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  1. Ah ok, so was my understanding wrong that a slider is a front that moves in horizontally giving a longer spell of precipitation but covers less area compared to the usual?
  2. I only got to now what the word meant a couple of weeks ago and it was great sorry for those that missed out
  3. Had a snow shower earlier left the ground white. Temp was -1.6° now 1.9°. Sleet falling at the mo just on the wrong side of the snow line yous should do well futher north at least for a couple of hours! Worth staying awake for
  4. Met Eireann issues yellow warning for tomorrow
  5. Some parts of connacht and west ulster could do well going by the radar! I might be luky to get a flurry by the morning?
  6. A nice change to the recent weather a cold and calm day. A mist came in after noon the temp never got above 1.6°c currently 1.0°c
  7. No showers made it down as far as me. Low of -6.4° last night
  8. The roads are lethal n4 is like an ice rink!
  9. A nice band of showers moving down 20171210_170554_edited.mp4
  10. Moderate snofall now, nearly all ground is white! -0.2° at the moment.
  11. Can see snow falling at the lampost now! Time to go out for a smoke
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