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    Veteran who can just remember the winter of 1947 as well as 1963.
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  1. ETTS Yep, a good choice for here too. We had 18 hours of snow depositing 16 inches of snow, also with the blue lightening effects of power lines crashing down, with the very heavy wet snow.. Locally we had the M6 blocked for 36 hours at Canley and complete traffic chaos. A night to remember. MIA
  2. Winter of 47!! (Can just remember the snow over our 6 foot hedge and being cut off for 2 weeks ). Main course an option of the winter of 62/63... or the summer of 76. I would find it difficult to choose. MIA
  3. 16.9C for me please MIA
  4. CH.. Exactly the same max, but your rh looks a little lower One or two towers going up now! MIA
  5. A vey valid point Andy. The boys did a magnificent job of chasing down the 306. It is the highest chase in the history of the ICT. The batsmen are OK. The loss of Woakes could be a real problem for us later in the comp though for his end of innings bowling. MIA.
  6. 14.9C for me please. MIA
  7. Still partying strongly here in the West Midlands! Not even a flash or (f)umble! MIA
  8. 11.5C for me please.!!! MIA
  9. Knocker.... Are you just trying to wind me up!!! Well you have done. Why can we not get this in January? Oh well I'm certain it is going to happen in December2017!
  10. 8.8C for me please. MIA...
  11. Quite annoying really for me. Several times when the temp was low we were forecast a Cheshire gap streamer, but nothing turned up around here. As soon as they fall as rain then bang - straight over us... MIA
  12. Yep, 5.2mms here last night here. Dry,but cloudy at the moment, Temp of 4.5C currently MIA.
  13. I have to go for 6.9C, Please MIA
  14. Thanks for your info. Even if it not the news I was hoping for.! MIA edit.. Dew point still at -1c. with temp at 1.6C. So it has steadied off now
  15. Dew point still dropping. It is now down to -0.9C. Temperature now has also started to fall. It is now down to1.9C, having maxed at 2.1C. It should be rising at this time of day. Also worthy of note is the windchill, It is now tending into negative territory in the stronger gusts. Still some snow flurries, and one or two moderate sized flakes floating around. MIA