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  1. It's my fault, I splashed out on some rattan furniture for the decking with all this nice weather we've had. I knew it would turn the minute I set it up!
  2. I ordered some last week and im devastated they weren't here for this weekend, I'm so scared this is all we will get for summer weather and normal British weather will resume soon ?
  3. We went up to Ridley park in Blyth yesterday, it was absolutely glorious. Drove down to Blyth beach and it was sooo cold and windy, couldn't believe the difference. It looked quite misty out at sea. As soon as we came away from the coast it was lovely and warm again. As much as I love winter it's been so nice to feel the sun these past few days, although as soon as it gets warm it seems like there is so much to do in the garden etc...
  4. What a glorious day today, I think the is the first time this year I've felt warm in just a t shirt! Has anyone any idea of how much rain we will actually get with this weather warning? I'm taking 5 kids, a puppy and a trailer from Jarrow to Lazonby tomorrow morning, leaving around 9.30am. (Alcohol will travel safely in a cool box next to me for the minute we get there ?)
  5. Well yesterday was lovely, washing dried on the line, it felt warm in the sun...it then lashed down overnight and it's grey, miserable and breezy this morning. I'm sure the last few years March has been a nice month. My youngest was born March 2012 and it was absolutely glorious around the time she was born. I've heard a lot of the older generation saying a cold spring means a hot summer. I just hope they are right!
  6. It actually felt pretty warm in the sun earlier today, it's clouded over now but most of the snow has gone. We are camping the 10th April so beast 3 can bugger off and come back in December!
  7. Well this morning it snowed, it landed (as my kids used to say) and it melted...really windy out there now though. I'm not leaving the house today so the weather can do as it pleases. The ground is absolutely saturated here, there is surface water everywhere and my garden has mini lakes in it so I'm amazed the snow lay this morning
  8. No doubt the whole country will act surprised and come to a shutdown again. I'll personally clear the snow at the kids' school and pick the teachers up ?
  9. We are off to Lazonby, near Penrith. We had an absolute monsoon one night when we were there last August so I'm hoping it's better this time weather wise. At least i know the tent is waterproof after that! You've got to love British weather, constantly keeps you on your toes lol
  10. I must admit I'll be happy with some warmth and sunshine now, as much as I truly love snow and cold weather we've got our first camping trip next month and I'd like the ground to have dried up a bit before we go. I'm no Liz grylls, I like comfortable camping lol
  11. Daily Express headlines as brilliant as ever, I think we will all be dead this weekend according to them with the snow forecast ?
  12. Well the only snow left is where people had made big snowmen or where piles of snow had been shovelled. Been raining most of the night so that with the thaw has left my garden looking like a swamp atm. When the sun was out yesterday it actually felt quite warm and springlike.
  13. We've had a bit sleety stuff falling on and off today. I hope this is right for tonight, I'm feelingsnow starved after seeing pics in wales etc ?
  14. We've another snow day tomorrow so I might stay up and see if it happens. Found some mulled wine so I'm set for the night, it tastes so much better when it's snowy outside!!
  15. Met office have me down as 80% for heavy snow at midnight. The sky has been 'snow coloured ' for hours but we've had nothing since about 8pm. It's bloody windy out there though, temp is no longer in minus figures either
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