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  1. I Like everyone, when I first saw the replay I thought it was a 'poor' catch. After 3 mins (when the 3rd umpire finally got his request to Sky to show the image from the side), it was clear that he had his fingers under the ball. With action replay and the 3rd umpire (he had been given out as the soft signal) means there had to be clear evidence to overturn. There was no clear evidence when all the views had been seen. These cases are extremely difficult to adjudicate upon. I have been in a similar position with regards to 'claiming' a catch such as this, (on 2 or 3 occasions during my career). You know as an individual whether your fingers were under the ball or not. One I called 'not out' and was told by my teammates that I had caught it.. But I knew. MIA
  2. So people are going back to where they were located during the MW period. Perhaps Greenland is next?. MIA
  3. You finally got it... It was meant to be ironic... I was pointing out that in answer to Roger's attempting to use actual scientific data to put forward a scientific position, you counter it by quoting what a mayor in Siberia states. You (and not just you, but the normal crew) appeared to be in denial of Roger's position even before he published the data. That is not a scientific position to take. However, Greta would be pleased with you. As for myself and your personal opinions.... do not misrepresent my views. Most people these days accept that CO2 can and has caused warming. So do I. The fact is that the amount of warming it causes is still unknown.. I am a doubter of the science of the CAGW people who continually produce 'forecasts' (predictions?) based upon the greatest amount of warming that is theoretically possible, the assumption (presumably) being that we know all there is to know about climate science.. People who use this as an accurate assessment of the 'science', should be the ones that are banned from publishing. Only scientific papers are supposed to be published on here. I just happen to think that your mayor in Siberia does not qualify. By way of interest, according to WUWT. a paper has been published, which suggests that all climate CAGW sceptics (it claims AGW deniers ) should be prevented from producing papers (silenced) . Do you call that science? or politics? Apparently a list of 386 names was published as a basis for the document (by the way some people who were expecting to be on the list did not appear)!. Some of both sets of people are very angry. They have now flocked to WUWT to complain. It would seem as though the list was complied by whether or not they were acceptable (or not!) to the climate action blogs! In a number of cases people have been totally mis-classified. As a result the list of names has now been withdrawn - but the damage has been done. It is clear that an attempt is being made to 'silence' anyone who dares to challenge the current 'Climate Science'. Other people have suggested that it contradicts the 97% of scientist debates...!!! Do you think that people should be prevented from expressing a non CAGW point of view? Do you think that 'doubters' should all be banned? The report you referred to above actually (re the Californian fires) states the true position that I will and do support; that we will not have enough knowledge (data) for another 20 years before we should be taking these far-reaching decisions on a solid science foundation basis. MIA
  4. QS... Again you have ignored the point. Which was - ignore Mayors in this debate. 500% increase you think? The paper says 800 percent - if you believe it.. The California wildfire was claimed to have been proof of climate change (by the mayor), two days after the event, The one I am referring too was not caused by a hammer. It was caused by lightning and arson. The problem was that the pylons carrying electricity were struck by lightning, and these shorted out. The scrub which had not been reduced by maintenance, immediately caught fire. They also found many trees had not been pruned and were touching the power lines, again causing fires to start. It turns out that the mayor had removed and not agreed to pay the power companies any maintenance and service charges - so the work had not been carried out. The mayor is now being sued by the people who were affected. His immediate reaction - that it was climate change - appears to have been an excuse. You cannot trust politicians - even democratic global warmers. ALSO, If you read the detail of YOUR paper, you will find the following - QUOTE And while autumn wildfires such as the deadly Camp Fire dominate the news—and while there is some evidence that they may be getting larger—there is still not enough data to say that any increase is statistically significant. But the climate models do suggest that autumn fires across California will get more common as climate change continues to wrack the state. “Revisit this in 20 more years, and we’ll almost definitely be saying, ‘Yeah, fall fires have the global-warming fingerprint on them.’ But right now we’re still emerging from the range of natural variability,” Williams said. Don Hankins, a professor of geography at California State University at Chico, told me that he wanted to see more data before agreeing with the paper’s results. And he said that some large-scale changes to the landscape—such as the suspension of seasonal burns by indigenous people—may be producing the rise in fire. end QUOTE. Why do you only believe people who make the most outlandish remarks?
  5. QS People around here build houses and new infrastructure on old 'wet' land, and then wonder why people are getting flooded? People are getting flooded by seemingly every thunderstorm. Inadequate drainage provisions are very common. The councils and politicians (even in this country) have a lot to answer for. Surely the mayor is the last person you should be quoting in a scientific debate. For an example look at the Californian fire reaction of various people now being heavily fined (and sued) for neglect and failure to place enough money into maintenance.. It too was the result of climate change (according to these people) - if you remember.. MIA
  6. Two quick wickets for England in 4 balls. one for Archer (his first) and on for Woakes. Smith now at the wicket. Weather and light deteriorating. MIA
  7. Less than half your rainfall here at 17.4mms. Still heavy rain fell in bursts of about 1.5 hrs. No T&L though. Cumulous gradually increasing now, as is the wind. Heavy showers later? I have been out to tie up the outdoor Tomatoes, in view of the strong winds forecast for later today and tomorrow. MIA
  8. WH Is that the total list? I cannot see 1976 or 2003 in the list? MIA
  9. Re the above Knocker has just posted this link to a paper confirming the enhanced wind effect UHI, which is called UHA (Advection effect) I saw a preliminary version of this, and it seems as though its effect is quite substantial as I indicated above. It seems as though this effect is still seen at 2 - 3Km and is thought to be 0.4C -0.6C at around 500 meters. It seems clear that impacts caused are not yet being recognised. It is in addition to the UHI adjustments Bassett_et_al_Effects_Heat_Advection_Boundary_Layer_Meterology.pdf
  10. Plunkett gets Nicholls for a half century. 124-3 Finely balanced.. MIA. and now Taylor goes by courtesy of Wood 141-4. Slight edge now going to England. (34 overs)
  11. A good 10 mins worth of moderate steady rain fell an hour ago. Now brightening up. MIA
  12. Thanks John... More evidence from the 3.4 forecast chart that the EL Nino is now slipping away.? As I mentioned above the Southern Oceans continue to cool, and it now appears that the cold is undercutting the higher surface temperatures across the 1 and 2 and 3.4 regions. It is also apparent now that the Northern Pacific seems to be starting to cool.
  13. Regarding B'ham... I live on the outskirts of Bham, near a piece of 'Green' land, on the South East side of the conurbia. Bham Airport and Coleshill are my nearest official stations. There are several 'unofficial' temp recordings in this area, In summer my daytime maxes are usually about right. (comparing with the more central areas); night time I do fall much lower. In winter, I record much colder both night and day (unless the wind is in the North or North west - when I get shielded from the colder weather by the 20 miles of suburbia to the West and North). I find I am substantially colder when the wind is in the Easterly quadrant. I have also observed these affects many times with car temperature watching. My impression is that wind direction can have a big affect on the UHI of a particular site. To this point a paper was published about 6 months ago that stated that the UHI affect downwind had been detected up to 800 yards, and within 100 yards there was still a detectable amount of heating. Within 50 yards up to 1degree higher recordings were discovered at fairly regular interludes by the researchers. My message is - look at wind directions associated with any 'errant' temperatures.
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