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  1. Who can remember the freezing rain beginning of the year? What hellish weather that was...
  2. Surely.. I know its early in the season but that is getting very close to snowfall potential ... OR some very very heavy hail and soft hail showers / wet snow
  3. Get the cold in first worry about snow later.. I think ever single snow event here has been based upon that theory.. Ideally you want something that is shaping up in the models to be coming the back end of December when the sun is at its absolute minimum and the days are as short as it gets.. But beggers can't be choosers! Intresting low the GFS is keen to develop to the east of the UK and track west..how many times in the last 100 years has that happened I wonder..
  4. Looking west... That's better than most of summer..
  5. these anvils going up to my south! Wow! The photo is crap... But there are 3 all in a line I can't get all of them in one shot This is looking east
  6. This has been the never ending shower risk I swear.. You seen how lively that line is towards the south coast.. The high RES models are only picking up the risks at the last minute..
  7. Managed to get the fireworks off the ground last night in a hour of dry weather before more rain.. Zero thunder zero lightning which was a waste and the local river to me is prone to flash flooding its now broken its banks. More mild dross on the cards next week... Although not as much rain as this week
  8. I do hope so mate, hard to tell because the high RES models all show something diffrent however they do show more showery rain the further south you are
  9. Morning ladies gentlemen boys and girls, Fireworks Display tonight been watching the high res the last few days.. I kept everything crossed but showers look very likely. However a big shift in the models this morning to the original idea of Showers more affecting coastal areas.. but of course with the nature of showers I wont know till an hour before.. Kind of sucks because I got just shy of £2000 of fireworks to setup and get ready . Anyone is welcome to come along!!!!
  10. wonder if there is any hail in that very heavy stuff over london..
  11. If only we were a month or so later with this cold spell and some of us would be waking up to snow with the prospect of a very wintry day in store... Instead, we are left with a very cold wind and even colder rain with some hail although yesterday afternoon some snow was reported over northern parts of the region and on my Facebook snow apparently started falling around the higher parts of Surrey..It didn't here mind. Looks more and more likely we are going to go back to a pattern we are more "use" to that being an Atlantic onslaught as the cold air once again to our East is shunted away and cold air digs south over not so favorable places (North america/East coast) Also note on the current radar is London UHI pumping up the showers a bit? Or am I imagining that
  12. Absolutely crazy hail shower going through now! Was not expecting this!!! More please!!! Wow its chilly now
  13. If you like still calm somtimes foggy sometimes sunny sometimes cloudy weather then the next week or so looks for you.. Very high pressure dominated GFS this morning from day 1 right to the end of the run
  14. I'm in West London first torrential rain of the evening came out of nothing
  15. Could be quite torrential in places already around Brighton area.. Keep us posted if anyone sees lightning!