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  1. What a bitter weekend that was, few showers yesterday but a decent day. Cold start at -8c this morning. Highland weather had Tomich with a mean temp of 1.4c from November to now, wonderful wee cold spot. Dalwhinnie was 1.5c and Carrbridge 1.9c no figures for here but we're usually the colder side of Carrbridge's readings. Working out moray way today, beautiful day so far, great to see the sun out
  2. Woke up to a covering of snow. Had two days there where it was limited to patches, the grass is exceptionally yellow, snow 17/18 has nuked the lawn. Forgetting what the blimin garden looks like without the stuff. Showers on and off all day Greig Laidlaw I salute ye
  3. Aye spring-like weather is nearly always a distant prospect in march, evidenced by today. Has snowed all day, 17cms added and still going
  4. Aye heavy snow here also
  5. Plenty spells of snow through the day, light, heavy, all sorts, didn't really add much to the cover though. Similar tomorrow I think, maybe more persistent
  6. Aye a beautiful spot frogesque and raw at the best of times!
  7. Skye in-laws were commenting on how rare it is to see Kilt rock like this (pics from online) Home to a wee top up and been snowing since we got home. -1c
  8. Scottish winter photos

    Sligachan to Glenbrittle March 3rd
  9. On Skye. Had porridge for breakfast, chilled with a heilan coo, was out in some glorious scenery, currently in a kilt and off for a shindig and some drams, a decidedly Scottish day 😄 Slàinte mhath kilties Licking ice makes you happy apparently
  10. Scottish winter photos

    Great idea with the thread HC Loch Torridon Jan 20th 2018 Uath Lochans, Glen Feshie Jan 21st
  11. Counted 60 maybe 70 snowflakes falling on Inverness high street there, nearly had to brush some off my shoulder. Crazy scenes in the highland capital
  12. Great pics for snow fans from the Highland weather page, like many southies, it's still snowing in these areas for the 3rd day Bonar bridge Seaside at Inver Ullapool on the west coast (more than Ullapool managed from the recent raging Westerly blizzards) Having a three day light snow event has been frustrating but it's been a delight watching the reports/pics on here, the happiness has been palpable 😄 Safe travels and enjoy it
  13. Shame HC, more so given that Easter Ross is still under a constant stream of showers just to your north. Hard to remember a spell which has had such dramatic localised variations, it's been feast or famine Current moderate snowfall here, won't come to much
  14. Work colleagues were talking late last week about areas of the Cromarty firth being frozen on their journey to work, thats before the east winds arrived! It's been long and cold winter remember it being particularly extensive in the crazy winter of 09/10, passed some quite large areas of Sea with snow on it on my journeys up north to Tongue
  15. 'Extended Reporting Scotland' three words to have you praying for a mild, wet, westerly