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  1. Eh, probably? Up here, the peak of the snowfall was late November and the very start of December and a major snowfall on the 6th. After, nothing much in the way of fresh snowfall until the later in the month where there were a few days of snowfall. There were about 8 days of snowfall up here, on a par or even a bit below December 2009. But in terms of lying snow, December 2010 was probably record breaking but you would need to ask someone a little more experience than myself about Decembers' of the past such as 1981. Anyway, a winter or cold spell like we had in 2010/2011 is probably unlikely as that was a once in a 100year event, so a dry winter with more sunshine hours and less really dark, cloudy skies would be welcome aswell as some crisp conditions and a reasonable amount of snow spread out evenly through the 3 winter months with some accumilations and good moments in terms of snow events.

  2. Also, for example, right now outside the skies are clear with just a few small clouds and there's no wind. We are supposed to be in an unsettled period right now yet what we've got now is better than some of the stuff that settled weather brings. If only we could have our weather switching from settled to unsettled periods with lots of varied weather that's often pleasant, seasonal and at times extreme.

  3. Exactly. Settled or unsettled doesn't tell the whole story. It's all the different variaties that geographical features influence, the differences from location to location, night and day, winter and summer, all the different cloud types, weather types and transitions that comes with unsettled or settled. I'd prefer it if members in the Model Output Thread refered to the actual weather across the different regions of the UK instead of saying settled or unsettled. And of course, unsettled weather isn't always bad at all. For example, endless heavy rain and low cloud cover from depressions could be seen as bad weather but showery or even sunny spells in supposed unsettled periods can be better than even good scenarios that settled weather brings. There is indeed much more to British Weather than settled or unsettled.
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