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  1. Snow starting to lye here now. Maybe a wee dusting by morning. Nice to see but I am ready for summer
  2. Proper Squall here with snow. The wind is really blowing. If only this was Winter. Lol
  3. It's snow g here in Derry now. Also a covering in the hills.
  4. It was pretty crap here if I am honest. Was hoping for a lot more snow but just wasn't to be.
  5. No a while pile of snow here. Was expecting more to be honest and it looks like the back end of the front is approaching. Was nice to see proper Blizzard conditions earlier.
  6. Amazing conditions here this morning. Snow isn't overly heavy but this is as close to Iceland as I'll get this year. Proper Blizzard conditions VID_20210213_095211.mp4 VID_20210213_094908.mp4
  7. Getting heavier now. Somewhere gonna get nailed. Some places getting really intense on the radar!
  8. Yeah definitely getting a bit heavier now. Radar looking good.
  9. Light snow blowing about here but really need it to intensify some time soon 🤔 Patiently waiting
  10. Is this going to hit earlier than forecasted? I was under the impression that 6am was the time for the North West 🤔
  11. Really looking forward to this now. Just had a few flakes blowing in the wind in Derry. 6am can't come quick enough 🤣
  12. This sounds great for Saturday morning even if it is short lived but it will be a proper snow day and maybe one of our last for this Winter. I'll be up early to enjoy it anyway. Update from NI Weather. Our warning remains as is at the moment. It will be updated tomorrow and during Saturday. It is likely we will upgrade the warning to Level 2 for some areas. There is a lot happening with the weather this weekend, here is what to expect in terms of severe weather impacts overnight Friday but more so during Saturday: ⚠️Moderate to Heavy snowfall - Significant falls possibl
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