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  1. I screen grabbed the squall line early this morning.. Very very intense squall line well it was here anyway.. So glad I woke up for it.. The Hail smashing into the windows was crazy and the roaring noise coming from the roof with all the rain and Hail.. Hands down most intense squall I've witnessed here.. Crazy weather
  2. If you get caught under that squall in London it means business... The rain had pea size Hail init and the lightning is intense!! Hands down most intense squall I've been in and it was at night in October... Damn! Car and house alarms going off now although I'm pretty sure that lightning strike has cut the power to someone's house or some.. It was instant flash then bang..
  3. Ajhhhhh hahaha ha!!!! That lightning was nutty!!! The rain is absolutely insane!!!! Like tropical... Car alarms going off!! Like an intense summer storm
  4. Most if not all the lightning activity stayed away from us yesterday.. Not really surprised when I saw the track of those storms over France I thought that is going to be a bit tricky to land them even as a Kent clipper. But the Heavy rain certainly did make it. Around 8pm last night we also caught that heavy stuff that moved up through West London.. torrential rain for a good half an hour.. River levels around my way are slowly creeping up now...
  5. Getting lively down south.. Certainly arome looks wrong now with a wider area getting some kind of heavy rain
  6. Pouring down again... Certainly making up for the dry spells... Today looks rather interesting but also quite worrying for any flood prone areas.. Some big rainfall totals in places today Could be some sparks later too!
  7. Unfortunately the rain is coming back for a little while today as the front finally pushes east and north... Then there looks like almost some kind of thundery rain from the south Monday.. Feels very "close" here in Surrey if it was a touch warmer it would almost feel like a cooler kind of rain forest
  8. Yep I'm putting bets on a very stormy wet mild winter... To make up for the last 2-3 dry years.. Dry say 2-6am then looks like more rain.. Then we have next week..
  9. No wonder this front is in no hurry.. It stretches from the Atlantic to Russia Not sure I've ever seen a front that long on a fax chart..
  10. Ahh yes definitely quickly and you can blame climate change for that.. Global warming and climate change are about extremes.. Heat, rain, snow, cold.. Gone have the days of an "average summer" and "average winter" The switch from dry was going to happen at some point.. It has been going on for 2 years now.. Just so happens that October 2019 was the time lol! Doesn't mean to say that we won't have a dry winter or spring.. That's the nature of weather.. Who knows! These kinds of trailing front events though are not all that common.. I wonder if we balance extreme heat in summer just gone with a bitter cold winter.. Or is that wishful thinking as the south of the UK slowly inherits a sub tropical climate like France..
  11. About a mile from me! Very wet day.. Lots more rain to come... I said it back a couple of weeks ago.. Nature always balances out
  12. Setting aside the worst winter in years to come jokes.. Although they are funny lol.. They get better every year.. The next 3-4 days could be very wet for our part of the world and very windy Sunday.. Looks like some trailing fronts and low pressure system for Sunday.. Some models 50+mm
  13. High res models pep up the band again for us this afternoon some spots getting quite a bit in the far south east..
  14. More than 47mm easily fell in other areas just watching some of those rainfall rates sit over areas for over an hour..
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