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  1. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Yep pretty good for April. I think it may be warmer than my trip to the Algarve/Southern Spain next week. I went to Morocco in mid Feb when it was colder there than it was here. Lightening cannot strike again. Can it? MIA
  2. Aintree;s Grand National meeting Tipping Competition

    Tom... I hadn't realised I had entered this competition as well? It must be incorrect? MIA
  3. Did you know.

    I didn't think that goats had Spurs
  4. Don't post on here much. However I found this fascinating since I feel that it puts into pictures the words of people like Tamara and co, when they talk about the various forces and torques changing in the Pacific and how they then traverse the globe in response. I found it truly fascinating, and almost mesmerizing. I do not know whether it would be worthwhile putting onto the thread that Bringback set up to explain the technical details. I know it is on WUWT, but it sure does display exactly how the atmosphere is responding to the forces over the Pacific. Link of atmospheric movement MIA
  5. John.. Thanks for the note. I am afraid that I did not carry out examinations as to the reasons, I just noted the common occurrences as I was scanning through the historic re-analysis. If I had got side-tracked I would never have finished! Typically, I examined up to 168 hours, after the initial date. I did notice the straight Northerlies of the 19th Century, the fact that the Scandy high was south in the 1930's, and afterwards I realised how little cold we had in the earlier years for the period March onwards. The interesting thing would have been if we had the data going back to the 17th and 18th Centuries. Ah well.. Anyone fancy looking at the 'hot' outbreaks to see a similar pattern? I get the impression they are not so numerous, but who knows... MIA
  6. For all you 'cold junkies' out there, (and others with an interest), I have finally produced a report which I promised about 3 weeks ago on the 850's associated with our coldest weather. Initially I used the work of bringback1962-63, which contained about 20 different events. More recently Weatherhistory has been producing reports showing all CET events of 5 days or more where the CET was below 0.0C. This is a much more extensive selection of the data available. I have used this data and also used the NCEP reanaalysis archive facility on Meteociel to go back to 1870 in my for my review of the 850's. I have 'published' the report on my Dropbox. Anyone can keep a copy of the report for their own use. The link is provided below - https://www.dropbox.com/s/hcnnc12ncl77puj/Winter review 13 Final.pdf?dl=0 MIA
  7. 5 consecutive days or more of CET daily means of 0C or below

    Thanks Ed I have a problem with my 'sticky' keys at the moment. I think I need a reboot!. MIA
  8. 5 consecutive days or more of CET daily means of 0C or below

    Following on from the cold outbreaks earlier on in this extended winter, I promised to produce a report of all the cold spells. that could be used for future reference. This report has now been finalised. I have used as a base the above data produced by Weatherhistory on all CET temperatures below 0C, and have examined the 850's associated with each of the cold spells. To do this I used NCEP archived data on Meteociel. The link to the data is shown below - https://www.dropbox.com/s/hcnnc12ncl77puj/Winter review 13 Final.pdf?dl=0 Please note that I do not claim total accuracy, but rather the report is designed to give a realistic average for the 850 parameters. I intend leaving the report on my dropbox, but if anyone would like to take copies of the report that would not be a problem. Enjoy... MIA
  9. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Certainly looks about 50 miles further west than forecast yesterday. MIA
  10. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    DRL.. Beat me too it. Temp still too low though, I think at 8.1C.Humidity at 95%. I feel that we need a bit of sun to spark something off. The darkest clouds are moving just to the West of us and up from the SSW, so people around Bham could get lucky. MIA
  11. Medical issues

    MIA... Ha ha. It is probably not Karpel Tunnel. That too is a golfer disease.!! Not one I've been subject too. However I've seen a couple with it and it required an operation, and although it is painful, normally displays and gives a result in the middle fingers becoming very clawed and virtually disabled. The op is to cut the muscles in the palm of the hand. I think it more than likely to be some infection that has somehow got in. A good immune system will get rid of it! MIA
  12. Medical issues

    Sorry to here of your problem Knocker. I have a golfing mate who suffered thee same problem without warning, only recently. He put it down to playing the day before, but was not convinced. He went to the hospital as he thought he may have broken /sprained it. They could not find anything, but could see the swollen tissues in the scan (not sure which type) and put it in a sling and told him to rest it for 3weeks. After one week it was nearly better and by 2 weeks it had gone. It could be similar to the problem of the foot called plantar facititus(?), which is thought by some people to be caused by an infected internal injury(small broken blood vessel?), which improves with rest. In short no one knows - but it does clear up if you do not overuse the joint. Problems with being a keyboard junkie? Anyway all the best, you have my sympathy. MIA
  13. UEFA Champions League

    I will..... behind the settee. It is unbelievable football.... from Liverpool. They are playing in the same way as they did in the second halfl of the League game. City just do not know how to handle it!! Can Liverpool keep this up for 90 minutes is the question? MIA
  14. UEFA Champions League

    Don't call Sadio Mane that .... He nodded it in with his horns! 3 -0 now MIA
  15. Wow.. Thanks for that Roger and your hard work. I didn't think I had a chance going so high. Improved by one place (we was robbed!) last month. Look for me in last place this month!! MIA