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  1. Catching up with the thread and some real jaw-dropping pictures in here, very nice indeed Some of the summer solstice weekend skies were pure art, here’s a few from around here Breezy start to the week today but pretty welcome as it provides respite from the midges, who have been particularly numerous/hellish these last few wks. Looking forward to a thunderstorm or two possibly rattling by this week
  2. Some high max temperatures here the last few days, 28c fri, 29c sat, 26c Sunday and 27c yesterday, with consistently beautiful skies. All change today with light rain just now and daytime highs as low as 8c in the forecast this week
  3. Everything is so off-kilter at the moment the weather has been a welcome distraction. Snow showers all through Sunday, gave a wee covering three times before vanishing not long after the sun returns. Standard May stuff Had a few more snow showers yesterday, Cairngorms from a local cycle route The amount of Sun and blue skies the last few weeks has been outstanding and thankfully enough light to hold off a complete morph in to a Scottish nosferatu. Conditions felt so prolonged and rare I found myself taking random pictures of just the blueness
  4. An dystopian looking sun through the snow showers on Wednesday and a similarly eerie sun settling on the hills last night like the horizon was ablaze. -6c to start. Stay safe
  5. Haven’t had much to report weather-wise of late and my phone has been on the blink but had a few snow showers while working in Inverness earlier and have returned home to a wee covering at the house. Starts at about 200m+ Daff shoots Although winter 19/20 found the cheat codes and unlocked the elusive hellish-p*sh weather mode the snow that fell during February was stubborn indeed stoic, lying from 10th feb through to March 7th with plenty remnants still in the area. If I had a preference it would be some more of last week’s conditions, very hard frosts gradually melted away by
  6. Period of heavy snow again today, though it didn’t stack up like it did yesterday This is great Twitter MOBILE.TWITTER.COM I’m sure the ??????? weather will entice you back one day @General Cluster ?
  7. That’s the one @Kirkcaldy Weather ? Heavy snow down to sea level Inverness for a solid hour or more earlier, predictably the local forecast/apps were absolute miles off. Snowed up at the house most of the morning, yesterday had it’s moments too
  8. Aye think it’s the road up to Glen Doe wind farm, that tops out at about 2200ft, same wind farm some workers were helicoptered off in Feb 18, 30ft+ drifts etc
  9. About 4 or 5 inches fell pretty widely yesterday so didn’t get snowed in @Mr Frost but that was a good thing as it was really glorious to be outside earlier, these from Tullochgrue this morning. Plenty people out enjoying the serene conditions. After so much harsh weather lately it was nice to see it take a wee breather and roll the sun out
  10. Been down with friends in England so missed yesterday’s snow, wee covering here, was 12 degrees warmer down there, good catching first sight of the hills on the descent to land
  11. Snowy start and commute this morning, snow lying down to 150m Partner chatted with the west coast of Harris relatives last night, for the 2nd time in a month they’re saying they’ve had some of the worst conditions for years, must have been wild as when we were over last year half the garden wall blew over and they barely batted an eyelid
  12. Some heavy snow this morning, 5 cms on top of the old tired stuff, last 7 days has pretty much seen more snow than the entire (stunningly p*sh) winter, pity it’s largely needed some elevation
  13. Chose Loch an eilein for the dog walk this morning, “it’ll be more calm and sheltered there..” ? IMG_9876.MOV
  14. Absolutely Ben, can’t beat it, best backdrop for the hills and it’s the best weather to follow heavy snow other than heavy snow ? Your neck of the woods looking great there btw, cracking pics! Cold frosty start here at -8c
  15. Heavy snow this morning, don’t think it had stopped much at all through the night, pic from first thing 28cms cover. Showers through first part of the day. After a bit of a dig, we followed the blue skies down to Laggan Tired the dog out on the way home up above Aviemore, snow knee deep in parts. Dying light but great conditions. Hope people get a snow fix tomo morning
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