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  1. A fine September evening here after some recent damp and gloomy conditions. It's been a pretty benign but warm start to September with a few days reaching the 20s, and no minimum has gone below double digits. But despite the warmth, the change in daylight makes it apparent we're in autumn with some residual warmth from summer lingering on but further south it must have felt like mid summer with the sort of temperatures and thunderstorms they've experienced.
  2. The storm largely missed here and seemed t be confined to the area including and north of the Clyde Estuary. There was very little thunder and briefly heavy rain but there were plenty of flashes of lightning to the west and north.
  3. Yeah, it's among the warmest I've experienced here, I've most likely have experienced hotter temperatures when in Spain or even southern England. Funnily enough, despite a high of 28C and very warm temperatures lasting into the night, I've experienced less enjoyable warmth on many occasions with lower temperatures than usual. It didn't seem to be too humid, or a particulary strong sun and there was enough of a breeze around. Ironically, it's feels warmer inside now than earlier with today's heat being released from the ground.
  4. Lightning and thunder just to the west.
  5. After a month of uninspiring summer weather we have the warmed day if the year and possibly one of the warmest days I've ever experienced with 28c at Glasgow airport. And bizarrely it feels quite pleasant for now. I don't think I've experienced 30C so it'll be interesting to see what happens in tne next couple of hours. It's a shame that we don't have a couple of days of 25c and sunshine either side of today, a bit like a northerly toppler during winter. There's the potential for some thunderstorms later and despite not being a huge fan of storms, I can barely remember the last rumble of thunder I've heard so a lively storm might be quite nice for a change. A warm and humid night to come after a rare clear sky last night. Interestingly last night with clear skies I saw what looked like a moving star, which for an hour roamed across parts of the sky with occasional abrupt movements. It certainly wasn't a satelitte but I wonder if it was some military aircraft or drone.
  6. Haha! Get in there son.
  7. Looking forward to watching the Euros. Disappointed that Scotland aren't there, we simply weren't good enough to get out of the group, but in some ways we can enjoy the Championships instead of watching our side struggle. Despite our side not being there I'm pleased that all other nations of Britain and Ireland are there - it makes a change from England being the sole representatives. I'm pleased for NI and Wales in particular, both not qualified for a long time, especially Wales, and the next few weeks will be a treat for their supporters and players. Great to see the likes of Bale at the finals, and NI are an example of a hard working team punching above their weight and are deservedly in France as they topped their group. They are hard to beat, I was at the last game they lost to Scotland over a year ago. On another note, it's grest to see Europe coming together inFrance, where security is very high but hopefully people will enjoy the next few weeks without the fear of attack. In group A, I think France will win the group and possibly the tournament, they have one of the strongest teams in the finals and impressed at the World Cup so it'll be interesting to see if they deliver. Switzerland and Romania should be battling for second place, the Swiss probably the better team but Romania are hard to beat. Albania to finish bottom but it'll be interesting to see what they have to offer at their first appearance at a major international tournament. Group B will be won by England, they have a good side but not outstanding. It'll be interesting to see how well they defend, what tactics they use - especially after failing at the World Cup. If they impress in these areas and their strikers perform then England could reach at least the last 8. The other three teams will be competing for the other 1/2 places in the next round. Slovakia are hard to beat and I think they'll finish second. I don't known much about the Russian team but I presume they'll be good enough to finish in the top 3. Wales are a decent team, but need to impress collectively and hope their star player Bale can perform if they have any chance to get out the group. I think they'll flatter to deceive but hopefully they can prove me wrong at their first Euros. Germany have struggled since bevoming World Champions, which cost us a place at the Euros, but their still one of the best teams in the World and are contenders to win it. If they continue to underperformance then they could have their most disappointing tournament in years, but they should reach the last 8 at least. Ukraine and Poland will be tough competition for Germany. Poland impressed me in qualifying and are potential dark horses if their star striker petforms. Ukraine I don't know so much about but they are a tough team to best and dangerous on the counter attack. Northern Ireland are in some ways the definition of the word team. They don't have many stars, but they are well coached, got a good defence making them hard to beat and are capable of surprising but I suspect they'll finish bottom. The Champions Spain are still a quality side and could still retain their title but they are not on the same level as they were 4-8 years ago. Croatia are a good team who could be dark horses but equally can flatter to deceive. Turkey and Czech Republic are decent teams but I think the Czechs are the better team and could do quite well. Group E is interesting with Belgium being one of the best teams and favourites. They've improved a lot of the last few years from being an average team to one of the best with some excellent players. But question marks remain over the mentality and chemistry so they could be either a disappointment or a revelation. Italy, have got one of the most underwhelming squads in their history and could struggle but equally could surprise a few and perhaps win. Sweden are a decent team with an outstanding player in Inbrahimovic competing with Ireland for third. I feel Scotland should be at the euros instead of Ireland but they are resilient side and could do reasonably well. The final group has Portugal who can underperformance at tournaments but they are a good team with an incredible player in Ronaldo. Given how open a tournament this is, Portugal gave a chance of winning. Austria are dark horses and it'll be interesting to see how they do. Iceland at their first finals, they've come a long way and I hope they do well as underdogs. Hungary have qualified for their first tournament in 30 years, I think they along with Iceland will be vying for third place. I think France will win, but Germany, Spain are strong contenders aswell as Belgium, Portugal, England and Italy. Austria, Poland and Croatia are my dark horses.
  8. Not as warm as yesterday but a high of 24C is excellent as this spell continues to 10 days. It got quite cloudy earlier as it threatened to rain though in the end there was no chance for catching any thundery downpours. It's now clear again with a fantastic warm, summer night.
  9. 27C warmest day since July 2014, warmest June day since 2006. 9 consecutive days with temperatures above 20C the most since July 2013. It has been such a wonderful beginning to summer and much better than what we've had to endure in recent years. 2013 had a decent start, and late May 2012 was very good but it's been difficult to have sustained warm and dry conditions before the solstice. I always find fairer weather to be better at this time of year with the longer days.
  10. Pretty perfect conditions to start summer. Cloudless, blue sky, warm and bright with a fresh breeze. Much better start to summer than last year and hopefully this just the start.
  11. Last day of Spring and it's another cracker and it really feels like summer has arrived. It's been a very decent May overall, much better than recent years and especially last year, with spells of dry, sunny and warm weather. I think the last occasion we had as many days with temperatures above 20C was 15 years ago. Amazing to think that over a month ago we were essentially stuck in winter with a fairly notable late spell of low temperatures and some snow. That was quite fun but I'm glad we've had more traditional warmth this month though it feels like we never had a Spring with such a quick transition from winter to summer. The growth in vegetation during the past couple of weeks has been noticeable aswell.
  12. Another fine day of some warmth and sunshine although there's some more cloud around now and it appears there's a storm near Loch Lomond.
  13. Fantastic sunny conditions and a few snow flurries just passing over. Very late and unspectacular but I always like the novelty of snow falling late in the season and accompanied by very pleasant weather.
  14. Absolutely shocking! This year has been truly shocking for celebrities. So many British icons have gone with Victoria Wood sadly passing away but this has been a particularly dreadful year for musical greats such as David Bowie, George Martin and now Prince. I suppose it's to be expected that we are now entering a period of time where many icons from the 60s, 70s and 80s will pass away but the past few months have been brutal. Prince was an amazing talent and has died very young at 57. So many of the great music icons and legends such as Elvis, Lennon, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson, and David Bowie and now Prince have passed away. RIP
  15. Another fantastic day and the warmest of the year so far with 18c recorded in Glasgow - it finally looks and feels like we're nearer to summer.