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  1. Would add that that sunset was memorable, only caught it from the glamourous vista of Inverness asda car park and up the hill on the way home when it wasn’t as great Yes HC, definite hints of mammatus, someone posted this on Twitter from the town
  2. *deleted that* in case it could be misconstrued. As I actually like the idea of people not wanting to be royals.. it’s the uk media I particularly don’t like.. anyhoo, maybe open up the Scottish politics thread again sometime, there’s a LOT to discuss these days!.. dull and cold outside, nothing weather
  3. Got about 3cms from snow showers last night/this morn, so ach... only about 2&1/2 feet less than Newfoundland Within another dross winter for snow lovers this week has seen some progress, within the highlands at least. More snow visible on the glen floor than higher, the hills got blown to bits this week Approaching what is often the snowiest period of a winter, Jan in to feb, yet given April 3rd was one of the snowiest days of last year these norms seem less normal or relevant. The weather for the upcoming week looks pedestrian, hopefully it’s a lull before something more juicy arrives for everyone
  4. A further couple of inches fell from the snow showers yesterday evening in to last night, though since early morning it’s been alternating lashing sleet, sometimes sideways sleet and now heavy rain. Combined with some raw winds, pretty hellish stuff
  5. Somewhat reassuring to see proper January conditions today, currently 19cms, a very welcome blanket
  6. 7 below this time last night, 7 above now and windy. Tomorrow looks a day to be indoors for sure
  7. Occasional snow showers in the first half of the day here and didn’t budge much above 2c so resembling January a bit more. -1c
  8. A couple of wee snow flurries mixed in with the sleety/rain here this morning, that's a veritable snowstorm by winter 19/20 standards
  9. The Gaelic fluent half of our house says “robach” would be suitable here... Nice to hear you’re learning SS Beautiful and reassuringly chilly last day of the year here, currently -2c. Wee pic from rothiemurchus earlier Regarding (lack of) snow.. was fortunate enough to spend a few weeks this summer with friends who live at 7,600ft and 10,400ft Colorado. Even at their (literally) dizzying altitude they had grumbles about dwindling or erratic snow behaviour (2 feet of snow fell in some parts of the state 2 days in to summer this year).. so at least we’re not alone in our despair. Hefty snow (sub 2000ft) appears to kick in later each winter and I certainly don’t care for forecasts much beyond a week. The unbelievable rain events we experienced around here this year evidenced the unpredictability well, they developed within such a tiny timeframe. As we bugger-up the planet so we’ll struggle to fully read the consequences it seems Anyway, on a lighter note.. happy Hogmanay and all the best for the year ahead people, hopefully the snow batters us soon enough, slàinte mhath!
  10. Got 3 or 4 cms on top of the old crusty stuff yesterday, so still a small cover which has been thawing and freezing back and forth. Overnight low of -6c. These from the drive home over the dava, was dull and gloomy but it managed to be nice to look at
  11. En route to Glasgow, was heavy snow around ralia, dalwhinnie and ballinluig
  12. A real wild mess of a day around these parts by the sounds (which I largely missed working in a more calm but raw east coast) Wee covering here at the house, albeit a bit sad and wet. Looks more December-like though
  13. Yesterday was exceptionally grim, sideways lashing rain, sleet and wet snow, lights required all day in the house. Today was improved, settled and cold. Was frosty and -2c as I headed out at 5pm just arrived back to 3c and a bit of a breeze. Very changeable
  14. My friend took these at Plodda Falls today, near that cracking cold spot Tomich
  15. An overnight low of -8.9c and a passing snow shower this morning
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