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  1. From a purely IMBY perspective, this winter has been absolute pants. we had snow falling that never settled, whilst others just a few miles away had two or three decent snow events where the snow settled and stayed on the ground. I spent 2 days where the precipitation literally fizzled out right over my head and its just been a winter of complete let downs. If anything this winter has turned me from a cold and snow lover into one who no longer enjoys the cold and the snow because year after year after year it's just the same boring rubbish down here. Maybe im just getting old,
  2. Well im calling this the biggest let down and complete non event down here, weve had light snow all day and not one iota of it has settled. If it snows and the temperature is zero, the dew point is well into the negative, the uppers are around mimus 10 and its STILL not settling then I might as well just give up hope of ever seeing snow falling and settling here. Makes no sense at all.
  3. you have got to be kidding me common !!! For crying out loud, Brighton Snow shield working overtime.
  4. Id ignore the Met Office icons they change all the time. I think what we have now is all we'll get
  5. Lmfao same as yesterday, PPN gets to within a few miles of here and simply dissipates overhead 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I think i just have to accept that Brighton is probably THE worst place in the entire Solar system for snow.
  6. Well this has to go down as the biggest let down ever for down here. A whole week spent getting excited for absolutely nothing. Ive seen more 'white' on the ground on a frosty October morning than I hsve on the ground here and I cant see anything more coming this way going by the radar return. Whoever does get snow though is going to be able to enjoy it for the next week at least. I wont be radar watching tonight as theres no point, aint nothing coming this way. GFS has consistently modelled Tuesday as being a day of potential here so I think thats the next day of oppo
  7. Such a let down today, all those years of waiting for it to snow and then when it finally does, it all melts upon impact, just makes me want to go squat in the corner of a dark room and lay an egg tbh 😂🤣🍚
  8. Just as it was starting to look good, the sun has poked its head back out and the snow that had started to settle has all but melted 🤣🤣🤣 It is at least giving it a go, its barely a dusting but its something and I got to run in the snow.
  9. Snow here has changed to this weird pellet type snow and its starting to settle. Can really feel the wind chill now, slowly everything it turning white 😊
  10. This is like the ultimate slap in the face 90 minutes of non stop heavy snow and not a bit of it is settling, its like whats the point..might as well be raining. I really give up
  11. OK finally beginning to get somewhere now, snizzle is slowing turning into light snow, not expecting anything to settle but it's a step towards decent snow and the sky is slowly getting whiter and whiter. I think I might head off out for a run shortly 🙂
  12. Not sure if it's drizzle or snizzle here, I think the South Downs is preventing all the PPN from getting here as ever since 6am it literally fizzles out about 10 miles to the West and I see now it's somehow passing to our North as well. only thing that seems to make sense.
  13. hahahaha what's making me laugh is that the sun is still poking it's head through the clouds, it's brighter today than it was most of last week 😂😂 Still if it stays like this I reckon in about 657 million years time we'll have a few cm.
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