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  1. Nope all the above are EU officially approved, since there is no way that they can be imported into Ireland from the North!! MIA
  2. Finished mine on sunday morning. The runner beans however now require constant watering to stop the leaves turning white or withering. The flower borders though are loving the heat. MIA
  3. Latest updated overview this morning.. Still lots of lava being ejected, but now at 10 minutes intervals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba_7x2FaasY
  4. and the map of the area, and 6 hrs later the lava has filled about 1/3 of the valley floor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLzUAJSnkuE The problem for the locals is that the road to the site and along the coast will now be breached... even worse they will lose the underground cables (internet access) to their more dangerous volcanos, which they continuously monitor. MIA
  5. Found this of the moment it was breached... Lava Destroyed the Dike! Huge Lava Eruption in Iceland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jUpmD53gb0 MIA
  6. Ed.. Whilst I understand the point you are making, I feel Alexis point is valid. Wouldn't it be better to simply have a range of +/- 0.05C as being grey either side zero, and then 0.1C differences further up (or down) the scale.? It would then be more meaningful for everyone. MIA PS Being a 'coder' myself, I understand why they have taken the 'easy' approach, but they should be thinking about the 'users' requirements as well.
  7. Lassie.. You do realise our last game is at home Oh yes I see, that is why you are worried! Their away form has been fantastic whilst we have been losing all those home games. Its gona be interesting I think. At least with the last 3 away results (9-3 goal record) we have goal difference in our favour as the afternoon progresses. MIA
  8. Pool up into 4th place now with a 3-0 at Burnley. Flattered Pool who only had 3 shots on target, But Young inexperienced defenders being left to sort themselves out worked again! MIA
  9. Was out yesterday pm, having ben asked to start an open competition at my golf club. All went well until about 13:00 (with just an occasional heavy downpour), when a more ;longer lasting shower (not particularly heavy) appeared and continued for 10mins. I consulted my telephone app (no names as I have 3 onboard), and there was one that forecast a storm at 15:00, So no need to worry too much!. Went over to collect my next group off the tee, when, as I walked through a group of very tall beech trees on the 50 yard walk to the clubhouse, there was a vivid flash directly overhead
  10. As far as I am concerned they look a lot better. But having colour blindness, I realise that it may not be true for everyone. Any other comments on the colour scheme? MIA
  11. Thanks for the above BFTV. Could I ask a favour? Could you change to a different background? I suffer from a slight colour blindness problem, and I find it quite difficult (impossible?) to see the individual years. I still think that white is the easiest to sort out. MIA
  12. Tomorrow looks to be the really interesting day now. MIA
  13. Phil.. Beautiful snaps It sure was a sight here also, but I did not see the mammatus that you have pictures so well. MIA
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