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  1. Thank you , currently laying on floor with him having cuddles watching the snow still fall past the lamppost , it’s got really heavy again with big flakes .I love snow and would love it to lay on roads etc but actually glad it’s not so I can get Scooby to vets tomorrow x
  2. And it’s still snowing , unbelievable , I love it , it’s been a great few days with lots of unexpected snow .Im off now to look after my poorly dog vets tomorrow for the old boy , just hoping it’s not as serious as I think it is .Anyway thanks guys and girls it’s been a blast yet again here’s to the next time
  3. Massive snow flakes , really coming down now , just wish it would lay on the road and paths
  4. Snowing again in Brighton , lovely big flakes and getting heavier
  5. All stopped here now , was good though Brighton has done well
  6. Just curious as I’m not knowledgable enough , but what areas get affected from a Thames streamer ? Thanks
  7. Fantastic snow falling again, still not laying on roads or paths though but everywhere else has a nice top up
  8. Very light small flakes now in Brighton , wow wasn’t expecting what we just got though .Anymore to come guys ? The sky looks full of it
  9. Proper snow now , big flakes and really heavy really trying to lay on road and pavements , hope it continues
  10. Yes just started really small flakes but lots of them now
  11. Can anyone tell me why we are getting nothing here in Brighton ? Thanks in advance
  12. Well we had about 10 flakes lol and now it’s stopped brighton
  13. Yes I was just about to post the same