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  1. Hi teits your knowledge is much appreciated in this forum, I remember quite a few years back in the model forum you corrected them where the snow was going to hit and you got back lash for it. You were spot on and it hit our area like you predicted. We less informative posters need more knowledgable posters like yourself in this forum.
  2. I lived up in March at the time. Was there for 6 years and I had snow every year. But nothing to that extens before or after. It’s funny how 15… 20 miles away can get plenty of snow and the area you live won’t even see a flake blow in the wind. Lol
  3. Yeah it was forecast to hit us and we had an amber warning in place but 6 hrs before the event it changed and came down the central belt instead. I couldn’t believe it when the weather showed the whole of England and Scotland covered in snow except a small area in east anglia. Lol
  4. Think it was 2001 or 2002 we had our biggest snow fall in one day we had around 3 foot of snow. The worst I have ever seen it.
  5. I know in 2010 the whole country was covered in snow apart from upland in east anglia. We were the only ones who didn’t even get a flake. Lol
  6. I was surprised to have falling and setting snow for 5 days. We dont normally get it here with an easterly. as to far north in east anglia but also further inland.
  7. Please no more snow. I had to use the scooperto shovel the snow to clean up after my dogs. ?
  8. Yeah In a small town that you have to drive 20 miles each way to find decent shops lol. The plus side we do have plenty of coffee houses. ?
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