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  1. Try and clear the air a bit here... Tomorrow Friday and Saturday will be HOT this afternoon should brighten up with maybe some hot sunshine coming through.. 30c is defiantly on the cards especially Saturday not the 33-35c we were looking at last weekend mind.. Regarding the thunderstorms that didn't happen.. That is mother nature and she will do what she wants. I predicted a humid wet summer. So far.. I have been absolutely spot on... I do think summer will drag on mind (hopefully)
  2. Even after the Arome went east yesterday it ended up even further east than that and not even making it that far north... This for me is going down as one of the biggest busts to date..
  3. Biggest bust known to me so far.. Wow.. Not even decent thunderstorms... It is literally like someone has the ability to steer bad weather away from London.. Never seen anything like it.. Nearly cross model agreement and then this. Damn, Nevermind... Next.
  4. That thing over France is big already.. And it's expected to get even bigger
  5. If the models see right that stuff in the channel should start to fragment and break up..
  6. Tonight looks fairly likely that some scale of MCS will move up from Northern France.. There is still some debate how far west or East this system will be. BUT using the current radar and model data we have. EURO4 is trending well so is the HIRLAM so I am going to use these models for tonight although things will change. EURO 4 HIRLAM Fairly good agreement note though I expect most lightning to be on the Eastern side of this system.. Current model agreement is pretty good ... Most likely idea based on current model data is a risk area something like this..50% chance But these 2 ideas are also up for debate.. 30% chance finally idea 3 although the most likely outcome last week it has been trending west.. 20% chance
  7. Looking likely that Kent will miss out this time.. But time will tell about to do a type up
  8. All getting very messy...I am sure some will see some storms but for now I wouldn't focus much energy on models or forecasts.. Instead try gauge rough areas then radar watch :?
  9. I know it's early days.. But the south east thus far escapes worst of the stroms if any at all Sunday Monday and Tuesday.. If its clear skies.. Then we are seriously going to bake!
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