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  1. Coming down nicely here now and starting to stick.
  2. Nice to see as wasn't expecting anything until tonight or tomorrow
  3. Well it has have us plenty of that the past 5 months. Lol
  4. Yeah think it's time for a bit of spring warmth. I need to get in to the garden!! Lol.
  5. No interest in the upcoming cold and snow from late Saturday into next week or has everyone had enough of this crap winter?
  6. Lol I just said to my other half today that I can't wait to get the garden sorted!! It's now on hold for a while. Back to Iceland for some late season Northern Lights hunting in 3 weeks time. Looks like we could be snowed in up there!!
  7. GFS looks pretty solid to take us back in to winter from next Sunday. Haven't been in the Model thread in quite a while so not sure how the other models are shaping up?
  8. The Atlantic is back with a vengeance!! Torrential rain and flooding here now! Imagine that was snow!!
  9. Not sure what warranted a warning for snow tonight by the METO? That was very short lived earlier. Snow to rain here.
  10. Big downgrade?? Haven't been in the Model thread in days.
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