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  1. Yep, me too. Heavy snow showers here on Monday evening, but it didn’t lie. Slight covering on the roof of my shed yesterday morning, and snow showers throughout the day, but no lying snow, other than on the hills behind me. Last night was quite icy. I’m really getting fed up with this winter now, but we’ve still another 7 weeks of the dark evenings. Winter really does drag at this point.
  2. Over the last 60 years ( I’m 64 now ) I’ve noticed a real change in winter weather. when I was young in the 60’s, we always had at least two or three snow events per season, and that was outside the winter of 62/63. When it wasn’t snowing we had long cold frosty days, when you could put water on the ground and it would freeze almost instantly, or the frost never lifted throughout the day. Either that or there was always snow preceding rain, or cold cloudy days with snow flurries. i thought the 90’s and 00’s were bad for cold winters, but the last decade was worse with the only winter
  3. None so far here in South Antrim. Not even a single flake. Last snow we had was late February 2018 Only a few nights of frost as well, about 4 or 5 at most. Grass hasn’t stopped growing since the end of last October and needs cut again. They’re speculating this winter will be one of the top 10 mildest on record.
  4. Winter 2016/17 pretty much done and dusted now. No sign of anything remotely cold for the next week and beyond, so that's it for another year. Overall another mild, snowless, and frost free winter, yet again. December in particular was very mild. Apart from the odd set up in March 2013 (low lying areas around here had no snow) it's the 6th one in a row like this. We haven't had any appreciable lying snow in this street since December 2010. That'll be seven years now. I think the UK climate has definitely changed. The BBC on Monday evening did say something about another blocked patt
  5. As usual, the closer we get to the potential Scandinavian high, the less potent it becomes. Latest models are showing a "cold snap" next weekend rather than anything prolonged or severe. At least the BBC are keeping their options open.
  6. If the latest model runs come off it looks like intensely cold at the end, after St Valentine's day but they're flipping about a bit. A blocked pattern does seem a certainty at the end of next week though. Could be a similar set up to March 2013 but a bit earlier, which would be good.
  7. Yes, I've noticed that although they've teased us before with that before and nothing's materialised. Interestingly, Met Éireann are differing widely from the BBC long term outlook with temperatures by day down to 4C over Ireland on Saturday whereas the BBC has them at 7/8C on Saturday/Sunday. It'll be good if the Scandinavian high plays out. If it does it'll be a lot like the winter of 93/94 which had a really good cold spell in the middle of February. I remember there was a cold easterly and snow on Valentine's day that year, and quite heavy snow the day after. The mild weather never r
  8. Still frost on the ground and it's almost 2pm. If only December and the rest of January had been like this. Sunny and crisp.
  9. Yep, predictions of severe winter weather mid February. Nothing remotely cold in the latest models this evening.
  10. Yet another mild, calm, cloudy, spring like day. Tempt.. 10C
  11. Mild and quite cloudy spring like day here in South Antrim.. At least it's dry. Tempt. around 9C at present. Calm conditions with no wind.
  12. I'm not optimistic. I've given up on this winter now. Absolutely dire and another mild snowless and frost free one. We had an all too brief skiff of snow on Friday which lasted until about 11 am. No more than a very light covering (<1cm) Really mild today and eventually wet. Horrible and depressing weather. Roll on spring and summer.
  13. Not much use here unless we get an easterly, and that doesn't seem likely now. Even Athens and Istanbul are cold with snow.
  14. Scandinavian high gone again today and the latest model runs don't look great after next weekend's all too brief "cold snap". The Met Office have also dropped "the possibility of extremely cold weather" from their 6-30 day extended outlook. This winter is rapidly running out of steam and fast becoming yet another relatively mild, frost free, snowless one, yet again. Fed up with continual mild and snowless winters. Fifth one in a row now.
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