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  1. All I can say from Marlow ....... CSS (Chilterns Storm Shield) 3 - Storms 1 ...... But I'm declaring overall victory to the Storm, very convincing win šŸŒ©ļøšŸŒ©ļøšŸŒ©ļø Absolutely incredible, best I've witnessed for a fair few years and about time too! Now, mother nature at her finest. A few remaining lightning strikes, a little rain and Mars clearly visible to the E ..... awesome šŸ˜Š
  2. Bl**dy Chilterns Storm Shield is really f****** me off, every time šŸ˜žšŸ˜ž
  3. Big Jet TV live at LHR showing towers starting to form S of LHR
  4. A fair few rumbles to my East and massive blobs of rain. Really tried to rain properly but couldn't!
  5. I reckon these towers are actually starting to get a lot more height on them. Looking SE towards LHR from Marlow
  6. Looking S and SE from Marlow(Bucks) To me it looks like these things go up but collapse pr disappear!!
  7. Just down the road from you near Marlow. Unfortunately we seem to have the Chilterns Storm Shield in effect IF any storms break out šŸ˜ž
  8. Same here as usual .... the Chilterns storm shield is very much holding, like most years!
  9. Beautiful this evening and what patterns
  10. Can fully understand this. We had a couple of, what can best be described as showers this evening and that was it. Yet again, baked for weeks but the Chilterns Storm Shield held fast and sweet FA occurred ? On the plus side, it does now feel cooler outside and Iā€™m looking forward to proper rain on Sunday (fingers crossed)!
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