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  1. In a way I'm hoping that the Azores High will stay for us to get some warmth in Spring and to get some interesting weather, hopefully get lucky in having sunshine and for it still be here for summer to give us heat. An average Spring and a great summer would be nice. Then it will disapear and we'll have a normal autumn and winter again after a normal summer - just Spring would be the poorest month.

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    2. shotski


      I think we need it to 'do one' for a couple of months so we can get some decent rain in the east

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      I'd rather it disappeared to be honest, it's keeping the weather mainly'unchangable' and quite boring for long stretches...

    4. Aaron


      Completely agree, this month has not even recorded a gust above 50mph.. not surprising given how high pressure has been.