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  1. Midlands Ice Age

    Arctic Sea Ice - The Refreeze 2018/19

    Reef... Thanks for the response. You were right, I was referring to the SSW and not the SST's. Whilst you are correct in terms of the temperatures, it still doesn't explain why the temperature dropped so quickly. It was widely reported at the time that the SSW would displace the cold air from the Arctic.(eg into Europe and ourselves). It seems as though any heating caused by the SSW in the upper Arctic, was rapidly dissipated. Perhaps the cold dry air allowed clearer skies which allowed the temperatures to drop? Why did sending this warming into the pole cause the temperature to fall so rapidly afterwards in the polar regions? I have not seen an explanation so far for this effect. MIA
  2. Midlands Ice Age

    Arctic Sea Ice - The Refreeze 2018/19

    BFTV Have you studied the effects of SST's and Arctic volume? I was very surprised at the way that the ice volume initially decreased, but then increased suddenly after the SST occurred this year (end of Feb). Was this an abnormal response?. DMI chart for reference -
  3. Midlands Ice Age

    Did you know.

    Offside, or a late tackle? MIA
  4. Midlands Ice Age

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Arctic Hare.. Much colder for you overnight. than here.. Didn't drop below 2,0C here as cloud (and drizzle) persisted. Current temperature a 5.3C, still with the persistent murk and no wind. MIA Edit for info. My station is in a sheltered garden (about 7 foot in the air, (2Meters)), and although I am in the centre of Solihull (1 mile?), I do seem to be a bit colder than many around here due to the fact that I am quite close to an area of open grassland. Most people (and the official sites) around here also recorded the same as yourself at about -3.0 to -3.5C. What I guess I am saying is that I tend to record the same as more rural districts.
  5. Midlands Ice Age

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    I think it will struggle to get down to 6.9C, without some night frosts, but the last couple of days should bring it down by about 0.5C. I think I may have more chance with my rainfall guess though! MIA
  6. Midlands Ice Age

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    DWW.. Have played golf this am and just got back in.. Now cold and murky... the frost cleared as the cloud spread in from the east. Temperature max 3.9C now at 3.2C and falling again. Dull with patches of drizzle for the rest of the day. MIA
  7. Midlands Ice Age

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Currently -4.0C here... Minimum -4.4C an hour a go. Misty but still clear overhead. MIA
  8. Midlands Ice Age

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yep .. You two beat me to it. Sleet now visible as blobs on the car windscreen, but no flakes here yet. Been raining for about 30 minutes. Started with a temp of 2.0C, then rose to 2.9C now dropping to 2.7C with the dew point still down at 2.1C. Just sleet as you say, but if it continues...…. you can never tell. (and with that it starts to brighten up!) MIA
  9. Midlands Ice Age

    Arctic Sea Ice - The Refreeze 2018/19

    Thanks GS.. A fairly comprehensive review. The weather conditions 'up there' are not fixed as yet (caused by the swinging from side to side of the forecast vortex). The volume is beginning to pick up nicely now according to DMI. It mirrored the slow ice extent growth back in Sept/Oct but is now beginning to move into the average range for the 2010 period. Patches of ice are now showing at 4 meters in the central Arctic, and thickening appears to be increasing in quite a large patch in the ESS now. I am sure the next couple of weeks will define this years refreeze. Your version is certainly not disappointing for an improvement in the ice certainly for this year. MIA
  10. Midlands Ice Age

    Arctic Sea Ice - The Refreeze 2018/19

    BFTV... Any theories why this may be happening? Hudson (before today) was only slightly above average. Ok, today it has suddenly exploded with a refreeze of 130K Km2, and it may well boost numbers in the short term, but the increased rate of refreeze (generally) has been happening for 5 weeks now. Baffin is only about 150K Km2 above the average for the date. https://nsidc.org/data/masie/masie_plots All this despite the Central pack and Barents being below the average, with the temperatures being well above the average for the time of year across the whole Arctic Ocean, apart from Greenland and NE Canada. Going back to the eighties the ice in the North West used to freeze up much earlier than today. Could this be relevant? MIA
  11. Midlands Ice Age

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Fantastic DRL... I had my head down trying to get the leaves up, before dusk. Lovely cloudscapes. MIA
  12. Midlands Ice Age

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Lovely mild dry day here Temp 12C. No real change today.. 9 MIA
  13. Midlands Ice Age

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Been a showery weekend with about 10:00 mms of rain here, taking me up to 38.1mms so far this month. Blue skies in evidence this afternoon, but with light winds the temperature is not dropping quickly (5.2C) after a max of 11.0C.i Speaking of blue skies do I see (the old song), I've been watching with more than a passing interest the MAD thread (now officially called the search for cold! My word - it looks as if it could happen. !!! Right here's the count down 10 MIA