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  1. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    4.1C my minimum, but we had rain until16:30hrs and so it was very wet to start off with. MIA
  2. Ryanair. The depths of annoyance

    Guys.. Started to post this news (which has been kept fairly quiet on the Brexit forum about 5 hrs ago but I was locked on the 15posts limit. It is a fact that the companies who are starting to struggle are the ones that were very keen and vociferous for 'remain'. I would have thought that this was because the public were not happy that these companies wanted to overturn a democratic vote. One can imagine that a lot of people were not happy with Ryanair interfering so much in the referendum. However, in this instance it just looks like bad management. The pilots are claiming that they have been given no respect and that they have stopped recruiting. Whilst this had been going on their pilots have been moving elsewhere, until now there are not enough of them. I was told of this happening 36 hours ago by a friend who in the last month has suddenly gone blind in one eye. After a strange illness he is so happy to be alive, and so he and his wife booked a flight to France by Ryanair for this weekend. He cannot find out whether he is still able to go. It is a public relations disaster for Ryan air. It is thought that as many as 50,000 people and more will be affected by this disaster. I cannot imagine they will be getting many returning passengers, who will be recommending RyanAir ever again. MIA
  3. Arctic Ice Data And Stats.

    BFTV.. Thanks for the catch up effort. MIA
  4. I am currently locked out on the 15 posts linit.

    Apologise for all

    I will attempt to reply asap.


    1. Daniel*


      I would hazard a guess some like that. :D

  5. September 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    14.6C for me please.... Looks pretty average this month. MIA
  6. Anyone got the data for the sea ice data thread? MIA
  7. Knocker ... Picked up your post from 5 days ago... It looks as if the GFS at this stage has got it spot on!!! (Unfortunately, as a lot of people in the East could well get flooded"!) (this from an avid ECM fan) GFS has wandered around with different solutions since then, but has always come back with us. ECM joined the trend 3 -4 days ago... MIA
  8. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    PM We seem to have missed the overnight rain. Looks at though it weakened just north of here, and it will re-invigorate this evening over the South Midlands.. Tomorrow/ Wed it looks as if it could return from the East. MIA
  9. August 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    Thanks Vizzy.. Good luck with it MIA
  10. August 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    VIzzy and Pit.. Re the above... Care to explain what figures you use for comparison, as I don't believe that the figures can be 1.1C difference in 40 miles? Unless one of you is using the end of month figure and one is using the up-to-tpday figures? MIA.
  11. No Storms Club 2017 Season

    So sad for you!! MIA
  12. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Morning PM... Yep cool here, I recorded 9.4C min, now around 16.5C.. I am within the built up Bham conurbation and was not expecting it to fall quite so low. It must have got down quite low in the more rural parts. MIA .
  13. July 2017 C.E.T. Forecasts

    Don't squabble guys.... I'll do it then!
  14. No Storms Club 2017 Season

    Andy... Hang on wait for me.... Oh I thought I was leaving with you this morning. Oh all right then .... Just had a 10 minute overhead thunderstorm with a good covering of hail (up to a quarter of an inch).. Yippee... Andy where are you? Good luck to the rest of you in here. See you next year. MIA
  15. AKC.. Thanks for the optimism.. I did record a heavy shower yesterday. It was 10 miles away and I had to go out and storm chase and look for it!! Just shows how desperate and unlucky the Midlands has been this year. We are all firmly in the NSC around here. I haven't heard thunder yet this year. It looks to have been the only one that didn't turn stormy! The 'watch' goes on. I see tomorrow is forecast for storms in the North of England and Scotland. As for time... I am 73 you know, with a limited amount of it! MIA