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  1. Midlands Ice Age

    The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Not even one spot here.... Nothing since the bid storm here either. MIA
  2. 18.2C and 27 mms of rain is mine.... MIA
  3. Midlands Ice Age

    The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    DRL... I can confirm that we had cloud earlier on (around 05:00) but it was not as thick as yesterday and was not solid. MIA
  4. Midlands Ice Age

    The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    Yep Bish... Woke up early and it was clear and sunny. By the time I got up at 08:00 it was murky. This cleared before 09:00, but it has closed in again. MIA
  5. Midlands Ice Age

    Links to Reports and Papers

    Your correct as usual Ed... I do not know the height of the Empire State building? Are CO2 levels higher up there? No more of this... the forum title is 'papers and links' . I have submitted a paper and I am awaiting feedback, before I get baned for taking the forum off track.
  6. Midlands Ice Age

    Links to Reports and Papers

    GW… Two can play imaginative games... How about the 3 billion extra people we will need to feed in an atmosphere devoid of CO2 in a CO2 vastly reduced world, where the temps and humidity have been reduced to 1950 levels?. How about the 20.000 people a year being killed by virtue of a real poison - NO - (and NO2) in our iungs by that wonderful CO2 reducing fuel called diesel? How about all the migration birds killed by the wonderful wind turbines in the North Sea. Can we please stick to actual data and reports not to figments of the mind? MIA Also - if all these problems you seem to think exist and many do (they have all occurred many times before) why should we not spend lets say just a half of the trillions we are spending on CO2 reduction and research on feeding these people and giving them flood protection or arranging for water to be supplied to their locations?. It is all technically achievable now - whereas you are reliant upon further technology enhancements in order to ensure that technology can save lives in the future (how do you get power to the isolated people in the deserts). Come to think of it how are you going to stop all the events you describe happening when and if we move to a low CO2 environment? They have always occurred you know!. I suppose the difference will be that the people of the future will not be so keen to want to identify scapegoats - as you obviously do from your comments above....
  7. Midlands Ice Age

    Links to Reports and Papers

    Well I've heard every possible angle now. Carbon Dioxide is 0.04% in the air. It Is about 15% of the air in the lungs as we breath out. Can I request you do not catch your breath when you read this. I do not want to be responsible for your death!!! Come on Ed this gets more and more stupid. You are correct that part of the lungs function is reduce the CO2 in the blood stream, but really get it into context. It possibly explains why you believe it to be a serious danger... CO2 is not a poison to us unless it has recently started reacting spontaneously (or even more improbably with the extra heat in the atmosphere!!! ) with Oxygen. I think you have been watching to many experiments on the TV with 100% CO2 in a test-tube!!. Oh and thanks for your comments BFTV, anybody else claim to have read the document.? MIA
  8. Midlands Ice Age

    Links to Reports and Papers

    BFTV... CO2 never has been, and never will be, a pollutant. The hockey stick is the CAGW' s last refuge. All the anecdotal evidence is that the hockey stick is 'made up'. It ignores the Little Ice Age, it removes the MWP, it ignores the RWP. It in fact ignores history (and it only goes back 1000 years). It has been pointed out so many times, that it is not mathematically/scientifically possible to just bolt on actual data to a long period of proxy data (by recognised mathematicians) that it is clear that something is not quite as it seems. It is so accurate that it has now been dropped from the latest IPCC reports! If Mann is prepared to release his data and CODE in the litigations he has decided to call in the US, will then the whole world believe the actual data. Is that not easy enough! Can I now put forward a paper by a team of climate scientists based at the University of East Anglia. It was published about a week ago and has looked at the part of history that we do have sufficient data to be able to carry out an accurate mathematical and statistical analysis. (the last 150 years). I would be interested in your opinion(s) to see whether or not you agree with many of the points of interest that it raises. It is very detailed but people on here should be able to understand. http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/4/6/eaao5297.full MIA
  9. Midlands Ice Age

    Antarctic Ice Discussion

    His guys Thanks for the responses. I think that AGW is now accepted world wide (even by 97% of WUWT users)!. I think that what that means in terms of its affects are still up for debate. I think that to stop debate/research at this stage is the real problem of what is happening today.. For info, 33 Geologists who are fellows of the Geoligical Society of London plus about 40 other people (professors, etc) have just written to the London Society making it clear that they question standard climate AGW science, based upon their knowledge and data. (see SS's post in the 'Links to Reports and papers thread'). A further paper has just been published in a science advancement paper publisher by a team of researchers based in the University of East Anglia, that has analysed (in great detail) the actual recorded temperatures over the last 100+ years of recorded history. Read it and see what you make of it.. http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/4/6/eaao5297.full It is very technical and it may well be difficult to appreciate what it is saying. I will be interested in your reactions. It is probably better if I transfer this to paper to another thread. MIA It explains why my position is that only about 30-50% of 'climate change' is properly researched and understood.
  10. This week is our best chance reaching the 9 figure as the sun is 'highest' of the year. MIA
  11. Midlands Ice Age

    The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 04/03/2018 Onwards

    High TM.. Had a heavy shower here about 17:00 form nowhere. That had 2.3 mms. Making a grand total of 11.4mms so far this month. Certainly prospects of a low month in offing. MIA.
  12. Midlands Ice Age

    Antarctic Ice Discussion

    Dev... Just like on most forums there can be a lot of gfuqhgfpjhiness. It is not unique to the US forums. However people are never banned and most take it all in good part. Oh yes they do not like Greenpeace much over there, come to think of it they do not like conservatives much either! I have never posted in there, and I have no intentions either, but there is a roughly an equal balance of contributors and one gets a very good perspective of both sides in the debate. As I say, I found useful figures issued by Nick Stokes concerning the number of sites that have homogenisation. MIA
  13. Midlands Ice Age

    World Cup 2018

    Game over 1-1. First point ever for Iceland in the world cup. MIA
  14. Midlands Ice Age

    Antarctic Ice Discussion

    Ed... Clearly you do not understand what my references to WUWT, and Steven Mosher and Nick Stokes are, since they were the 2 people who thought up and implemented and still run with the data in this format? You clearly have not read any background information at all? THESE PEOPLE ACTUALLY WORKED WITH THE CODE, and implemented it in the BEST project. Does that not classify as an authority? They enjoy and encourage debate. They do not have the closed minds of many. Apparently that makes them nondescript and to be ignored in your eyes. Simply because they appear on WUWT!! Ed, you really should do more background reading if you want to enter into meaningful debate. Unlike some forums, WUWT has welcomed them (although they take an opposing view to many on there) and they are also open to cross question . All people's views are accepted and discussed, irrespective of position and without any personal bias. It is the major reason that it has been voted the number one forum for the nth year in succession. As for Climategate, I thought that the University of East Anglia wrote the Email malarky, no one knows who extracted them, but they ended up on Watts desk. He is probably the only person in the world that could have ensured that the information was distributed worldwide. The details have never been denied. They are factual and as such is it a 'sin' to publish facts? MIA
  15. Midlands Ice Age

    Antarctic Ice Discussion

    Great technical answer Ed... So the world climate datasets are nearly 90% homogenised data... You asked me for my evidence and I supplied it! To make it relevent to the thread, I actually found the stations in the Antarctic. for you.. It is time you checked some of the things out and thought for yourself. MIA On the same subject and regarding the research presented as fact by Knocker. The 'ice loss' is reported in the Western Antarctic. This is just about 11% of the total mass of the Antarctic. There is ample evidence of increased snowfall in the last few years in the greater Antarctica continent. To put this into perspective 3 trillion tons of ice loss represents about 0.011% of the total of ice on the continent. The report does not even mention that in the last 2-3 years it has been established that there several volcanoes have been established under exactly the small region that they have found any melt. (Great background research guys). and that melting from seismic origin is suspected. Also that when the were funded in 2012, the general view was the Antarctic continent had gained mass in the previous 30 years. Now due to the new satellite Algor- ythms they are apparently using this same data is presented as showing ice loss. Forgive me, for I am much to much of a sceptic on all this useless, public spending. MIA