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  1. Just read from Facebook that the storm in the states is not behaving as forcast.. A lot of people that expected it to be bad have not had snow.. No idea on detail as its from people posting on Facebook... Plus I have equally no idea what impact this has on us... What I do know is that the information delay into the models our side will probs be about 12 hours... Ish Someone with more knowledge shed some light?
  2. I too said the same this morning, I await the ECM tonight and tomorrow morning and see what happens.. Just because the flip has gone the wrong way, it could go the other way just as easily..
  3. Now at t+72 on the GFS 06z guys and girls... Starting to get within semi reliable now.. come on high RES models keep the cheer going tomorrow.
  4. Baby steps come on ICON thats a good model... Now follow your big brothers.. Like we all have been warning you, stop going off on a tangent!
  5. Just a note.. ICON was the worst performing short range model last year I have been told...
  6. But what happens if the ICON is wrong and then starts to go the other way over the weekend?
  7. Wait till tomorrows 18z before giving up on the first one maybe even Mondays 00z and 06z.. FI is still about 3 days.
  8. Keep calm, they feed from peoples negative feelings. Its actually a condition that is now respected in the medical world (not depression) but we are tying to shed some light on it, my father is one of them... Don't worry, like I said I was anticipating a bad ECM... It will come back to light tomorrow
  9. Not really, sitting on the edge is a bit like playing roulette with the weather.. Someone in the west will probably get more snow than some of the east and visa versa the east get snow showers and streamers while the west can get battleground snow.. Win win (for some) But can we worry about the cold coming first
  10. Anyone order streamers last night?
  11. Trust me, - 10 uppers crossing the north Sea although the air might be dry, it won't be on the ground... SSTs I think are around 3-4 degrees that's enough.. Add in some of those kinky isobars and we'll.. You guessed it Edit: approaching - 15 now your talking extreme streamer territory with the right flow
  12. Yes, gfs has westerly biased because that is the prevalling weather pattern and what it's mostly capable of doing... Its known for its westward correction with easterlys
  13. Would also like to add that gfs 12z yesterday picked out a surface low moving south Wednesday brining snow for a lot of people.. Its still there but its much further east and affects the central belt central England down into southern England, this is after of course the back edge event Tuesday... This is just 4 days away now.. GFS is fine... What we want now is ecm to back, I'm fine with it not doing it today.. I kind of expect that.. But tomorrow and Monday Deffo want to see an improvement of it. Thinking icon will start to turn around 12z today or 00z tonight