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  1. Warning now out for tomorrow... Strange we don't have one for today. Winds have been increasing on every run now for tomorrow night... And there is Sundays too!
  2. Even down here it's very windy in the south east, nothing compared to further north but its really going for it now. Trees in full leaf make a massive difference when it comes to wind speeds and the damage
  3. To think the storm on Sunday looks currently even stronger currently. Stay safe all in Alis path and very sad news that there had been a loss of life =(
  4. Only... Been a long time from when we last had 70mph in my part of the world. What's also odd is the high RES models have increased wind speeds tomorrow too for the south and now looks a real chance of some gales on the southern coast... With such a sharp temperature gradient set up out in the Atlantic between cold and warm air it's no suprise to see lows barrelling in. What I do like the look of though is we have to sacrifice a bad week for what is looking like a fantastic week next.. Give and take I suppose, mother nature likes to keep us on our toes
  5. Yep I too have wheelie bin issues down my road lol, well she lost a lot of oomph and with that went the wind and rain a lot over Scotland mind..
  6. Quite surprised to be honest.. I was not expecting this. woke me up! current readings suggest 31-34mph gusts of wind at Heathrow so nothing unusual just not heard a good gusty wind for ages lol!
  7. Feels like we haven't had any meaningful rain in ages again! Been so busy last few weeks with college etc Chilli's are loving the warm weather The Trinidad tornado chilli's are just starting to come round Also got the calaforina reaper chilli the hottest on the planet, its just going full blown chilli mode currently and just keeps making more! May need to bring them in if they continue with the warm weather if frost looks on the cards come October/November
  8. Remember! School teaches that every one is equal and we are all the same HAHAHAH!! Till you get flung into the real world and that is the furthest thing from the truth
  9. nah I am going to dry mine and store them for the winter and next year. We have a lot of chilli lovers in the family so they will get used up
  10. Im not using any fertz on these I grow all my veg organic and fruit . They will go right up till December/Jan as long as the green house is heated.
  11. Well yesterday was vile.. Today what a difference and a really good day to get out in the garden a cut back all the new growth from recent rain. I have chillis on the go this year.. California reapers, Apaches and Trinidad and Tobago Fire chillis Im really looking forward to getting them ripe will take some photos when I go out in the garden later..
  12. Not a very pleasant day coming up and very un-seasonal weather..Something more like October/November later with the strength of the wind.. Rain will also be very heavy at times... Wind first.. Net weather model has notched the gusts up slightly on the last ones I posted.. Looks like it could nudge 50mph on the coasts 40-45mph inland while nothing unusual in the sense that we get much stronger winds here, its the time of year that is important. Trees are in full leaf and with the recent dry weather trees are more brittle because they loose some of their "flexiness". The recent rain has helped ever so slightly... Rain Possibly quite squally on the back edge as it clears???
  13. Hi Gang not been on in a while been sorting out college and work.. NVQ Level 1 in Carpentry and Joinery starts in September Dad is paying his carpenters in London over £300 a day currently with the cost of skilled workers expected to massively rise in the next 10 years because nobody wants to do it anymore according to my college. I don't plan to go down the joinery route but more construction carpentry so steel work stud walls controlled demolition etc. Back to weather turned out quite wet yesterday evening.. Could be quite a wet and rough day tomorrow could be quite windy for a few hours well for the time of year..
  14. Yes very nice clearance I reckon on this to sunny warm skies and some short sharp showers