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  1. if this guy becomes president you will see more wars in the mid east and confrontation with the russkys, oh and for all them supporters of his, Americans slaughtered hundreds of thousands of native american indians and more of them selves in the civil war than was killed in 1 an 2 world war, they are a gun nation and if he Trump becomes president he will take them to the brink of world war three. thats my prediction, he is a complete Nut job.
  2. well here in Sheffield we ended up with about 8 inch of snow stil no gritters out nothing going any where only 4 by 4s its a winter wonder land here.
  3. think we could end up with 8 or 10 inches if this keeps on maybe more.
  4. blowing like a blizzard here now in sheffield, 5 to midnight.
  5. still snowing hear in sheffield about five inches laying dosent seem to be letting up, kids will have fun in morning playing in snow.
  6. two inches here in south sheffield roads at a stand stil, no sign of gritters and plenty of minor car bumps.
  7. Not an answer but agreement that this can effect the weather, if the sulphur dioxide gets high enough in to the atmosphere it will reflect the suns rays back out in to space and cause a temperature drop of 1to 2 Celsius, thats my understanding of it so yes it can effect the weather.
  8. BBCweather forcast say blue air mass from Thursday on wards looks cold
  9. hi every one i am 61 years old and this is the wetest mildest winter i can remember no snow couple of light frost. a warning to all dog owners make sure your dog is up to date with vaccines as kennel cough parvo and distemper will be prevalent this spring.
  10. very few here in south east sheffield there used to be lots but not seen many this year
  11. its all bull the price hike is already happening, for every hour they have a power cut they loose millions do you think they are going to cut there noses off, i dont think so
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