Turned out to be a rather pleasent day
  2. Cloud bubbled up a bit but that was expected
  3. What an absolutely stunning day.. Not a cloud in site.. As for tomorrow's storm I really think down here we will be like what is all the fuss about while the north take a bit of a pounding from wind and rain Even the rain band that's meant to push through looks nothing more than a bit of drizzle.. Moving forward, north south split sets in I think with us getting the better weather and a taste of summer while the north takes on a bit more cloud and rain
  4. The "cloud" forecasts have been out 12-24 hours this week.. now you are looking at over 5 days away and predicting cloud amounts lol! That's as bad as will it snow.. Its Intresting how the GFS always loves to over do it this week was meant to be really unsettled across the board and thus far in the south its been very summery and today is no exception. Okay some cloud yesterday.. Yesterday's ukmo and ecm showing something of a smiliar setup is good news... One would assume that as per usual the GFS is blowing the lows up.. Granted it has done well with the low tomorrow but looking over the high RES models this morning it looks like barley any rain makes it into the south..
  5. To also add the GFS is only bad for Northern areas further south next week especially royal ascot looks very nice
  6. Stunning start again, brief blip I think Thursday but even the met Office type up isn't all that bad given this was meant to be a more "unsettled" week London & South East England Headline: Sunny spells and a few showers developing. Today: After a cloudy start, some bright or sunny spells will gradually develop. Although most places will remain dry, there is the chance of the odd shower during the afternoon, and it will be less warm than of late. Light winds. Maximum temperature 20 °C. Tonight: Any evening showers will soon ease, leaving the rest of the night dry with clear spells. Winds will remain light, allowing the odd mist or fog patch to form. Minimum temperature 9 °C. Wednesday: It will be a dry start with warm sunny spells developing. Through the afternoon, the odd shower is possible, these soon easing through the evening. Winds will remain light. Maximum temperature 24 °C. Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Breezy with spells of rain Thursday morning, with drier, brighter conditions following later. Warm Friday with sunshine and isolated showers. Showers more frequent on Saturday, and locally heavy and thundery.
  7. Looking across the board it seems as usual in the coming setup that the north will take the brunt of any Atlantic mush with some rain down south. But the big question is how long.. Well I think for Northern areas a little longer than for the south as high pressure tries to ridge in. Infact it only looks like a brief blip this moring for the south before high pressure ridges in. This too could aid in settling down the north at times but being closer to low pressure systems the risk is higher of them returning to the north. However, it could be that the low pressure systems put up a good fight and there is no ridge building and it stays unsettled for longer but currently this is a very low risk (for the south anyway)
  8. Max temps today 25c maybe around Heathrow maybe little further west say bracknell around that area anyway
  9. Cloud is breaking up on sat quite nicely and quicker than most mornings this week
  10. Nice to see storms on route.. Again lol!
  11. Gawjus back to what we are used to lol! Temps back on the rise too from tomorrow after we clear the crud again.. Seems the "west is best" isn't true as south west England is taking a hit with the low cloud, I wasn't expecting that today
  12. Don't think the crud is actually due to clear today, better from tomorrow then we begin to go back into the warm and humid weather we had last week. I think it's fair to say we can have a few cloudy and overcast days given the amount of sunny days we have had.. I don't mind it really, perfect weather for working outdoors in.. Not to hot but not cold either..
  13. Don't worry, it will burn back to the Eastern side of London i think by afternoon. Looks like the only day with a higher risk of it, some tomorrow maybe but confined to Eastern counties