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  1. Same here as usual .... the Chilterns storm shield is very much holding, like most years!
  2. Beautiful this evening and what patterns
  3. Can fully understand this. We had a couple of, what can best be described as showers this evening and that was it. Yet again, baked for weeks but the Chilterns Storm Shield held fast and sweet FA occurred On the plus side, it does now feel cooler outside and I’m looking forward to proper rain on Sunday (fingers crossed)!
  4. At this stage I'd just be happy of some rain ....... T-Storms would be a bonus but rain would be fine as it has been weeks.
  5. I got that wrong, its actually the hottest June day for 41 years and the hottest summer solstice day on record!!
  6. It looks as though LHR has now recorded 34oC making it the hottest summer solstice day for 41 years
  7. Its getting way to much now!! Seems o be the way around here tho, a breeding ground for the immense heating and unfortunately not a lot of action as a reward :-/
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