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    Veteran who can just remember the winter of 1947 as well as 1963.
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  1. Hello there.

    As you have not written on the "ice" thread i was wondering if you and your good lady are both OK.

    Hopefully neither have caught the dreaded Coronavirus.

    Sally and I are fine, as are our three sons, although our youngest who lives in Huntingdon and his partner believe they have both had it, with the symptoms they developed. Matthew is much better now although is breathing is not quite back to normal, whilst Emily who developed it a week or so later is gradually improving with her high temperature now down a lot. Both their workplaces are now closed with others suffering the same at both locations, including one where Emily works now in hospital.

    Please let us know how you are and above stay safe.

    Kind Regards


    1. Midlands Ice Age

      Midlands Ice Age

      Hi Dave….

      We too are fine. Thanks for asking.

      Celebrating today as it is now my 14th official day of quarantine. Unfortunately because I am now 76 I still have to self isolate.

      It is 17 days now since my possible exposure to the virus, although I seem to have had a particularly mild version  of it (if I have had it!), with just a vastly raised temperature.. 

      My family are still well although my daughter (who iives 4miles away) and  is working from home (and her husband, both in IT) they are finding it difficult with the grandkids at 7 and 5, who are already becoming bored.

      My wife is missing them terribly as she has been having them a fair bit, and the daughter  was supposed to be going to Rome for 3 or 4 days for their wedding anniversary, and when we were supposed to be having them,  but it got cancelled.. Just as well!!

      My son, who now is involved with supporting both the police and NHS, is still working remotely supporting all the printing they require.

      I have 'volunteered'  to spring clean the whole house and it is taking a lot of my time. My wife's re-implant of her hip was cancelled last Thursday for the 2nd time, so again it is proving difficult for her, since it can 'slip out' at any moment..

      As soon as I can get  tested I will volunteer for helping out the NHS (again). I am already on their books so I can become active immediately.  

      So still good here also, and I am keeping up to date with the situation in the Arctic, and watching the latest tests on the virus, and  tomorrow is an interesting day, because the city of New York  are releasing their results on Chloroquines on a large number of patients (400), so I will post again after that. 

      I haven't  posted so much recently as the forums are mainly just posting numbers and they mean little in isolation that we do not already know.  

      Keep well, and keep in contact.

      MIA (Dave)

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