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  1. What an absolute crap start to winter! It's dire! Off to Iceland on the 10th for 10 days and even all the snow has melted up there. Hoping it turns colder again in time fore my trip. Hope you all had a great Christmas
  2. New trend picked up in La La land for potent North Westerly? Prob won't happen but would be great to see. After the start to winter we have had then anything wintry would be most welcome!
  3. We have had our first ice day of the season here and its freezing hard now again. Would love to see a bit of snow soon. That warning last night was a bit over the top.
  4. Zero mention from latest BBC or METO updates ragarding any real snow this weekend. Maybe a little on the hills but nothing worth while then the extended look in to next week goes mild.
  5. Nice to see a small dusting on the hills this morning and some frozen flakes on the car. Definitely feeling more seasonal.
  6. Roads already getting closed down. Going to be an interesting few days up there.
  7. Have been to Iceland many times and experienced storms there but nothing on the level to what's forecast for tomorrow. The winds in Iceland are on a different level to what we are used to here. Check out a short video from when we got stuck for nearly 6 hours in February 2018. Its was crazy. Tomorrow will be a very interesting day in Iceland.
  8. I think we have a chance of some snow at the weekend. Fingers crossed anyway. The storm to hit Iceland tomorrow really is something else. Reports that parts of the North West could get up to 200cms of snow is crazy. I have been many times and have experienced storms there but nothing on the level of what's coming tomorrow. Check out the short video from when we were stuck for nearly 6 hours back in February 2018. The wind up there is on a different level, the wind doesn't be gusty it just bes a steady sustained wind. On this day we had 80 to 120 sustained winds for nearly 10 hours
  9. Good to see you back. Sounds like you have been through a bit of a tough time. I reckon we are still on track for something possibly wintry from midweek around the 10th. The models have changed so much lately that it's hard to put any faith in them.
  10. Ha what a crazy day. From the great charts from this morning to the Oh lemon Charts of tonight. Could the UKMO have been right all along.
  11. I haven't been in there this evening yet. Must get caught up. It would be really nice to look forward to some snow falling. I'll get my fill of snow in January as on another 10 day Tour of Iceland. I should just book a one way ticket there. Lol
  12. 1 run this morning showing snow and every media outlet has jumped on the wagon. Every second post on Facebook forecasting the worst winter in 100 years
  13. Love the way the model thread is getting excited about 300+ charts. It's never gonna happen. Not with the ups and downs the models have shown the past week. It's just hard to know what's going to happen.
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