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  1. Couldn't see the Cairngorms for mist this morn but there's a dusting of snow, same for the top of Ben Wyvis, visible whenever the cloud clears. Not overly rare though my father informs me that the snow was a good way down the local Munro's on the longest day in 1996 Looking forward to next week's forecast sun and heat, two hoodies on today working on a hillside and a real unwelcome wind yet again, spits of rain, autumnal vibes, delighted summer is returning soon
  2. Not the only one to notice the lack of a breeze tonight, the midges are just fierce Overcast, grey and some drizzle this evening after a nice sunny start to the day. 2nd batch of red squirrel kittens this year have emerged in the garden recently, lovely red coats compared to their more scraggly elders. 9c
  3. "Stornoway has reached its 22nd consecutive day of a long dry spell"..... *rubs eyes and reads again* https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-44437551
  4. The gods must be moving a fair bit of furniture above Rothiemurchus just now, no downpour yet but the light is like 10pm and some seriously noisy skies for the last hour
  5. Hearing we missed another deluge when we were out earlier, accompanied by thunder and lightning. The humidity is such that there is little to show for the rain though. Temp at 24c, was 19c at midnight last night, considering last year we basically had an evening fire on through the year the continuous warmth in this spell has been remarkable
  6. Caught the Cairngorms disappearing under a big dark mass on the way home at tea time, torrential downpour followed with thunder and a wee bit of lightning. Nice muddy river down the track for a bit. Temp had hit 24c by 10am so a really muggy feel, maxed at 27c. Feeling warm standing in Scottish rain is always a welcome novelty Similar affair tomorrow by the looks
  7. Busy in the hills yesterday, understandably so given some vintage conditions. Continuous blazing sun up An Dìollaid in Glen Shiel but a welcome breeze to reduce the heat. Could see for days. Temp was reading 28c and appears to be the same out west today, a wonderful spell of weather
  8. Daft temperature variations locally with the haar. 11c in Inverness under cover, yet 21c here and 22c in Aviemore with the sun
  9. Just fantastic weather this last month, surely no finer country to be in when the sun is shining. It's been a joy to be outside. Here's a local piper delighting tourists atop the old packhorse bridge in Carrbridge in some lovely evening light The expression "breeding like rabbits" is certainly relevant in the garden, a bunny explosion. Those natural predators that NL mentioned are sadly lacking round here. Surrounded by estates, their idea of "conservation" means shooting or trapping absolutely anything that threatens the game bird population, so foxes, badgers, marten and even raptors fall foul to their practices, all so that some peeps can shoot a bird for £150 a pop. The result is a massive rabbit population (which I don't mind) but the equally huge rat population in the glen is a less welcome side-effect. A more nuanced relationship with the environment and local wildlife from these big estates would be great 18c and sunny
  10. Hey kilties, hope everyone is well. A couple of cold ones with today and yesterday both starting at -6c. Highland weather with a nice wee weather stat for the area this morn Have been enjoying the mostly fine spring weather of late. Was lovely up Meall fuar-mhonaidh on Sunday, great views of Loch Ness and its sprawl A nocturnal visitor to the garden this last fortnight, a real rarity seeing a hedgehog in these parts, even more welcome given their declining numbers
  11. Cheers Ben, enjoyed the vid Felt cold enough watching it! First morning above zero in a good while, 2 above as I left. Meandering west this weekend, Skye bound. As I've said before, sunshine and no midges really is a thing to savour, so hoping it can remain clear when we're taking the dog for a stretch heard a terrible wee joke this morn but I laughed, seeing as it's Friday.. "The wife has left me for a boomerang salesman.... ..she'll be back "
  12. As NL eluded, the weather is certainly on repeat, 5 days in the last 6 with an overnight covering. Cover 5+ inches as I left this morn with heavy snow Hefty wall of snow heading south A farmer on the radio earlier mentioned dealing with "an 8 or 9 month winter" hard to disagree, we'll have passed the 100 days snow lying/falling mark here, Looking forward to some weather where I can start shedding the layers at work, Gollum's skin saw more light
  13. Steady light snow this morning after about 3 inches of powdery, light stuff overnight *arrived down in Inverness, snow cover down to sea level
  14. -7.2c yesterday morn saw April continue with the cold theme, a really beautiful spring day after. Watched some seals playing near Oban, snowy hills and a crisp blue backdrop everywhere you drove White this morning after some overnight showers. Tomorrow and Wednesday's forecast wouldn't look out of place mid-January, snow laden
  15. Repeat performance of yesterday, a wee covering overnight, some misty-snow stuff going on just now @mardatha can I join your cat? Some sadist seems to think a Cricket story is worthy of a week's news, apparently some Australian guys have played with their balls and it's rather upsetting, surely there's more pressing issues facing humanity