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  1. I saw this feature too over North London at about 4pm. Thought I was imagining it as it looked so strange. It was a narrow leading band of cloud, in front of it completely clear skies, behind it lots of higher alto cumulus. Some sort of wind convergence perhaps?
  2. Often the way. We suffer the sweltering conditions and the northerners grab all the action. They are closer to the centre of the low over Iceland than us down here so their cap is weaker along the trough?
  3. True and maybe also actual wind speed? e.g. a certain location might be more sheltered from westerlies but exposed to southerlies? Wind speeds are higher on my anemometer this evening than for Storm Ciara.
  4. Wasn't expecting this but yes, the winds are on a different level from last weekend and seem far more sustained than gusty. There's also already more damage. Just came back home and there are whole fences blowing across the roads.
  5. Flipping hell! That child was extremely lucky not to be swept out just then.
  6. It is strange isn't it. I expect most of them to be called off tomorrow morning, there's no way you can play in these conditions. All Belgian and Dutch top flight games have already been postponed.
  7. I think they're hinting at the possibility of a Sting Jet. We'll see. They're hard to forecast and no indication of one yet but if it does happen, expect a red Met Office warning pretty damn quick.
  8. Has London/Home counties ever had an amber warning for wind? I'm struggling to think of a time it has happened before.
  9. Yes, great pictures, but was it really a warm front? It was moving south and replaced by crystal clear skies. Cold front if anything or a stalled warm front?
  10. That was one hell of a storm in Central London! Part of our offices have been evacuated due to flooding.
  11. Hope you're right but to me Hirlam looks to stall the front a bit too far south for us. GFS 12z showing a greater northward progression but ppn fizzles out very quickly so we'd be lucky to see a couple of cm.
  12. WOAH, was not expecting this. We're not far off 10cm here in Barnet. None of the roads have been gritted, traffic is gridlocked and many cars and buses have been abandoned. Without doubt the biggest flakes I've ever seen. Love it when the weather surprises you.
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