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  1. Sun making light work of the snow being so strong now, still some patches left though.. Really want to chase the early warmth now but slim chance of that currently
  2. Total depth here I think is incredible for this late in march
  3. Morning gang, would say we had about 3-4cm last night the car was cleared and this is what fell on top of it again last night My car won't start well we managed to get it started by my breakdown cover is being renewed today and I currently don't have any, so I'm not risking it and staying put.. My road.. Well death trap
  4. love the look of that streamer, may have a day of work tomorrow though :/
  5. Its all intensifying as it enters the Thames
  6. cant get over just how heavy this snow is literally watching it go up on the patio! cant see the bottom of the garden!
  7. That streamer is aligned perfectly for London
  8. white out now and settling fast! Looks fantastic on radar with more filling in over places that missed out
  9. Bliemy... That thames keeps on pumping the PPN
  10. From a surprise that was over looked.. FANTASTIC!
  11. Moderate snow now and some nice returns heading into West London settling on everything
  12. Also more building heading towards Dover kent ETC
  13. The HIRLAM at 5pm looks pretty good.. It goes on to back build the front also like what is happening