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  1. The spring heat will be the protagonist in the coming days in Italy, with heat peaks above 20 degrees in Rome but a lot of mildness also in the Po valley, with a climate worthy of April
  2. On Sunday 21 February a maximum temperature of 20 ° is expected in Rome, due to the North African anticyclonic dome
  3. The cold wave that is drawing to a close was short but intense, especially in the Adriatic regions and in the upper Ionian Sea. But there have been sporadic and very light snowfalls even in some cities on the Tyrrhenian side, like mine :) In the coming days, however, a lasting anticyclonic dome of North African matrix will be established, with a substantially spring climate, especially in the western regions.
  4. The expected cold wave in Italy has begun, probably the strongest in winter 2020/21. At this moment there are snowfalls on the Adriatic coast, still sporadic but which will be more intense tomorrow. On the Tyrrhenian regions the cold is drier but the temperatures are still quite low; tomorrow some snowflakes will also be possible in Rome and Naples, mostly in Florence, perhaps a slight snow accumulation is possible in Bari. The cold wave will end on Tuesday 16 February 2021.
  5. Dear Irish forumists, I would like to ask you what are your weather periods from 2000 to today ... Italy, like the whole Mediterranean basin, is very affected by the warming in the hot semester. However,my favorite weather period is the solar year 2010 in spring and from september to december., which saw many interesting periods of cold and a lot of dynamism in Italy Another interesting period was 2005, from January to April and from october to december. Here are some months I enjoyed: December 2001: very cold and in some phases even snowy in peninsular Italy, similar to December
  6. The astronomical autumn (not the meteorological one) for me is the most emotionally important season, because we move away from the sultry and merciless heat of the summer and go towards the dynamism of the cold semester ... Unfortunately autumn in peninsular Italy has taken on different characteristics at least since 1999, in practice the summer has lengthened, "eating" part of the autumn season. Only sometimes did autumn in peninsular Italy have characteristics similar to the 1950s / 60s of the last century, for example in 2007 and 2010, to a lesser extent also in 2003,2005,2017; general
  7. Tomorrow the third cold wave of this winter will begin in Italy, on the whole quite mild but with some cold periods, as has often happened in recent decades. The regions most involved will be the Adriatic and Apennine ones but locally between tomorrow and Sunday it will be possible some short snowy episode also on the Tyrrhenian regions.
  8. Models confirm the cold snap on Saturday. It will particularly affect the Adriatic regions, which have had a very mild winter so far and will be similar to the cold spells of January 2016 and January 2019.
  9. From the night between Friday and Saturday, a relatively short but intense cold wave will begin in Italy, especially in the Adriatic and eastern regions.
  10. We should also add February 2013, with the record of cold in the Pollino, a mountain range in southern Italy and later the snowfall in the north in the final days of the month. But January 2013 had been mild.
  11. I provide some hints on some winters notable for mildness or cold in Italy from 2001 to today ... Winters notable for their mildness: -2006/07: three exceptionally mild months; -2019/20: similar to 2006/07 but more drought in many areas; -2013/14: very rainy winter in January, more anticyclonic in December but very mild, especially in February; -2015/16: very mild December and February, cold January from 15/16 but very mild in the first half. The months of February 2017, January 2018, February 2002, December 2004, December 2011 were also exceptionally mild. Cold winter periods:
  12. Yesterday in the Crati valley, in inland Calabria, it exceeded 25 °, due to the foehn effect. Between today and tomorrow the spring heat wave will reach its peak, then on Monday the temperature will drop but will remain slightly above the average for the period in the southern and central regions. January 2021 instead closed at + 0.3 ° on the 81/10 average in Italy, it was a very rainy but thermally normal month.
  13. Between Friday and Saturday, peaks of 25 ° will be possible in some areas of Sardinia and Sicily. In the following days, temperatures will drop but will remain mild or very mild; for now it looks like February 2014 or 2016 in Italy ...
  14. The heat, as often happens in the current climate, will be the protagonist of the next few days in Italy, especially in the central south, with possible peaks of 20 ° even in large cities like Bari, Naples and perhaps Rome, especially from Friday 5 February.
  15. A very strong heat wave is likely in the coming days in southern and central Italy. It could exceed 20 degrees in some cities, especially on the southern Tyrrhenian side; the records of February 2014 are at risk.
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