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  1. Hail not as big here but the standout feature of the storm by far.
  2. You can't be far off the edge, already warm, sticky and sunny in Doncaster.
  3. Everything has missed us recently, we are due some stormy luck that's for sure.
  4. Horrific in Doncaster. I'm not far from the floods and its atrocious, worse than last week in how heavy it is, key is how long it goes on.
  5. Cannot miss it, just as I nodded off aswell! This was the Don breaching in to the canal near here yesterday. Right next to where this picture is taken is a brand new housing development.
  6. Might wash some.of the dirt away ? In all seriousness it's not a good situation out there and could be really serious for the area for some time. Let's hope it improves quickly but not hopeful.
  7. Very defined rain cores today I've noticed. Another which has just passed over doncaster had the biggest raindrops for some time.
  8. Fairly impressive storm over Scunthorpe this evening with a pretty high rate if lightning too. Clearly grew when headed towards hull to a fine looking storm.
  9. Decent hail and a bit of thunder etc here. Quite small but very potent cells.
  10. All gonna pass about 5 miles to my east it seems. Can hear the thunder though.
  11. Constant rolling thunder here. Lightning not really observed so must be quite elevated. Impressive and much needed rain too.
  12. Right over us in Doncaster. Not the most amount of lightning but a few big flashes and some fairly hefty rain with a bit of hail.
  13. Very black in Scunthorpe at work. Could be a fun drive back to Doncaster.
  14. Indeed. I would recommend the road between holmfirth and Greenfield though. Views for a very long way.
  15. It is melting between showers but the showers in that wind are wicked. Already some decent drifts too. Bit colder needed though to get a covering.
  16. Showers quickly melting here. Needs more ferocious snow to settle.
  17. Exciting week. The commutes to work could be interesting. 30 miles each way could be fun!
  18. You win some and lose most. Us donny folk are used to no snow. Can't control it though ☺
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