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  1. I love the cold and snow but I'm ready for the warmth now. I was beginning to like the warmer days, all this is gonna do is give me a cold or flu with these dramatic weather changes again ?
  2. Yayy snoow. Just got home from work, should I wait up for it to snow more and build a snowman or go to sleep and risk waking up to it all gone or might it snow later for us too? ?
  3. I've had enough of getting sunburnt this year. Where's my cool and wet weather at? ?️
  4. We have a nice strong snow shower happening now, Its been on and off for a good while but has just started sitting
  5. snow building up here, looks strong outside Hope it continues all night! I want to get my snowman this year then I'll be happy
  6. Its real bad out there, I don't think walking to work is wise tonight, will probably give it a go though and then regret it halfway
  7. Merry Christmas to and hope you all have a snowy new year
  8. That was a chilly walk home through the heavy snow. It's been on and off all night but now it's constant and fluffy and setting on the roads I've gotta be up for 3pm but I also have to look out my window for the next while! Feels very festive here
  9. I went for a walk in my T-shirt yesterday at 4pm and it was 11C and was convinced there's no way it could snow with that temp or drop over night. This morning coming out of work it is down to 5C with strong cold winds. I have revised my thoughts on the prospect of falling snow within the next 24 hours and am hoping for the best! I'll be walking back to work at 7pm, maybe, just maybe I could be walking in the snow or if not, maybe on my way home tomorrow morning!
  10. Its hard for me to see this happening as it's 9.1C outside right now, just took the bin out on my t-shirt and shorts and didn't feel any cold! Really hope the temp drops, as well as snow flakes this week
  11. Should be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, must remember to get my wheelie bin back in as soon as emptied. Itll end up down the road.
  12. I've picked up half the streets bins at least 3 times each now... No matter where I put them the wind gets them every time. It's mad out there!
  13. Fingers crossed but I'm not over thinking this one. I'll wait and see what happens
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