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  1. So far, sadly I think the Queen's Jubilee has been a bit of a disaster. The Derby was the highlight, the news coverage and presentation of the other events has been diabolical and the pageant was a real disapointment. I feel very sorry for the Queen who had to stand there freezing watching the rain pour on the grey Thames, the boats and spectators. As a result, the Duke is in hospital and missing the likes of Jessie J, JLS and Robbie Williams - who wants Beatles, Clapton, Bowie or Queen w...

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    2. A Winter's Tale

      A Winter's Tale

      Yes BBC was awful and Sky was better. It was great to have all the boats on the Thames and all the people turning out to see it. But it wasn't as good as the concert.

    3. Eugene


      Had better things to do to be honest

    4. Weather-history


      To be honest rob48, McCartney, Elton ate are a lot better than some of the noisemakers in recent charts.

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