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  1. 4wd - North York Moors - 60cm

    Terminal Moraine - Derbyshire Peak District - 50cm

    sunny scunny - Scunny - 45cm

    Isolated Frost - Picktree, Durham - 42cm

    jack frost - Nelson, South Wales - 37cm

    aaron - Leeds - 25cm

    Deep Snow - Bridgend, South East Wales - 25cm

    Blizzards - Stourbridge, West Midlands - 25cm

    A Winter's Tale - Dunbartonshire - 25cm

    damianslaw - Windermere - 12cm

    snow? norfolk n chance - Wildwood, Stafford - 9cm

    damianslaw - Kendal - 6cm

    Ben_Cambs - Cambridge - 3cm

  2. 4wd - North York Moors - 60cm

    Terminal Moraine - Derbyshire Peak District - 50cm

    sunny scunny - Scunny - 45cm

    Isolated Frost - Picktree, Durham - 42cm

    jack frost - Nelson, South Wales - 37cm

    aaron - Leeds - 25cm

    Deep Snow - Bridgend, South East Wales - 25cm

    A Winter's Tale - Dunbartonshire - 25cm

    snow? norfolk n chance - Wildwood, Stafford - 9cm

    Ben_Cambs - Cambridge - 3cm

    Locations so Far...

    North York Moors, Derbyshire, Scunny, Durham, South and South East Wales, Leeds, Dunbartonshire, Stafford and Cambridge.

    It would be great if we can get some depths from NI, Scotland, Wales and other parts of England.

  3. There was at least two feet here last December, which resulted in many large span farm buildings suffering structural failure.

    The unusual thing was relatively light winds allowing it to accumulate rather than more typically being periodically blown off structures.

    It was the deepest snow I've ever seen here in 40 years.

    I find it quite hard to imagine who communities would could with two feet of snow. With 20cm of snow here, we barely got out of our drive.

    I think plenty of places got quite a bit of snow with the East of Scotland and North East England atleast 30cm and of course some snowfalls around December 19th dumped quite a bit over the South aswell as the Porlar Vortex that brought at least 30cm of snow across Northern Ireland. The snow that arrived here came from showers driven by an easterly wind, however parts of Southern Glasgow got larger amounts when winds changed to a North Easterly which saw very heavy snow showers miss our location just by a fraction. I would quite like to Do a Map of the Snow Netweather members had last year.

    So Far:

    4wd - North York Moors - 60cm+

    A Winter's Tale - Dunbartonshire - 25cm

  4. Simple Question.

    But interesting to hear the answers.

    It would be great if you could post the following:

    Snow Depth (e.g 5cm)

    Location (e.g Penzance, Cornwall)

    Date (e.g 19.12.10)

    Extra Details (What type of snowfall, how long it stayed and the impact on the local area...)

    My Highest Snow Depths for last winter was 25cm on the 6th December 2010 after a front stalled over the Central Belt of Scotland and dumped a further 10cm ontop of accumilations from previous snowfalls in Torrance, East Dunbartonshire, Central Scotland. Cars were just left in the snow all over the place.

    Winter 2009/2010 highest snow depth was on the 20th December 2009 which saw low pressure out to the west bringing heavy snow showers and dumping more than 10cm of snow. There was some distruption but nothing compared to next year.

    Highest Snow Depth ever occured here in Torrance on the 13th March 2006 with a battleground snowfall that dumped around 30cm. There was no traffic at all that day as the snowfall was forecast which meant people didn't go out and get caught. The snow melted quite a bit the next day.

  5. What will be the date of the first snowfall in a settlement this year?

    September 27th 2010 in Altnaharra with a brief snowfall at around 6am I can recall being the first snowfall of last winter.

    This year I am going for sometime in late October or November but really I am hoping for my first October snowfall. I love it when you get autumnal or Spring snowfalls and hopefully we will see these type of events alongside a very cold and snowy December and snowy winter again.

  6. I haven't got specific dates for all snow events though I have a vague idea of certain snow events.

    I mentioned in an other thread that I remember some of the winters during my early childhood had decent falls so somewhere between December 1999 and March 2002.

    In chronological order - my favourite snow events:

    - Large snowfall(s) in early 2000.

    - December 2000/Christmas snowfalls. I remember how great a spell that was and going for a walk on the Campsie Hills towards the end of the spell.

    - Early 2001 large snowfalls. I know there were snowfalls in both early 2000/2001. I recall looking out the window watching snow ploughs going up the street, waking up to a winter wonderland, going to my grans in a blizzard (once or twice) and getting stuck on the way back. These events are somewhere between Dec 1999 and 2002 but there were some good winter memories.

    - December 2001 brief snowfalls. I remember being in school watching an amazing blizzard. It wasn't 2000 and it could be 2001 but I remember doing the Christmas tree during a great snowfall. There seemed to be so many decent snowfalls (albeit shortlived) during this period.

    - December 2003? - A think there was a decent battleground snowfall after Christmas.

    - Christmas 2004 - A white Christmas.

    - Perhaps December 2005 - Another battleground snowfall

    - March 2006 - Of course, the largest snowfall I have ever seen. 30cm from battleground snowfall.

    - February 2nd 2009 - The first decent snowfall we had in many years.

    - February 8th 2009 - A very decent infact very good snowfall and the best since March 2006. Around 10 or more cm dumped by a front.

    - December 20th 2009 - A very simular event to Feb 8th 2009 except this time it came from a polar low.

    - Winter 2009-2010 snowfalls - Mainly the big freeze as it probably was overall the snowiest and coldest winter I have ever seen.

    - November 26th/28th 2010- Best November snowfall I have ever seen. 26th was an epic blizzard with thunder snow.

    - December 6th 2010 - An incredible snowfall that caused absolute mayhem.

    - Big Freeze Nov/Dec Snowfalls - An exceptional month of amazing snowy and cold weather aswell as a White Christmas.

    So my Top 5 Events in Chronolgical order:

    - Snow events from 1999-2002 including Dec 2000.

    - March 2006

    - Feb 8th 2009.

    - Winter snowfalls 2009-2010.

    - November/December snowfalls 2010.

  7. A big new sunspot is emerging

    EMERGING SUNSPOT: A big new sunspot is emerging over the sun’s northeastern limb. AR1271 has at least four dark cores and it is crackling with small flares. The sunspot’s entrance was captured in this 24-hour movie from the Solar Dynamics Observatory. NOAA forecasters estimate a 60% chance of M-class solar flares during the next 24 hours. Because of its location near the sun’s limb, AR1271 does not yet pose a threat for Earth-directed eruptions. This could change in the days ahead, however, as the sunspot turns to face our planet. Readers with solar telescopes are encouraged to monitor developments.

    Eh what does this mean? Hopefully nothing serious.

  8. You have an impressive memory A Winter's Tale. How do you remember such specifics when you were only 3? You must have been near buried!

    Have you got any old photos?

    Home Videos have dates on them. Some of the dates are guesses on events and objects such as type of car at the time. Dec 1999 is one of the clearest early memories I have. I kind of started this thread about snow events that I can't get a date for as there was quite a few decent ones.

  9. Was 2001/2002 a La Nina winter or did the Atlantic just play silly monkeys? Even at the age of 10, I noticed what a dramatic turn around there was in that winter, wondering if the snow would ever return. It did, for about 5 minutes during a particular potent Pm spell around 26th-28th February.

    @A Winter's Tale, looking back at particular charts with reference to 'Christmas Shopping', the 1999-2002 wasn't brilliant for pre-Christmas snow, though 1995-1999 was much better; the following could have been dates you were talking about:





    The date was 4th December 1999.

  10. Prior to the snow in Feb 2009, my favourite snow events and winter memories were from December 1999-Jan 2002. I have memories of Christmas Shopping in beefy snow showes, being stuck on the mate during a Blizzard wth snow depth over a foot, vertical snowfalls and plenty of other deep snowfalls. I can't quite remember exact dates, but I believe that this period was had some quite exceptional snowfalls tha even the past 3 winters have not quite surpassed.

    http://www.personal....ther_dundee.htm, http://www.met.rdg.a.../diary1999.html, http://www.met.rdg.a.../diary2000.html, http://www.met.rdg.a.../diary2001.html are links which can show snow events.

    I'd like to ask how where these winters in your region as I've heard many people say that this period was dull whereas in my opinion I have lost count of many deep snowfalls. Some dates that I can remember include 4 Dec 1999, Christmas - New Year 2000, 18 Feb 2000 though I have some real uncertainties with dates with snow in Dec 2001 and memories of heavy snowfalls between Dec 2000 and Feb 2001.

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