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  1. Probs high end 40s here, met office says strongest winds from around 8pm
  2. My tropical climate idea is gaining real momentum lol! We knew it was always Costa del South but we really are taking on a more tropical climate.. Well until the next cold spell lol!! Certainly getting more and more windy.. I wonder if somewhere inland will get above 60mph or close to it.. Usually around Box Hill... Certainly looks like another very lively squall line could come through at some point in the night! Batten down those hatches it's gonna be a stormy evening!
  3. Not liking the look of the latest GFS run for Tuesday.. Usually when a low like this is picked up last week it gets downgraded into a fart.. But so far its maintained strength on all models. Even tomorrow we may see a brief episode of 50mph possibly 60mph on the coast from storm Brendan as what looks like a suall line moves through But the real risk is Tuesday and the GFS 12Z brings 60mph gusts from mid afternoon right till midnight a soild 6-7 hours of damaging wind gusts.. Just down the road from me yesterday a tree got blown over in 37mph gusts I assume it was weak and the saturated ground doesn't help..
  4. I have to say.. If we don't get some cold in Feb and March (although I can almost guarantee we get some brutal cold and snow just as everything is coming into flower and spring blossom) then this will go own as one of the worst winters on record for cold and snow.. I do recall though the past 2 or maybe even 3 winters that had cold easterly winds well into April sometimes... Although it would actually take a miracle to get us out of this pattern now. This is a true UK winter setup for a mild and wet winter October 12th 2019 : Surrey: Yep I'm putting bets on a very stormy wet mild winter... To make up for the last 2-3 dry years.. Not done to bad so far on getting winter 2019/2020 correct
  5. Looks like our dear friend barlett wants to pay a visit.. That will be most of January gone for anything cold. Hurry up spring.. I have to say not sure I've ever experienced a spell of weather this boring in my life.. Even in summer when we get high pressure at least its sunny and sometimes you can chase high temperatures etc..
  6. Happy New year everyone!!! Climate change is about extremes.. Be it heat, cold, storms drought etc.. It also doesn't help that this temperature is caused by fohen affect.. That aside its pretty astonishing to see nearly 20c that far north this time of year.. Although we have seen 14-16c with a smiliar setup
  7. Likely fohen affect.. Not uncommon this time of year ... Although that is still pretty impressive...
  8. This is where the placement of any high pressure is super super key.. You can get some really really cold nights and days if you can pull in cold from the continent (if its there) or trap cold air under the high. Be interesting to see how this plays out and I don't think it is all doom and gloom (although this current moist and mild feed is very doom and gloom here) Some long range forecasts from end of November have done pretty well in that blocking looked likely to appear from end of December onwards we just didn't (still don't) really know how its going to pan out.. Great conditions for drying the ground out and cooling it down ready for the snow in Feb and March
  9. Assuming some good conditions for the fohen effect
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