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  1. This looks like it's game on for Xmas!! Once this pattern locks in I reckon we could be in for a very wintry January!!
  2. It's certainly good to have a wee bit of inside info like that Neiller. Keep us updated.
  3. Thanks for sorting that for us Mapantz.
  4. Ha definitely. The rain here tonight has been unreal!! Drove from Derry to Portrush and a lot of water on the roads!!
  5. Unfortunately it looks like the GFS is following suit to the earlier UKMO. Not good if you are looking cold anytime soon.
  6. I have just tried to but the MODS have locked new threads. Will try sort ASAP. It's nearly 12 months since this thread was started!
  7. It's unreal!! Hopefully a cold shot from the North or North West before Xmas.
  8. I have to say fair played to you for not jumping on-board with the easterly. You definitely called it right.
  9. @Sperrin you jumped on the "it's all gonna fail wagon too early in the Model thread" Keep the faith my friend. How many changes have we seen in the past week. It's still all to play for. After all it is the pub run.
  10. I will get that sorted this evening. Interesting times ahead for sure.
  11. Confidence definitely growing now on cold taking hold over the next week or 2. All the building blocks are there and to be honest it looks pretty damn good!!
  12. Going on today's models we are on the verge of something real good. Week leading up to Xmas towards the new year is the focus point. Seeing this output in December is great. Not sure just yet what the outcome will be but not your average start to winter. Interesting times ahead.
  13. Now we are starting to see a bit of action. Great runs so far on the 12's! If those charts were to come off then it's game on in the run up to Xmas.