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  1. Crazy flooding here tonight! Rain hasn't stopped!!
  2. The Atlantic is back with a vengeance!! Torrential rain and flooding here now! Imagine that was snow!!
  3. Not sure what warranted a warning for snow tonight by the METO? That was very short lived earlier. Snow to rain here.
  4. Big downgrade?? Haven't been in the Model thread in days.
  5. And it's gonna keep coming!! Just rain/sleet here.
  6. Nice one and more on the way by the looks of things!!
  7. Good to hear that a few of you are getting a bit of action!
  8. Yeah that's just starting now. Would be nice to get a little top up on the ground.
  9. Thats true. Hoping we all get pasted on Sunday!
  10. It has cleared now but if am honest it was pretty crap!! Lol
  11. Yeah am a little higher and its snowing!! This could be real good once it gets going!! The sky is black!!
  12. It should hit us straight on. Your arrows are a little far East. Lol
  13. Yeah they are definitely beefing up. Hope the East sees something tonight.😎
  14. I really think the MET Office hates mentioning NI. He's talking about tonights weather and not once did he mention the big blob of snow over us on the graphics. Lol
  15. Incoming ... Area of precip of the West of Scotland heading this way to. I reckon the North East of NI might do well this evening if it doesn't weaken.