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  1. Heavier ppn will help with seeing a few flakes
  2. Think some accumulated snow in the Surrey hills can't be ruled out
  3. Moderate snow in Marlow sticking on the snow already on the ground
  4. Yep snow here now, north Surrey, interesting but not expecting any settling snow
  5. Yep heavy snow mixed with rain now
  6. Nevermind still 2 1/2 months of winter to go lol
  7. Certainly something wintry mixed in here but not snow, very sleety, maybe it will turn back to snow I don't know..
  8. Front way to far north, temps way to high as a result for snow, all the snow from yesterday is gone, I assume melting taking place in other areas with more snow too.
  9. Everything is turning to ice here
  10. Going to get busy again in here after everyone has had their roast dinners
  11. Let's see what the later runs show and more experienced members say
  12. interesting 24 hours coming up radar at the ready
  13. not seen snow like this in years very nice to see
  14. keep us those charts coming if you can.. LOL