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  1. Hope you're right but to me Hirlam looks to stall the front a bit too far south for us. GFS 12z showing a greater northward progression but ppn fizzles out very quickly so we'd be lucky to see a couple of cm.
  2. WOAH, was not expecting this. We're not far off 10cm here in Barnet. None of the roads have been gritted, traffic is gridlocked and many cars and buses have been abandoned. Without doubt the biggest flakes I've ever seen. Love it when the weather surprises you.
  3. Any idea on it's expected intensity over Osaka? My partner is on holiday there. Any links for tracking this thing e.g. sat/doppler would be greatly appreciated.
  4. We had 2mm on the 30th of May and nothing since. Was hoping for a bit from this evening's cold front but it's fizzling out over the Midlands.
  5. Nice! That mortgage must have set you back a bit but worth it for the views I'm sure.
  6. I'm a couple of miles south of them watching from my balcony. The speed at which it's growing is spectacular to watch. The updrafts must be very strong. The anvil is extending south and what looks like a healthy inflow belt to its SSE or it's just backbuilding.
  7. Just had those cells explode over my head in North London. Insane amounts of rain. We've had 14mm in less than 10 minutes! Can hear several alarms going off from nearby buildings.
  8. Right on the border of that amber. Stuck at Heathrow airport waiting for a delayed flight out of here. The longer it takes the more likely the snow will affect things.
  9. Arg. Was hoping to fly out from Heathrow tomorrow evening. Worth noting Hirlam is still at odds with the 18z GFS where the ppn band is a lot weaker. Will be interesting to see which one wins out. Holiday or Snowmageddon. I'll be happy with either.
  10. Sun has barely set, already -4.3C, snowing and it's March tomorrrow. Kerrrraayyyyyyzzzeeee
  11. The neighbour's cats usually sit down below. Might be needing to use one of their 9 lives if that icicle becomes airborne.
  12. This thing has grown from nothing over the last few hours. Almost half a meter in length. Think I might need to call out the gutterers.
  13. Winds have really picked up in the last 10 minutes. Blowing up big clouds of powder into the air. -3.6C at midday is incredible!
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