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  1. Bright and crispy cold will do me

  2. http://weather.gc.ca/ensemble/naefs/index_e.html Was really hard typing it into Google but I got there in the end
  3. Mod thread viewing now restricted to weekends only for the sake of my sanity (I want it to be cold and to snow, yes in November and yes I chuffing hate mild mush, I'm allowed to)

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    2. lassie23


      But not too much, as you'll get deleted!

    3. Eugene


      I want to win millions on the lottery but it ain't gonna happen

    4. Daniel*


      How can you be so sure?

  4. I know, an incredible sum of money! I collected my wife from the airport midnight last night and this was my present. The most I've ever spent on a bottle rum. Tried it last night to check it was ok and I can confirm it's genuine!
  5. Proud owner of my first bottle of Ron zacappa, 1 litre badboy. If you like rum and have won the lottery then test yourself! P.s I haven't won the lottery so no begging letters/emails please lol
  6. Lights dimming and lightning strike close by, still rumbling
  7. Can some please point me to the 2010 modem thread archive or so I need a secret password and/handshake

    1. Aceman


      Really should double check my post's before posting, bloody auto spell. Secret squirrels?

  8. At least we had dec 2010

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    2. lassie23


      Hope we don't have another mild winter, the last one was turnips!

    3. Eugene


      Upcoming mild winter months will make people finally realise Jan/Feb 2014 didn't feel that mild ;)

    4. Aceman


      If it's the same or milder than last year I'm booking a snow holiday

  9. Crickey, how about people don't read a thread if they are going to get in a pickle about its content?
  10. Im on Hinton charterhouse, bath and it hasn't stopped all morning, very lucky. Thunder mostly as lightning a bit tricky see during daytime, sticky as well
  11. Mod thread needs a naughty step

    1. mushymanrob


      the model thread needs closing.

  12. Can't wait for lovely fresh green shoots from all the plants in spring. This island we live on is clucking pants for wintry weather. Anyone know of any tug boats for hire, drag the bugger into colder climes!

  13. According to radar that's it for rain, thought it would have been a bit more intense, although thankfully not. Any idea when the next lot due? Edit. Ok, just seen the nose of the next lot, colourful!
  14. I keep catching the clock at 19:47......

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    2. gottolovethisweather


      Simply Holsten pils will do nicely Thanks.

    3. CreweCold


      Simple.....We're more likely to remember seeing times which are also memorable dates. We don't pay much attention to other times.

    4. Steve C

      Steve C

      Not sure December 1947 was too memorable. ;-)

  15. Road trip to Norway, huskey sledding and aurora borealis

    1. kate1


      I am extremely jealous

  16. Bloody stupid island

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    2. cheese


      The cheese is good, I'll admit that.

    3. Aceman


      Somerset Brie, gert lush

    4. AderynCoch


      It makes the good times better when they do arrive though. Fingers crossed...

  17. If its cold enough to keep my beer chilled in the garden then that's enough for me

    1. Steve C

      Steve C

      Not beer that's starting to freeze then? I'm definitely not in the John Major school of liking 'warm beer' like he once quoted. Urrgghhh!

  18. Why is it the same idiots every flippin year who ruin the MOD thread. Grow up

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    2. Backtrack


      But I didn't even post in that thread yet? ;s

    3. Tony27


      it's too busy on here these days i've lost my enthusiasm but still read it out of habit

    4. Eugene


      Yes and there is one idiot in particular doing his best job to wind everyone up, completely ruining it for everyone yet nothing is done about him

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