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  1. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    I thought the exact same thing there when I went out a walk with the dogs!! Anyways stay safe everyone especially everyone in the far South!! This could be a once in a life time storm for some of us!
  2. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    It is looking pretty nasty Somo! First major storm of the season but it is quite a bit out yet so I would say there could be a few changes yet as it is still developing! Couple of hundred miles East and it could be very nasty indeed. No sign of any cold yet but in my opinion I wouldn't want it so early in the season.
  3. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    That was the biggest storm we have seen in Derry in years. A lot of the lower lying areas including the city center is under water. Non stop torrential rain, thunder and lightning from mid afternoon and has only let up now.
  4. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    How's it going folks. After one of the crappiest winters i can remember we finally have had some decent warm sunshine with more on the way from midweek with low pressure slipping through on Sunday then high pressure building Monday again. Have a feeling we are in for a decent summer this year!! Well here's hoping anyway!!
  5. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Snow start to lye now. Hopefully keeps going for a while.
  6. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Last shower was very sleety with a few flakes mixed in. Seen lightning in the distance there to. As you say Gaz would be nice to get a final fall of snow before we move in to Spring properly. Snow falling in Derry now....
  7. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    To be honest i am glad we missed it as we wouldn't have got travelling anywhere as the whole south west was shut down. In saying that they are amazing at clearing the roads over there!
  8. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Yeah i took them. The 4th pic was on our second night. Best thing i have ever seen.
  9. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Thanks Cheshire. It was a trip of a lifetime and my second trip in the past year. After the big snowfall the day before we arrived it was wall to wall sunshine for the whole week and it rained on the day we went home. Have to say but, it's an expensive holiday so get saving. Lol
  10. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Nice to see some snow in the forecast. I finally got my snow fix in Iceland 2 weeks ago. Arrived the day after the record 52cm snowfall in Reykjavik. It was brilliant and caught the Northern Lights 6 out of our 7 nights.
  11. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    How's things folks. Sooooooooo quiet in here the past while. Just back from Iceland and finally got my snow fix. Lol. 52cms fell the day before we arrived and it was brilliant. Would be nice to see at least a bit of snow here before Spring arrives proper. In saying that i thing it has already arrived. Very mild the past few days!! Just for eye candy and probably another long garden path!! Lol Edit.... Not sure why pics aren't attaching properly. prectypeuktopo (1).webp prectypeuktopo (2).webp prectypeuktopo (3).webp prectypeuktopo (4).webp
  12. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Heavy sleet in Derry at the minute.
  13. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Have a covering of hail here and its pelting down. Most exitment of 2017 so far. Lol
  14. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Its looking like it's a possibility according to the latest Beeb forecast. Certainly worth a drive to the hills.
  15. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    The ferry from Larne could be an option come Friday. LOL