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  1. 27.9 here still , no sign of any storm , honestly I love the heat but could do with a Good bang or two ?
  2. Start Stop start here. , been pretty good here this week so not moaning .Off to bed now , good luck guys x
  3. heavy snow now , starting to lay on cars , Portslade west Brighton
  4. So we had rain turned to snow now back to rain again , Portslade west of Brighton
  5. Snowing now after a few hours of rain , won’t stick but it’s still snowing so I’m happy , Portslade west of Brighton
  6. Still heavy snow just west of Brighton , off to bed soon as got to walk to work tomorrow as no way driving , Night night guys , good luck to you all , really enjoyed tonight
  7. Portslade west of Brighton , still hammering it down here , road now completely white , cars struggling and it’s a busy bus route
  8. Everything white here , main road now white .Proper snow very heavy , snow day tomorrow for def .So excited
  9. Whiteout here , amazing snow falling ? west of Brighton , Portslade
  10. Massive snow falling now Portslade west of Brighton , everything gone white ,
  11. Ok heavy snow now lovely big flakes , starting to lay on cars , Portslade near Brighton
  12. Gone back sleety here west of Brighton , my snow is dissapearing ?
  13. I’m so annoyed , some teenagers just nicked my snow off my car , little sods , I wanted it !!
  14. Still heavy snow and big flakes west of Brighton near South Downs ,
  15. Sticking well now , cars , grass verges and walls etc , big flakes and heavy .Love it , I’m happy now .Brighton near South Downs
  16. Heavy snow now big flakes , coming down really fast ,Portslade outskirts Brighton
  17. Yay snow and laying on cars already , love it !! Temp 1.3 DP 0.0 outskirts Brighton near South Downs
  18. It’s turning to snow here , Portslade near South Downs outskirts of Brighton
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