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  1. Found my Blackberry

  2. Feels like I've been run over by a truck soon tired :(

  3. Getting darling and its only half 4, thanks to the clocks changing :(

  4. Wants opinions, Do i honestly look like Matt Daemon?

  5. Now has the new Xbox Dashboard :D

  6. Boring days ahead

  7. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich released :D hopeing to get it on my phone soon!

  8. Freezeing today :(

  9. Looks like its gonna be another freezeing day tomorrow :(

  10. Has just registerd to test the next Xbox dashboard update before it is released :D

  11. And our days go by

    And I never needed you

  12. Loving the new facebook Music features :D

  13. TalkTalk + Xbox Live = Complete onionse

  14. gotta wait until December 22nd for dental treatment :/

  15. finished early, what a boring afternoon!

  16. Bombay Bicycle Club

  17. Satisfy my hunger someone!

  18. Now has a new bed :D

  19. Downloading Windows 8 Developer Preview :D

  20. I became a Prostitute

  21. When everyone was doing drugs We were just doing love

  22. Finally found a music streaming service that works with Blackberry :D

  23. Blackberry employees have been threatened with violence for assisting the police with the rioters, HOW SAD CAN PEOPLE GET!

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