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  1. Just recorded the first lightening of the day. Just North of Birmingham on the M6 Toll. Looks like thundery showers will develop this pm. MIA
  2. I do agree that last year was not good for the ice overall.. My point was that early on in the winter (Dec/Jan time scale) we had a series of 'slack' lows strung out across the whole of the Russian coastline. This seemed to encourage the ice to form in for example the Barents Sea so that it became the highest for 10 years - at least in this area. During March and April the atmospheric conditions changed and this imported the warmer air along the Russian coastline, with the result that as you point out, the ESS and other seas in the area ended up with hardly anything. My post was intended not to discuss this years sea ice, (which I had already agreed is not good), but was my observations as to what atmospheric conditions would be good for the ice and what is very clearly bad, in terms of the discussion going on at the time on the blue ocean.. I am sorry if I misled you. MIA
  3. Yep, still around. Keeping my head down (as usual) during the summer as I find it quite depressing watching the snow ice dis-appear. I have recently posted on the summer melting thread that I will return in the Autumn when the ice starts to build up again.. If I have time I may well do a post about the latest Ozone status. MIA
  4. A rare summertime post from me.. I was asked by a member here, a couple of years ago, when I felt the first ice free summer would be. I replied about 60 years. I am still of the same opinion. although the last 10 years have shown us something about the extreme weather conditions which can affect the long discussed date. To wit - firstly this year with an extreme high pressure anomaly during the 'key' high insolation period, and secondly the GAC , which destroyed large portions of the ice at a key period, when the ice was already mobile. (August from memory). So perhaps a combination of the two atmospheric conditions could be lethal for the ice? Also the recent last few years have indicated (to me) that the best Arctic ice preserving conditions during the summer are those when flat areas of low pressure dominate the Arctic scene. I again intend monitoring the growth of the ice pack again this autumn, but I must admit that I am finding the current situation somewhat disturbing. Whilst on the subject of varying atmospheric conditions... I have also been observing the conditions which appeared to be best for growth of the ice in winter.. Last winter with a continual low pressure pattern over the Arctic and high pressure over the Aleutians and Alaska, appeared to be quite reasonable (although we did not have an all encompassing raging vortex as the Atlantic lows failed to move into the other extreme of the North Atlantic); and also the Beast from the East of 2 years ago which came as a result of a Russian/Arctic high pressure which resulted in a sudden increase in the volume of ice, late in February and March. So, just my ideas of what my also influence any discussions on dates. Anyone disagree or care to add anything different? MIA
  5. Lovely day today with more of a breeze maximum of 29.2C. Stll a possibility of a thunderstorm moving up from the south later on tonight. Storms are developing over North France. It seems todays developed 50 miles to far north for us to see anything. MIA
  6. DWW... Yep .. I am still recording 35.2C on my enclosed screen in the middle of my highly enclosed back garden. It is a real heat trap!! Just seen the first signs of some cumulous clouds bubbling up to our north and west. Could be the first sign of the breakdown approaching. (could we have more thunderstorms to come?) - maybe even El Brumbie Mark 2? MIA
  7. Yep, on the aqueduct their is a good pathway of about 4 feet wide minimum, though you will need to lift the bicycle down about 10steps at either end. The whole pathway along there is quite good and well maintained. In fact 2 cyclists passed us yesterday. It is a real gem around that area with the aqueduct traverses over the river Alne twice and the S upon Avon to Bham railway line as well as several minor roads. I had never heard of it before but it is up with the junction of the Grand Union and SuA canal system at Lapworth at the Kingswood Basin,. (where I am hoping to go shortly again), for its picturesqueness, but it is really quiet and unknown. If you like quietness and countryside it is the place for you. There is also a marina at Edstone and a restaurant which has a very good reputation (The Field) I think, but it is currently closed (maybe opening July 4th?), and it is on private land, but a pathway extends from the canal, across a field to get there. Have a lovely time. MIA
  8. Rob... was out yesterday pm in the Warwickshire countryside. Went to the Edstone Aqueduct (largest in England) just south of Wooten Wawen, and drove back via Alcester, Studley, etc, in the country lanes. Despite it being very hot (further south my car thermos was at 30.5C for long periods) it was pleasant, with everything so green after the recent storms. Took a few bottles with us and kept stopping and it was fine. MIA
  9. Went out in the garden to pick up the moss I had loosened yesterday with my new jet wash tool. No sooner went out then whoosh a heavy shower. So I watched Leic versus Watford instead. Good game I thought … I enjoyed it at any rate. I checked the radar before I went out, but it looks to be developing as it moved north. Going out again now, so I wont be watching the Brighton versus Arsenal. At least they are honouring the NHS with a minutes silence. MIA
  10. No storms last evening then. It came very close to one popping up around the area though as it went very black a couple of times, but with just small spots of rain. My conjecture failed.! Just like my many snow warnings? However starting on 15:00 hours Wednesday till 15:00 Thursday (roughly when it stopped), I recorded 41.2 mms of rain. 18mms in the storm of wed pm, and just under an inch yesterday (23mms), in 10 hours of rainfall. This mornings rain is light in comparison. (so far) It is probably just as well we did not have another storm to throw in. Otherwise we would have had widespread flooding. I have to fix my leaking garage roof now, as I think the storm has moved one or two tiles around.!! MIA
  11. BBC weather at 5.55 still talking about storms moving up from the south overnight. There are storms in France moving back into the Channel, also a kick back from the rainfall of today is being suggested to electrify. Think it is now long odds, but as ever we will see. MIA
  12. I am not giving up hope for you southerners yet. The Netweather RADAR clearly shows the convergence zone over the M4. To the south the showers are pepping up. Over SE England they are starting to progress northwards behind the low as it passes thru Central Southern England. The fact that the showers are turning thundery in the Solent and remaining a bit static, is I think a very hopeful sign that some others may well break out, and move into the southern areas.. Perhaps I am punch drunk, but I am optimistic for you? MIA
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