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  1. 11.5C for me please.!!! MIA
  2. Knocker.... Are you just trying to wind me up!!! Well you have done. Why can we not get this in January? Oh well I'm certain it is going to happen in December2017!
  3. 8.8C for me please. MIA...
  4. Quite annoying really for me. Several times when the temp was low we were forecast a Cheshire gap streamer, but nothing turned up around here. As soon as they fall as rain then bang - straight over us... MIA
  5. Yep, 5.2mms here last night here. Dry,but cloudy at the moment, Temp of 4.5C currently MIA.
  6. I have to go for 6.9C, Please MIA
  7. Thanks for your info. Even if it not the news I was hoping for.! MIA edit.. Dew point still at -1c. with temp at 1.6C. So it has steadied off now
  8. Dew point still dropping. It is now down to -0.9C. Temperature now has also started to fall. It is now down to1.9C, having maxed at 2.1C. It should be rising at this time of day. Also worthy of note is the windchill, It is now tending into negative territory in the stronger gusts. Still some snow flurries, and one or two moderate sized flakes floating around. MIA
  9. SnowyOwl..... A good spot.. Interesting - the temperature is remaining steady here at about 2.0C. We had rain earlier this morning and overnight up to 9:30.... However, the dewpoint is now dropping quickly. It is now down to -0.6C as opposed to 0.6C earlier on. As reported above we are now seeing snowflakes floating around again in the central Midlands.. The colder air seems to be pushing back south again. Was this forecast? Could it be that the ridge to the north is intensifying again? We can always hope! MIA
  10. Dew point now above freezing and drizzle setting in. MIA
  11. Hi Jay... looks like it is just sleet, but thanks for the best wishes. My temp has just gone up to 2C now (its highest of the day), The dew point is just hanging on at -0.1C, So we will have to wait and see. MIA
  12. Yep DWW,, That graph shows why it is turning to rain to the north west of the region. I thought we were turning to rain (defo sleet earlier on at 09:00), but it is certainly very light snow flakes here now. Although the temp has increased to +1.0C, my dew point is still showing as -0.9C. I am not sure it is absolutely correct (still), but it would explain why it has turned back to snow here, as clearly we have had the drier easterly still affecting us... The latest charts show a small low over northern France. Is it going to change things and support the high a bit longer? MIA
  13. Gradually turning to moderate snow here now, with 10p sized flakes. No real sign of settling. It has followed on from a 2hour spell of sunny intervals, Could it be an effect of a bit of convection? MIA Edit - it made it to 50P sized flakes for about 1 mimute which did settle. However is now brightening up a bit, and has almost stopped. Definitely turning more showery now..
  14. Yep.. Was just about to post the same. Not seen any snow here, until about half an hour ago when a couple of flakes drifted down (and if you look long enough something is still falling. The funny bit is that my weather app changed from a 10-20% chance of snow during the last 24 hours, to one of rain and 30% for the current forecast.. I looked out expecting to confirm the rain and there was a snow flake, Not sure who to blame!!! Anyway all eyes to the east to the patch of precip around the wash. Should arrive here just about at the warmest part of the day! So maximum convection . Might even get 0.01mms of rain from it then! MIA .
  15. The only fair way of doing it will be to take an average of the latest known value (4.8c) and GW's calculated final value of 3.87C. That's 4.3335 ie 4.3C.!! Any other solutions? Seriously though.. It does look a bit strange that the CET data set has come up for review in this way - if it is a political point that is causing issues.. I think it is generally regarded as one of the best and most accurate in the world, so why should it be affected? MIA