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  1. Snow showers through the day, small covering here. A bout like this is normal for May. Following another dire/weird winter and given how much humans are evidently trashing the joint it’s nice to have some relative comfort in familiarity
  2. Clear skies and very nice towards the Cairngorms last night as the sun faded -5.8c this morn but warmer under this cloud towards Inverness, cool seeing it snake up the glen
  3. Good few hours of snow this morn giving around 18cms. Sticky, heavy stuff, as a result it took down some trees/branches and killed the power for most of the morning (thought my partner had started doing opera in the shower but it was just the heat disappearing) In general, fairly benign weather to report lately but any clear skies have been really welcome and leave you wanting more of the same Plenty blue above Rùm seen from Skye last week, with Eigg just visible beyond. Loch Ness on Sunday night, chilly but clear with little wind and no midges yet
  4. Snow continuous here today also. Pic from dog walk earlier
  5. Steady light or moderate snow so far. Garden very busy. Bullfinches are bonnie wee things
  6. Paper thin covering on the grass, plenty heavy showers absolutely flying across the area throughout the day, all snow 200m+, met o app had them forecast as rain (standard), tomorrow looks messy, few surprises in places no doubt
  7. Heavy snow around tea time, particularly in to speyside, dumped about 7cms in a short period. Horrible now though, heavy rain/sleet
  8. May have angered the weather gods calling it boring, proper snow globe stuff out there (*edit, anyone know how to post a vid from your phone that’s not so huge!?) A9449E6F-AA5E-4E12-B3E4-2C4E4D301DB2.MOV
  9. About an inch more fell last night and melted a bitty through the day, the impotent, spectacularly boring winter 18/19 continues to beg you to forget it. Moans aside it was very bonnie on the commute out west today with blue skies
  10. A couple of inches cover here, showers through most of the day, more prolonged after around 4pm
  11. Very changeable day, stark contrast every time the winds picked up and showers flew by
  12. If he is, maybe he could give Mrs May and her merry band of rogues some hints
  13. A wee covering of snow here this morning after a week of mostly cold, frosty starts, dropping to -6c at times, it’s felt much more seasonal. After the weird/unsettling t-shirt warmth that ended February even the relentless lashing sleet/rain/wintry mix felt a relief. Interesting few days ahead, March is always lively
  14. Not going to amount to a great deal but heavy snow on here just now, still got a lot of the old cover with some areas a real compacted icy mix of slide on your erse. Cold start this morn, nice to see the hard frost return after a dose of the wet and windy mince
  15. Few pictures from this morning, about 16cms fell pretty widely over just a few hours, say from southern speyside up to the Inverness area and east in to moray. Probably approaching a foot at the house
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