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  1. The new fax charts are out and i see sunday could perhaps be interesting!!!!
  2. Well everyone its been a great night snow watching , lets hope we get a couple more of them this winter .
  3. U now are on the best side of it and so u could have another good couple of hours .
  4. The one thing about tonight is that we've seemed to share the snow around , normally some get lots and other very little.
  5. U've been very lucky tonight , normally u fall on the wrong side but u enjoyed the fun tonight .
  6. Cough Cough someone said between 9 and 12 was going to be the heaviest snow
  7. Still coming down , its still very cold out there.
  8. Yes i've been watching that , perhaps u'll get lucky now and get some of that green stuff .
  9. U win and u get the yellow snow Remember they only gave a amber warning because it was rush hour, it didn't mean the heaviest snow.
  10. I wonder who's going to get lucky and get some of that lovely yellow snow on the radar
  11. I know its not the massive amount they said we could have early this week but people n on the coast seems to have enjoyed some snow as well so hopefully most people got to enjoy it tonight.
  12. I can see another 3 or 4 hours of good hours of snow.
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