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  1. Awe it can't come quick enough! Lol
  2. Early warning for heavy snow out from Weather NI for next week. Just madness. Lol
  3. A light dusting here. Seriously cold here tonight for mid March.
  4. Yee can stick your Beasterly part 2 where the sun don't shine. It's been a long winter. Need some warmth.
  5. Fingers crossed it goes bla and clears off to France. Winter is over!
  6. Let's hope it's another wild goose chase. Lol. Ready for some warmth now.
  7. Great videos. Be a long time before we see something like that again.
  8. Not to mention the people from their own community getting up in the morning with no job to go to.
  9. Am sure no one would miss them.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1991161287765894/permalink/2037489936466362/
  11. Facebook has went crazy with videos. They wrecked the place with a digger then stole the safe. The Garda have arrested so far.
  12. Absolute shocking scenes in Dublin with the looting!! Scumbags need lined up and shot!
  13. That's Crazy!! Prob be a long time before Ireland sees anything like that again! It's easy to see why a red warning was issued!
  14. Crazy how localised streamers can be. Left this morning and took a drive up around Inishowen and Buncrana out to Dumfries got hammered with 20/25cms and big drifts while surrounding areas barely have anything.
  15. Must have had a wee bit overnight as car covered again and it's still snowing now.