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  1. Caithness has been fairly breezy since about midnite. This morning the worst end of it. Maybe up to 60 mph SSE gusts. Drove north to Wick and wind seems to be less here.
  2. Shaping up to be a proper hoolie. West is a good direction for my location though at least. Netweather has top gust forecast for friday morning here at 87mph. Id like to hope it doesnt go any higher... that is for sure!
  3. aberdaron 109mph gust recorded in last hour!? http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/wl/aberdaron_latest_weather.html
  4. just for the past few days I am unable to change the location of the 7 day forecast. normally i type in my location and a dropdown box displays several locations for my coordinates and I choose one. Not letting me do this anymore. This is on my mobile phone this happens. Maemo firefox browser. happened about the same time gusts were added strangely.
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